Home Brewing Tools : Home-Brewing Conical Fermentation Vessels

Home Brewing Tools : Home-Brewing Conical Fermentation Vessels

Hello, this is JB and I’m with Austin Homebrew
Supply in Austin, Texas, and today we are discussing a little bit about home wine making
and home beer making. Now specifically talking about fermentation vessels, and this is a
conical fermenter. This is the stainless steal fermentation vessel that is really good for
beer. If you want to use it for wine making, you could use it on the first stage of wine
making but you generally would not use this vessel for wine making. This is more of a
fermentation vessel for beer making. Now most home brewers feel that this is like the pinnacle
of fermentation vessels available for us home brewers. Basically a small version of what
you find in a professional brewery. If you have ever been to a professional brewery you
see large stainless steel vessels like this utilized in the brewery, well we’re using
the same concept here, and in general what we’re doing here is during fermentation you’ll
have a settling of material that will settle to the bottom. The cone shape of this vessel
allows that sediment which is called “trube” to be captured and racked, or transferred
of the bottom of the fermentation so that you leave the beer in this vessel during the
entire time of fermentation. Just simply take the sediment off the bottom until it clears
up. If you’re to use a glass fermenter, such as this one here, you would simply have to
transfer the beer out of it multiple times to get it to clear up. So that’s a real advantage
of stainless steel. Put it in there, let it ferment to completion, then you basically
either rack it, and to rack it means to transfer, into either kegs or bottles at the end. These
things are about the nicest kind of fermenters we carry, but subsequently they are the most
expensive. These range from about $555 to $1400 dollars. So that’s a little bit about
conical ferementers.

4 thoughts on “Home Brewing Tools : Home-Brewing Conical Fermentation Vessels”

  1. You can get very clear beer using a glass or even plastic bucket fermenter without racking or doing a secondary fermentation. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to sell you something.

  2. I make Crystal clear beer in my plastic buckets and glass carboys. Yeast selection, and temperature are my keys to clear beer.This would be cool for collecting yeast…but I need to be much richer to justify the money.

  3. honestly, the only advantage of a conical fementor is its ease to clean, the bullshit about letting the crud settle is easily achieved with any run on the mill fermentor and a skilled syphoner, or better yet get a coopers kit and use their fermentor that has a gap tat allows for the yeast cake.

  4. I use a MiniBrew Plastic conical fermenter… $170. I love it. Easy to use. I can harvest my yeast for reuse, I never rack to a secondary or bottling bucket and my beer turns out great.

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