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  1. tried this recipe makes tasty milkshakes, ice cream was way too hard to scoop even after leaving it out for 10 minutes. after it softens its a milkshake. you never can get the soft consistency like store bought. there must be another ingredient and process the big ice cream companies do.

  2. I would have really liked to have seen the plastic container you took out of the freezer on video and I would have liked to have seen you scoop it out on video. Instead of just showing the scoops of ice cream at the end of the video. I would have liked to have seen the container it was in after it was done. The ending was a bit disappointing

  3. I am trying this, thank you, so cool you figured this out. update* came out like ice in the ice cream, like when regular ice cream melts and refreezes it gets ice crystals in it.

  4. Can you use almond or soy milk instead of the cows milk? I suppose there’s no real substitute for the cream though . I’d like to use coconut cream . Ps I’ll also use coconut sugar … it has a brown sugar like taste and I like that 👍

  5. New to your channel. I love it and your voice is so pleasant to listen to lol. New subbie
    That is actually crazy. I must try this. You sir. Must be put on the telly

  6. @OnePotChefShow This ice cream is very easy to do!!!! I've done it and it came out beautifully! 🙂
    Like half comments like

    Your voice and other stuff

  7. @OnePotChefShow This ice cream is very easy to do!!!! I've done it and it came out beautifully! 🙂
    That is actually crazy. I must try this. You sir. Must be put on the telly

  8. New to your channel. I love it and your voice is so pleasant to listen to lol. New subbie
    OMG so easy did it . deilushes
    You are cute, and down to earth. Making Vanilla Ice Cream tonight. Subscribing!!!

  9. Recipe sux – ya.ll end up with 4.5+ cups of a FROZEN container ball that MUST be partially thawed to even TRY eating – ZERO STARS

  10. Dig your vids man, but my feck, every sentence sounds like a question? Sorry? No offence? But it's just annoying?

    Honestly, no offence
    Keep up the good work man. Cheers.

  11. Dude I came here because I was trying to make Ice Cream in Blender 3D, not an actual blender. I'm not supposed to be here…

  12. So simple and perfect. Quite a bit cheaper actually than the stuff you buy in the store with all of the preservatives. I live in Phoenix where it sometimes gets to be over 110 degrees outdoors, so a nice cool treat is always nicely enjoyed. Thank you.

  13. Looks wonderfully simple—but I have to ask, without churning as it freezes, do ice crystals form and make it crunchy? I bring this up because many years ago I tried a similar recipe, I don't remember the particulars, and it came out more like ice than ice cream. I'd love to try again if this recipe works better. It looks great. ☺️

  14. Why don’t you HAVE A SHOW ON TV?!! You’re brilliant, cost efficient, and practical… ❤️💯💯💋not to mention simply finger licking good , the real meaning behind KITCHEN FRESH ‘C’ooking

  15. Posted in 2009, his kitchen's shelves look almost the same age as the ones in the abandoned kitchen i used to "live in" to hide.

    It's from the previous century

  16. I tried the recipe from Bigger Better Baking to a T. What came out was basically a whipped cream concoction that was too sweet and no one could stomach.
    I spend over 40 buying top quality cream, cookies, condensed milk, etc.

    I'm going to try this. This actually looks like ice cream.

  17. What if the flavor you want is a liquid… for example eggnog? How much do you add and do you replace something like a portion of the milk or cream for it?

  18. As far as I know as of August 2019 this has not been patched yet however the devs did find it so it might get patched in update 2020

  19. This is the first easy ice cream recipe I've seen using regular milk instead of condensed milk, so I'm going to give it a try………….thank you !

  20. Mine didn't come out creamy. I used whipping creamer. It's a little bit rough to scoop from. I followed all the detections. What could've went wrong?

  21. Are you single? "
    Such a good looking guy
    And awesome chef,
    Great ideas
    Love all your videos
    I know you have a autoimmune disease as do I
    Crohns disease and fibro myalgia
    I wish you love and health swertheart

  22. My mother in the 1950s made something like this when I was a kid. We didn't have a freezer or even a blender so I had to mash and whip things up for her. She's pour it into ice cube trays with no dividers and make "ice cream." We loved it. I think it was really frozen custard and not even very frozen at that but it was sweet and we didn't know any different. It was great.

  23. Every video on making ice cream. The narrator say "cream" when indicating the ingredients. In the USA we have to kinds of cream. Heavy Cream and Light Cream.
    1) Which one is used?
    2) Does milk have to be involved.
    3) Can just straight cream (Heavy or Light? ) be used?

  24. Another reason store bought icecream is soft and melts fast is because it is mostly air. How its made show snitched.

  25. I'm not allowed milk on the diet that I'm on . (Due to the sugar content) , but I'm allowed cream. Could I substitute with Almond milk or put a mixture of cream with water added? I'm also using Xylitol in place of the sugar. Thanks!

  26. Don't know what i did wrong : when you said cream? I used heavy whipping cream? I blended for 2 min's and the top of it came out like butter….🍚😕

  27. It's the apprehension of waiting overnight that's what I don't think I could do. Lawd this looks absolutely heavenly. You have got to be one hell of a chef

  28. The blender is so 2009 my mom had that exact same one. Lasted forever. Love u David. Food never gets old. Keep on trucking baby.

  29. My guess is that got a few carbs in it. Looks yummy, but I'm laying off the sweets and high carbs as much as I possibly can.

  30. If you like rock hard icy crunchy ice cream then this is the perfect recipe folks🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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