Home Brewing Tools : Home-Brewing Bench Cappers

Home Brewing Tools : Home-Brewing Bench Cappers

Hello this is JB and I am a salesman here
at Austin Homebrew Supply in Austin, Texas. And today we are discussing brewing equipment
and wine making equipment. Right now I’m going to talk a little bit about capping beer, once
beer is completely fermented and you want to put it in a bottles, you are going to need
to cap it so that it can develop a carbonation, you get nice, nice level of carbonation on
you beer so. That is if you are not going to keg. If you have a little bit of an advanced
spring system you can get into kegging, but most folks will bottle ok. So a little bit
about bottling. These are a couple of different kinds of cappers ok. This particular basic
style of capper is called a bench capper. There is also another kind called a double
lever capper, these are the bench cappers. Now with the bench capper, I’ve been using
a bench capper for a number of years, really, really like it. And I’ll just show you real
quickly why. They are really nice, smooth operation on these guys so. Once your beer
is completely fermented and you’ve got a little priming sugar in it, put it in your bottles,
either twelve ounce or twenty ounce for whatever size you have. For instance I’ll show you
how to do a twelve ounce bottle here. So you take your twelve ounce bottle and it’s full
and I’ll go ahead and place a cap on to it. And with this particular capper, it has a
little spring loaded button on the side of it. I simply touch the button, raise this
up, put the bottle in to the capper, drop it down, like so, as long as everything is
centered, then just straight down like that. Sometimes it gets caught a little bit, but
right there is the freshly capped bottle. And now I’ll do the same thing with this one.
There’s really not a whole lot of difference in these two guys. The big difference is either
the button here, this guy has a spring loaded return built into the body, so you just let
it come up to the top, take for instance a larger bottle in this instance. Put your cap
on it. Let this guy come all the way to the top, put this guy down here when you bring
it down to whatever level you want to be at. As soon as you pull this forward, it locks
this into position so that now you are ready to just go ahead and cap it like that. Pop
it up, it will come out of place and you have a freshly capped bottle of beer.

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  1. Thank you for this video! I was wondering what I was doing wrong, turns out I wasn't being aggressive enough with the capper (fearful of breaking glass). Two cartons later and no broken glass, so thank you again!

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