Homemade Churros (Baked Better than Fried?) & Hot Chocolate – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep  69

Homemade Churros (Baked Better than Fried?) & Hot Chocolate – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep 69

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Baked Churros & Hot Chocolate Hi Bold Bakers! I always try to share with
you recipes that are an easier version of the conventional way that things are made.
Like ice cream without an ice cream machine. Or making a cake without using an oven. So
today, I’m going to show you how to make Churros without using a deep fryer and trust me these ones
are even better than the fried version. So let’s get baking! When I made my Baked Donuts video, I got such
a positive reaction from all of you and great photos of your final results so I have a feeling
you are really going to like these baked churros. The dough that you use for making a churro
is essentially a choux pastry. We’re going to start out in a heavy bottomed
sauce pan. Add in your water, butter, sugar, and salt. And then when the butter is melted,
bring all of these ingredients to a simmer. Now that our water is simmering, we’re going
straight in with our flour. You want to whisk this in so it doesn’t make any lumps. Turn
down the heat on your pan and start to almost cook your dough and you’ll see it start to form a ball.
You just want to move it around for a few seconds, cook it for a little bit, it kind
of dries it out a little bit. Now don’t worry, if you don’t have brown sugar for this recipe,
you can go ahead and use white. All you want to do is cook this dough for around a minute.
And there we have it. Turn off the heat, our dough is done. As you can see it’s a nice,
firmer dough. We’re going to set this dough aside and prepare our eggs to add into it. In a separate jug, we’re going to add in our
eggs and vanilla extract. And then whisk them all together. It’s important to use room temperature
eggs because we want them to be a similar temperature to the dough that we’re going
to add them into. Our next step is to add our eggs into our
dough. I’m going to add a little bit of eggs at a time. And I’m going to mix them in with
a spatula. This is why we only add in a little bit of eggs at a time so you can incorporate
it easily. A little bit of eggs and a lot of elbow grease. Once you add in your eggs, it’s
very natural for your dough to look like this. Don’t worry. Take your time and just keep mixing in those
eggs. Ok, great. I can see my dough coming together. Ok. Phew. And his is what your choux pastry
should look like. A little bit soft but totally pipeable. It’s going to work great. To prepare your piping bag to make churros,
you’re going to use a star nozzle. If you only have a round one, that’s ok. But traditionally
when you get a churro at the fair or circus it always has those lovely ridges and that’s
from a star nozzle. And then just fill your piping bag 3/4 of the way with
your choux pastry. Piping bags are always a good investment. I usually buy a big roll
and then I always have them when I need them. Have a little bit of space on top and then
we’re ready to pipe. When baking these churros, I like to double
tray them because it’s such a delicate dough that it has a tendency to burn underneath
so if you double tray with two good quality trays then you should have no trouble. A good little trick to stop you parchment paper
from blowing around in the oven is take a little bit of your choux pastry. You put it
on the tray. Just a little dot. And then stick down your paper. Under that corner. Just a tiny little dot. To pipe your churro, put pressure on your
piping bag and make sure the churro comes out nice and thick. And then take a knife
and wipe away the pastry. And then give the next one a little bit of space, put some pressure
on your piping bag, try and keep it straight. And then when you get the length that you
want, just take the pastry away with a knife. Just like my baked donuts, you can actually
fry this dough as well, if you want to. But I think once you bake them and you see how
great they are, you won’t want to fry them. And make sure to give a nice bit of room to
the churro beside it so they don’t bake into each other. So because this dough is a choux
pastry, you can use it for making cream puffs and profiteroles and it will work great. Then
just keep on piping your churros until all of your dough is gone. But just before them go into the oven, here’s
a little Bold Baking science tip for you. We’re going to dust them with a little bit
of water. And we do this because once it goes into the oven, the heat hits the water and
it evaporates and creates steam. And then your churros go poof and get nice and big
and that’s exactly what we want. Now your churros are ready so pop them in the oven. What you’ll most commonly see served with
