HOME COOK vs RESTAURANT | Texas Roadhouse Ribeye Steak!

HOME COOK vs RESTAURANT | Texas Roadhouse Ribeye Steak!

Welcome back to Guga Foods everybody
we’re gonna do something different today. We’re gonna put Texas Roadhouse Grill
against Guga and we’re gonna find out which one you guys like best. If you’re
unfamiliar with Texas Roadhouse it is a popular restaurant chain that serves
steaks throughout the entire United States. They serve popular cuts like
sirloin and also bone-in ribeyes. After asking my waiter for a recommendation
she said that I should definitely have the 20 ounce bone-in ribeye. When your
ordered that you also get two legendary side dishes. And you get to choose from a
bunch of them. I decided to go with the mashed potato and as you see it on your
right I decided to go with a loaded mashed potato for an additional $0.99.
Once I place the order the first thing that came in was the rolls, and let me
tell you something these are delightful. They are nice and fluffy and kind of
sweet, that golden exterior has a buttery flavor and it tastes kind of like a mix
of Hawaiian buns and brioche it is really fantastic. They also have this
incredible butter which is like a cinnamon butter and that was fantastic. I
tried asking the waiter for the recipe but she would not give it up, but it was
incredible. When I was tasting that I said; you know what I gotta learn how to
make this. And we’re gonna stop eating so we just order a few more and my nephew
angel went to town on those things they are incredible. Besides those amazing
bread rolls they also give you some peanuts and it’s a bunch of fun peeling
them and chopping them up while you wait for your food. After few minutes of enjoying
that wonderful bread and peanuts our dish arrived here we have a 20 ounce
choice grade ribeye. Since you guys are the judge you tell me what this looks
like. Does it looks great to you? And here’s the loaded mashed potatoes. As you know I
like my steaks medium rare and once I slice that open this is what it looks
like. I say then now that temperature is perfectly medium-rare now all we have to
do is give it a try and this is what I had to say about it. I’m missing a crust man the crust is just not there for me.
Missing some salt too. Angel you try it. Yeap he’s taking a little while. Oh my God you are chewing forever bro. Well you got chew it there’s a lot of silver skin I guess. They could use a little salt,
it’s good though you’re just missing a crust.
Put some salt in there Angel. Then we dig me into that mashed potato. I need to fix it. I mean it’s all right there’s no seasoning
but it’s it’s mashed potatoes, cheddar, sour cream and bacon is exactly what it
is. Nothing else. I could eat it, its good, I like it, it could be better but it’s pretty good. You guys saw it there now it’s my turn I’m gonna make my version of it and you guys
be the judge and you tell me which one is best. So let’s do it! the first thing I decided to make are those sweet rolls these are all the
ingredients I’m gonna be using remember exact amount always in the description
down below. I started with some lukewarm milk and added my yeast. Then I threw in a
bunch of honey inside mix it well and wait about 10 minutes. What you’re
looking for is to make sure that you see bubbles so that your yeast is active,
once you have seen this you know it’s ready. Then I throw everything into my
mixer bowl starting with the flour, followed by salt, one extra-large egg,
melted butter, using the mixing paddle I combined all the ingredients followed by
the yast milk. Then change it to a dough hook and mix it on low for 5 minutes. You
should end up with a nice soft dough use your hand as fast as possible shape it
into a ball. Put some oil on a bowl end and throw it in there. Cover it with
Clinch plastic and let it rise into it double its size mine usually takes 1
hour. Now we want to take it apart and stretch it until we have a nice flat
surface. Since these are gonna be buns we don’t want it too thin.
I would say leave it at least half an inch thick then cut them into squares
and set them in a baking sheet with some parchment paper. To ensure that they’re
not gonna dry out I like to add a little bit of olive oil I’ve tried this recipe
quite a few times in order to get it right it is a good idea to let it rise
one more time, however if you are feeling hungry you are able to bake it just as
is the difference is that they won’t be that fluffy. Then you want to bake them
in the oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. To finish it off get a coat stick of butter
and rub it right on top the goal is to get every single corner covered with
butter and as you know the more butter the better. Once you are done with the
butter your buns are ready. The other star in Texas Roadhouse was
the sweet butter and here’s how to make it throw in a stick of room-temperature
butter followed by some cinnamon and honey and as always exact amount in the
description down below now all there’s left to do is mix it well in your sweet
butter is done. As you saw they did a loaded mashed-potato
but I’m gonna do something different which I think it’s a lot better
they’re called twice baked potatoes. And I started off by adding a little bit of
olive oil fold them nice and tightly in aluminum foil then into the oven they
went at 450 degrees Fahrenheit it took about 45 minutes. Once that was done I
quickly took them out of the foil and they were ready. I wasn’t really counting
on time I was more doing the poke test if he goes in like butter you know it’s
done. Then I cut off the top as you can see they’re blazing hot so make sure you
use the right tools. Using a small spoon I try to remove as much as I can without
breaking the skin. I did the same thing with the cover as well. Then I season
them with salt, freshly ground black pepper, cream cheese, salted butter and
cheddar. Mix it well and mash it really good. To finish it off combine a little
bit of bacon bits now all there’s left to do is to take the cover put it back inside
and load them up with that beautiful mix you just made. Now because you’re using
the cover you will over float and that’s what you’re looking for. Be sure to stuff
them as much as you can. And now for the star of the show it is a 1 and a half
inch choice grade bone-in ribeye steak. Even though this is a choice grade steak
you can see the intramuscular fat is phenomenal. This is such a nice steak
that if I put it on the grill as is I am pretty sure that the cap will completely
come off so to ensure that does not happen I decided to tie it up with
