Homemade Fire Roasted Salsa Recipe – Home Canning –  BBQFOOD4U

Homemade Fire Roasted Salsa Recipe – Home Canning – BBQFOOD4U

welcome to BBQ food for you the backyard
barbecue show Jason King today shown everyone a delicious homemade
fire-roasted salsa recipe have a candidate and delicious barbecue nachos let’s go I’m starting with 15 pounds of
farm-fresh roma tomatoes at four red onions slice up for yellow onions 1
pound jalapeno peppers for bulbs of garlic fresh cilantro half a cup of
kosher salt and a quarter cup of black pepper to get started wash the tomatoes and jalapeno peppers
under some cold water to prep the jalapenos slice the top off then slice
it and have i’ve gone and remove the seeds i can’t make the salsa too hot and
given most of it away if you do like it spicier leave the seeds in to prep the
onion simply peel them slice them in half take the garlic and just chop the top
right off it and place the onions and the garlic on the hospital once you have
some nice grill marks on both sides take the onions and garlic off next give the
jalapenos a quick grill once you have nice color on both sides
take the jalapenos off the grill then put the tomatoes directly on the hot
fire you want to grill up all the sides will make a real easy to peel the skin
off with a quick grill you can see the skin is starting to just peeled right
away give these another couple minutes with
all the veggies grilled up i’m going to do start chopping everything up toss it
into a large pot to prep the tomatoes simply slice off a little part on the
bottom thing that little end piece off and the skin just peel away cut in half
quarter it to get cut and squeeze the juice out of eight lines then just added
to the salsa all chopped up and ready to go looking good smells great already now
just gonna add the salt and the pepper give that a good stir place the sauce on
your stovetop using low heat bring it up to a simmer stirring it every five
minutes or so after simmering this also for three hours it’s got a nice consistency still got a
little chunks of tomatoes all the ends are cooked so it’s pretty much ready to
start putting into the jars tastes great watch the canning jars lids and rings
with hot soapy water to get can you really only need a few things jars lids
and rings other tools a label to pour the mixture into the jars this is a called a jar grabber fits the
neck makes it real easy to handle charged to a white male funnel with a
full gauge on it this is just a little magnet to hold
their lives place them on see on the touch with your hand small spatula will go around the inside
of the jury’s once the sauces in there try to remove much as you can other than that need a large pot start
with boiling water smaller pot here will bring to a boil shut down and put the
lids and rings in there you want to sanitize everything before you put the
food in there so let’s get to it place the canning jars in boiling water
for 10 minutes to sanitize going to be doing six at a time here after 10
minutes take the jars out of blowing water these ones actually you can tip it
here give it that drain out all the water and set aside on your little
workstation with the jars lids also everything ready to go like to add the
cilantro at the end so get that in it all mixed up get canon to get can make
sure you set up in a comfortable position take this also whatever you
want to can fill the jar now I want to bring this to the quarter inch mark on
the funnel here depends on what your cannon where you want your heel mark to
be yeah little more quarter inch so take the
fall off place it on the next jar like balance it
a couple times see if there’s any air in there this isn’t too bad but you can’t just
take the spatula go around give it a quick stir to get a clean paper towel
and just wipe the edge i can see there’s already a little bit of salsa on there
so make sure you just wipe it clean see a little bit using the magnetic to all
grab lid yeah tighten the ring hand tight and just
turn it back about a quarter you don’t want it on too tight keep on going to
all these are filled looks great now time to get in the water
bath bring a large pot of water to a boil
it’s good to check the displacement just test these set them in there make sure
the water doesn’t overflow and since you pick him up slowly place them in the hot
boiling water let them boil for 10 minutes want to make sure you got an
inch of water overall the lids and just let go after
10 minutes pull the charges from the hot water bath just gonna be a little bit of
water on top just during that off set it aside i like to place a towel down and
then just leaving the cool usually for a day 12 24 hours to be safe and you got
fresh fire-roasted homemade salsa now these jars are pretty much ready leaving
out that I’m cool down as they cool down will hear a popping right there yeah it’sit’s the vacuum the lids
getting sucked down so you got a good seal or another one and once you get
that you’re good to go let it cool down storm in a cool dark place and you got
salsa for the natural chips i like to use these Tostitos scoops let me show
you why take the Tostitos scoops a little bit of fresh grated cheddar
cheese to the middle trying to eat tonight set up your barbecue for indirect
cooking at 300 degrees going to place a few chunks of apple wood on there for a
little bit smoke get the nachos on notches on the BBQ wood is burning away
once you get the lid on there it was third producing delicious smoked after
five minutes these are nice more smoky and ready to
be get them off homemade fire-roasted salsa with smoky
warm cheesy nachos check that o.o whole can see the nice chunks of tomato garlic
jalapenos give this a taste everything about this recipe is
absolutely delicious from start to scratch and you’ll have a good time
doing it it looks good thumbs up button be sure
to subscribe because it’s easy to do barbecue food for you give it a try yeah