churros is a really thick and rich hot chocolate. So while our churros are in the oven, we’re
going to make one. In a heavy-bottomed sauce pan, we’re going
to heat up some milk until it comes to a simmer. Once your milk comes to a simmer, we’re going
to add in our chocolate. Now I’m using some dark chocolate discs and a little bit of milk
chocolate to get a good balance of bitter and sweet. But as long as you use good quality,
I’m happy. Go ahead and whisk in your chocolate until
it’s melted. Next add in some vanilla extract. To thicken up our hot chocolate, we’re going
to mix some corn flour with a little bit of water. And what this is called is making a
slurry and it’s just a little thickening agent. You should never add corn flour straight into
any product because it will clump up and not be nice. While your hot chocolate is simmering, we’re
going to add in our corn starch mix. Pour it in and vigorously whisk. You’ll see your hot
chocolate start to thicken and be really gorgeous. I love this hot chocolate so much. At this stage, you want to let it simmer for
another 2 minutes because you need to activate that corn starch and let it thicken even more.
You just might want to stand here and give it a little whisk as it does. And there you
have it, a beautiful hot chocolate to serve with your churros. It’s so fast to make, I
made it while the churros are in the oven and I know you guys can too. Our timer has gone off but rather than take
out our churros right now we’re going to leave them and turn off the oven completely. And
what this does is dry out your churros and helps them keep their shape without collapsing
on themselves. Do this step and you’ll have perfectly shaped churros. To make the cinnamon sugar for the churros,
we’re going to take a little baggie. Add in some sugar, some cinnamon, and a little bit
of salt. And then we’re going to mix them all together. This is the total mess free
way of doing this, believe me. The reason I add a little bit of salt to this
mix is that it brings out the flavor of the churros and the cinnamon so I strongly suggest
adding a little bit in. Our churros are ready to come out of the oven.
These churros look fantastic. They’re beautiful golden brown all over. The bottom is a nice
color, not too toasty. They’re going to make fantastic churros. Once our lovely churros are out of the oven,
we want to dip them straight away in our cinnamon sugar. Take your lovely warm churro. Pop it into
your bag. And toss it around in the cinnamon sugar. Don’t be tempted to eat one yet just
lay them on your rack for now. Keep on tossing your churros in the cinnamon sugar. The reason
I do it while they’re still warm is the sugar sticks so much better to them. How pretty
are these little churros? They’re perfect. Why would you fry churros when you can bake
them and make them look like this? You can make a variety of different shapes
you don’t just have to do long. You can do little churro nibblets. You can also make
churro hearts, which are super sweet. No matter what shape you make them they’re going to
taste great. Pour yourself a big mug of hot chocolate,
dip your churros, and enjoy immediately. Can you see the inside? It looks just like
a churro. You guys have to try this out and tell me
if baked is better than fried because I think I know what you’re going to say. These are SO good. Mmm. Yummy! Thank you so much for subscribing to my channel.
I’ll see you back here Monday for my breakfast series and of course every Thursday for another
episode of Bigger Bolder Baking.

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  3. These taste more like profeterôles than churros. Either way, they're easy and taste good so give them a try.
    Tip: If the sugar won't stick to the churros, brush a small bit of water on them, then dip then into the sugar.

  4. Thanks for the recipe Gemma! I followed it exactly and it's all turned out really nice and yummy. I think it made me about 40 churros!

    I used half your ingredients and milk for the hot chocolate and there's plenty. I've also got loads of the cinnamon sugar left so next time I'll make less.

    I saw the comment on here about using only two eggs,  but I found I needed the third egg to get the same consistency as yours. I'm glad someone pointed out about scrambling the eggs so I let it cool to luke warm. 

    I've frozen a batch that I already baked and sugared,  will they be ok for a week or two and how should I reheat them? Also,  could I have frozen the  raw dough by wrapping in clingfilm?

    Here's my  photos 🙂


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    Before putting eggs in I put it in the fridge for 10m

    Also I cooked them without oven as oven will burn them
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