butchers twine. It’s pretty straightforward just go around it and
finish it off by tying it to the bone. Once I was done this is what you’re
looking for there’s no way that the cap will separate from the eye this will
insure my presentation the end will be perfect. This is a thick cut make sure
you season it well to ensure that I will have perfect seasoning on the steak I
like to dry brine it that’s just a fancy word to say put salt on it and leave it
under your refrigerator overnight. What that does it allows the salt to
penetrate deeply into the meat making every bite very flavorful. The very next
day you can see that the salt penetrated deeply into the meat now all there’s left to
do is to season it well with freshly ground black pepper and garlic powder. As
always be sure that you season both sides. But now that we have our steak
ready and also that beautiful twice baked potato
I am going to be searing the steak off and then cooking it in indirect heat
until I reach an internal temperature of a hundred and thirty degrees
Fahrenheit. For additional flavor I’m also basting with butter but now I say
it is enough talking and it’s time to cook them so let’s do it Alright everybody we have our beautiful
feast here huh Angel. This is looking very appealing. What do you think about yesterday and
today? I think today is a great day. I agree so we have our rolls here. You ready
to try them? I’m ready. We are going in order? Did you notice that I made a little extra? all Thank God. Ah I know right. Alright go for it! Oh. They just smell, smell
it Angel you have… Smells good. And that butter. We’re dipping? We’re dipping. Cheers buddy! Wow it’s the same thing to me what do
you think? You nailed it bro. Yeah it’s the same thing everybody this is a wonderful recipe,
wonderful. Man I probably tweak it like three times but I finally came out right
with it. Then that butter it’s so nice and sweet, honey with cinnamon and the bread
is also kind of sweet. It’s a little bit brown I think maybe a little bit too
much cinnamon. It is that’s what the only thing that I didn’t get it. But it taste right
you taste of the right way. I tried it with less cinnamon and the color was
more white kind of like the one we had it there but then the flavor wasn’t
there I needed the extra cinnamon so I said hey I don’t care about the color and so
long as the flavor is right. Right. So it is darker but the flavor is definitely,
what do you think? I got the flavor? The taste is exact. Mm-hmm. It’s just uh
the color is a little darker but whatever who cares. The color is off. The color is off I agree. Im gonna give you the big one yeah. Oh Im not gonna finish man. Look at that! I think is the size of my head. Twice baked potato everybody cheers! Wow! That loaded mashed potato got nothing on this one
let me tell you. This is much better it’s basically mashed potato goodness
inside together with some bacon obviously yeah and other good stuff the
outside is a little crunchy has a little crust. Flavor is amazing. It’s killer, it’s killer. I recommend. Its just really hot. It’s super hot. I am gonna get a
little bit of time before I take another bite. It’s super hot are you ready for
the main event Angel? Oh I could tell already, I could tell
already I mean you know I want you guys to be the judge of this challenge me
against the restaurant you’ll be the judge. I cant say anything? No you can say
you can say your opinion. I am not gonna judge myself because I’m kind of
biased. Cuz you made it? Yeah cuz I made it and I’m obviously I’m going for
my style, but anyway cheers everybody! Cheers! Oh my… hmmm come on. So here’s the big
difference about my steak; I think the steak that they have over
there is good I’m not gonna say it’s bad because it’s not bad, but there’s no
crust. You know the crust there they have a lot
of the focus on the grill marks itself and if they had grill marks in every
little section it would have been good but since there’s no crust I really
enjoy the crust because it gives them much better flavor. What do you think?
Yeah there was no crust on the on the steak over there. It was not noticeable. Look it’s
not a terrible steak but with no crust it’s. Yeah it’s kind of like takes away
from, having a crust, the flavor. Grill marks looks great.
Looks nice. I like the way they look don’t get me wrong. But I don’t like the
way they taste. I go for this though. Yeah I like a big grill mark. Nice golden brown color – Yeah that’s what I
like. Yeah just like crust a little bit like this and everything else is just
you know gray and whatever I don’t like it. So it’s important to have a nice
crust. So like I said everybody it is your decision, if you guys want to see
more videos like this where we go out and see other restaurants compare eat
what they have there I’ll make everything I can possibly make from the
restaurant. If you guys have a favorite restaurant you would like me to visit I
love to do it. Which restaurant you like? This one! My favorite one right here. Besides this one? This is my favorite restaurant bro! Anyway guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you do enjoyed this video make sure you give it a thumbs up. If you are not a subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos. Remember if you’re interested in anything I use everything
is always on the description down below. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll
see you guys on the next one take care everybody bye bye. I went back for the bite
with the steak in the potato. Mm-hmm. The potato is so creamy. The potato is good.
So creamy like the texture is you know is heavenly. Cuz it’s mashed potato inside
and basically just made it you know double-baked potato is amazing everybody
and you can make it ahead of time have it on your refrigerator and just heat it
up whenever you want. Its amazing. You know what it is? That you have that the restaurant
doesn’t have? What? Amor! Amor! You have to tell them. Google that one, google that one how bout that! And I have amor when I eat your food. I eat
it with love you have a lot of amor there bro. I have amor for eating. I
agree with you a hundred percent. I’m sorry
Texas Roadhouse. Be nice! Look I love you guys. Be nice! You were my favorite
restaurant. Be nice. I might. I might still go you know why cuz they got great
drinks too. Yeah I don’t have that. I can make drinks but… You can make drinks we out before he says something stupid. Bye, bye everybody!

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