1. Wow, talk about listening to your comments. I even saw mine posted in the video! Thanks for retesting the pizza oven, or should I say testing the hell out of it, this was really thorough.

  2. I love James!! "It's ready!! I know why I'm acting like this. It's because I watched my first ever episode of Queer Eye last night. And I loved it."

  3. oh god did he really just use a rolling pin on the pizza dough?! Thats taking all the air out of the crust

  4. Why are you salting your peppers before you picked them up and put them in? Its just falling off of them. None of that stuck. ._.

  5. This best way to cook a home made pizza by a country mile, put a cast iron skillet and your grill on high heat for 15mins then put the pizza into the skillet on the hob for 1 min, then 2 mins under the grill.

  6. There really should be no comparison when comparing pizza cooked in a regular oven. It is impossible to get the perfect pizza in a regular oven as you need the extra heat in order to get the pizza dough to rise and crisp up properly. But judging by those terrible pizza making skills, you obviously don't make pizzas very often 🙂

  7. Only 15 cloves a day? That would be lowering my daily consumtion by a significant fraction. Shaking your head? I haven't had a cold or flu in over four years. I used to get two a year. Every time the seasons changed, one in spring and one in fall. Once I upped my consumtion of Garlic, I stopped getting sick. One time my spring cold turned on me and I was nearly hospitalized with Walking Pneumonia. Took me two weeks to get over it. That's when I started to research into what I could do to boost my immune system. Echinacea and Garlic kept coming up. I picked Garlic becauseI found out that Garlic boosts EVERY system in the human body. ALL OF THEM. That is when I decided to build my diet around it. Now I don't get colds.

  8. You know they are genuine because you can see James's brain slowly malfunctioning that a gimmick appliance actually lived up to it's claims.

  9. So, if you dont have an oven, because of lack of space, or college, or something, this is a pretty good replacement

  10. I think the question should not be "is it better than the oven" because the oven already works fine. However you bought this device exclusively to make pizza, and therefore you should be asking "well what can it do as well as an oven" because at that point its really just added value.

  11. I like how nobody noticed that the background song is Funiculi Funicula which is also famous for being the Spiderman Pizza Time theme.

  12. Would you like to put some money behind your "There is no way to achieve a crisp crust like this in 3 minutes with an oven at home. Because I will put money behind my "Yes you can" especially that thin. not to mention a bigger pizza. With just a couple of pizza stones placed correctly in an average 550 degree oven, no tricks. To me, it sounded like a salesman talking about something he is trying to sell, not knowing that he is talking to people who obviously have more of what I think is, common knowledge. Ten minutes? You have to let the oven preheat, chef. Where were the chefs? There is a big difference between a taste tester and a chef. It reminds me of all the "Doctors" that are selling something in a TV commercial. I do like the pizza oven though. Just not the, that guys had a few to many, statements.

  13. What about combining gadgets example doing something in a sous vide or pressure cooker and finishing in pizza oven or other gadget combos

  14. It seems everyone wants everything to be done in seconds Enter the Ferrari Pizza oven shaving a good 10 to 12 mins off using a conventional oven for the same result and yes I make my own pizzas . I wouldn't waste my money on this but the beautiful people will snap them up as a must have for the kitchen along with all the other ridiculously expensive items that hardly ever get used .IMO it's not worth the money

  15. I can tell you from one of my current jobs we cook our mahi and salmon in a pizza ove very simple garlic butter white wine and smoked paprika and it actually turns out great

  16. I’ve always wondered… do the sortedfood guys have a day job outside of YouTube or do they just make all their money off of the many many monetized non copyright strikes videos they have? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they did make all their money off of YouTube.

  17. James, we’ve all had that queer eye transformation- one episode in and suddenly absolutely everything can be described as ‘fabulous’ and ‘sexy’

  18. I’m about to look at buying one one eBay, and I just wanted to rewatch this first , and I am still thinking I should buy one

  19. Again I'm going to say these idiots are idiots.. I can do a real pizza, remember the law from Italy, in 2 minutes 30 seconds.. I wonder about the youth and this channel is shit because it teaches nothing to the uninitiated. Yay oh they're so good NOT honestly a bunch of bloody kids and not a chef among them

  20. There's just one problem: pizza is NOT CRISPY. Pizza is soft and wet, with very soft high crust, called "cornicione", and very thin central part, which is soft and foldable (without breaking it), the folded pizza is called "a portafoglio", that means "like a wallet", exactly the same as when you close your wallet.

  21. i hate bitch nigga chefs who can't even make a proper round pizza dough. It's like those fuckheads who can't paint for shit but still do it and call it their "own unique style" gtfo here.

  22. Hi. Do you where to obtain the 2 part pizza peels you use?? have searched everywhere, but they are impossible to find… Great video though. Already bought one myself after watching your video..
    Hi from Jonnie

  23. What part of England do you live in? I know of several british friends that refer to the savoury purple fruit as an aubergine and several others that refer to it as an eggplant.

  24. Prawns – more colour? Blowtorch!

    But seriously? flat breads! Britain's national dish is Curry, so what about Indian Naan in the pizza maker?!? or the original pizza? Central Asian Nan! both are AMAZING!

    BTW you also missed an awesome German option… Flammkuechen! an ultra think flatbread pizza style bread. Or New York style deep dish pan pizza.

    Or bake a pie, or pasty, or even a sausage roll? Grill cockles on the stone? Sooo much more you guys could do, seriously! Tandoori whatever!

  25. Is anyone gonna talk about what happened right at the end of this video? Ben asking if James has a uniform after James said that they should play good cop, bad cop and Ben's face afterwards 🤣🤣

  26. There's already a word for aubergine in English. It's called eggplant. Just call it eggplant, guys. It's okay, nothing to be ashamed of 🙂

  27. "Do I want that sat on my workterp" I had to replay 6:03 a few times…but i think he actually does say workterp.

  28. "Do I want that sat on my workterp" I had to replay 6:03 a few times…but i think he actually does say workterp.

  29. I think this video genuinely added value to the home pizza oven. It was designed "only" to cook pizza but this video showed how much potential utility it has.

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