100 thoughts on “Home cooks try to use a cookbook from 1914!!”

  1. This was great!! I just adore you guys, ALL of you. Wish we could all be friends in real life!

    Anyway, page 199, line 9, because we're "gonna party like it's 1999." ๐Ÿ˜

  2. Audio Balancing sounds weird in the intro compared to your other videos (Mike is really loud / music is too quiet) . Feels fine once we're past it.

  3. Veluteeee… James, dear: stop enjoying their suffering!!! (Don't)… Barry, the king of dice onions. James, dear: stop suffering for not being allowed to help!!! (Don't)… Epic not-parsley platting thought… Veluteeee!!!


  4. Psychologists should just use this video to explain the process of what overthinking something looks like, and how much harm it can do

  5. god this went to hell so fast. all i hear in my head is the song from the old movie mouse hunt when things go wrong.

  6. According to your 'About' page, Sorted joined YouTube on Mar 14, 2010 (which, btw, is Pi Day, therefore awesome).
    So you should go with page 143, line 10. D/M/Y

  7. I have a feeling they chose this recipe just so that Jamie and Barry can flip through the book twice just to do VELOUTร‰

  8. If we follow an old french alphabetical approch to words than page 216 line 5 should prove interesting. (But what do I know about old french dish names… You'll never find out)

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