Home Brewing Tools : Home-Brewing Double-Bubble Airlock

Home Brewing Tools : Home-Brewing Double-Bubble Airlock

Hello, This J.B. I’m Austin Home Brew Supply
in Austin Texas and we’re discussing equipment related to making your own beer and your own
wine at home. A partially we’re going to talk about airlocks right now. What a airlock is,
is a way of controlling contaminates that might potentially get in to your fermentation
vessel and spoil your beer or wine. So the idea when you’re making your own beer or wine
is to have to a very clean environment. Put the beer, wine into it and inoculate it with
yeast. Snap down the lid and then put a airlock onto it. In this instance we’re going to talk
about the airlock called The Double Bubble Airlock. That’s the name of this one. So this
is probably one of the older designs of airlocks that we have. The idea with a airlock is to
allow Co2 to escape but nothing else to come into it. With the Double Bubble airlock. Which
by the way costs about a dollar twenty. You would simply fill it with ether water or little
bit of sanitizing solution. To where it comes level at these two little marks on it. So
you pour liquid into it. It’ll level out at about this spot here and you take the lid
snap it down onto it and you would simply insert it on top of the fermenter. Like we
have here. So that’s a Double Bubble airlock.

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  1. Won't putting cap on prevent co2 from escaping? Excuse my ignorance, first time home brewer here.

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