75 thoughts on “Homemade Fire Roasted Salsa Recipe – Home Canning – BBQFOOD4U”

  1. That salsa is on POINT! I would eat the entire plate of nachos and drink the rest of the jar of salsa! I freaking love salsa!
    Great video and tutorial Jason!

  2. Great looking salsa Kinger! You know me, I would have hit it with an immersion blender. Would you rate it a mild or medium?

  3. This was a great recipe and instructional Vid! I don't have the time to do all this…… but I'll buy one of those Killer Salsa Jars!
    Price of the jar and S&H……. Let Me know! m/ m/ I'm serious!……. I'll buy one!

  4. Great recipe and tutorial for canning, Jason! I leave the charred tomato skins on – adds some nice dark color bits and smokey goodness!
    BTW, the heat in the jalapeños come from the membrane not the seeds. You can toss out the seeds and keep the membrane for extra heat. Thanks for posting the video!

  5. Cool video, I just made a video of my family and I making homemade tomato sauce, I would be awesome if you can check it out 🙂

  6. Killer salsa Kinger. Nothing beats fire roasted salsa. The blackened char brings out a top notch flavor. Great job getting that texture. Nachos looked yummy

  7. Great video! I hope you answer questions from the audience. I am new to canning. How long is that jar of salsa good for? When do you put wax on a jar? Is that to preserve it for years? Thank you- You will do well. Great presentation and personality!

  8. I make a few different ways of Salsa every year this is one of them. It taste soooo Good.. Great Video.. Thanks for sharing.. :")

  9. I am definitely going to use this recipe for canning!! I make fresh salsa often, but looking for a good recipe to can.. I have never canned before. I am a big fan of chili de arbol. I may add some to the recipe.. I like it spicy!!! Thank YOu!!

  10. Looks great! Have you ever tried blending the tomato skins and adding them back in to the salsa for more smokey flavour?

  11. I made this using 1/4cup of ground black pepper like you did in the video and mine tastes extra peppery. Does the type of black pepper make a difference?

  12. I really like your recipe planning on using it for the majority of my tomatoes from the garden this summer but I’m just wondering how to store the salsa after it’s done since I’ll have so many jars??? Do you freeze them in plastic containers or do you store them in the fridge in the jars??? I’ll probably have about 30 jars when I’m done so would like some advice. Thanks. 🙂

  13. Why char the tomatoes if you are going to throw away the skin? That gives the salsa more flavour….Mexicans make their salsa this way…They keep the charred skin on. 🙂

  14. Like your video as I am learning to can, but, I think you meant put the lid on, hand tighten and then turn it backwards 1/4 inch…not one quarter of the length of the jar opening? Plus, you didn't mention when you actually hand tighten the jars as much as possible, or do you? Does the lid tighten enough by itself, even though you made it a little less tight after filling your jars?

  15. Well , We did it !!
    30 cans of your salsa made and canned.
    Cant wait to try it after 24 hours.
    THANKS !!!!!!!!

  16. Thanks for the salsa-making and canning lesson, Jason. My girlfriend's garden looks to be producing a bumper crop of tomatoes, this summer, and salsa is the perfect use for them. We've always made an uncooked pico de gallo salsa in the past, but want to can the bounty this year and didn't know how to go about it. Your demo makes it all seem very simple and I look forward to eating delicious, fire-roasted salsa well into the winter months. Be well and take care.

  17. Hey looks awesome! I see alot od salsa canning videos that call for vinegar. Yours doesn't. Is it safe to can and store? New to canning. I want to try this tonight.

  18. I made a smoked salsa and a fire roasted salsa. It took me forever to make but it is the only way I will do it from now on. I just opened two jars of salsa from 2017 and it still tastes amazing. One tip don't take all of the peels off of the tomatoes you're losing a lot of flavor. I also add some vinegar just to be on the safe side. I never water bath my salsa. I take the hot jar and put the hot salsa right in it then seal it. I haven't had any problems with it yet.

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