Homemade Oven-Cooked Cebu Lechon Belly (w/ Eng Subtitle) | HungreeCatt Cooks

Homemade Oven-Cooked Cebu Lechon Belly (w/ Eng Subtitle) | HungreeCatt Cooks

Let’s start! We will be cooking Lechon Pork Belly in the oven And here are the ingredients: green onion, red onion, garlic, pepper powder we also have tanglad or lemongrass, these are the roots, that we cut up to release it’s flavors. very fragrant! Okay, the next step is to cut the meat so that it’s perfect for the size of your oven when we roll it This meat, we purchased specifically for rolled LECHON belly and here we are using poultry scissors (shears) that we bought from Robinsons Supermarket You can check if the meat is the right size when you roll it and the next step is to season the meat by massaging it with salt and pepper We are using local rock salt and black pepper powder make sure that the amount of salt and pepper you use is enough for the whole thickness of the meat just massage the seasoning into the meat to make sure it is absorbed and the next step is to add the stuffing like we mentioned, the stuffing has garlic, chopped onion, and green onions. roughly chopped not so finely chopped so if ever you want to eat it, put it in sauce or remove it, you can do so and this is the cut lemongrass you can also mix all the stuffing ingredients first before putting it on the meat we also put chilis so that we have a spicy Cebu Lechon belly coz from the Cebu lechon we tried we preferred the spicy variety so we’re adding chilis it’s not going to be super spicy by the way, even if you add the chilis in the stuffing next, we will roll the meat, it is better that two people do this part one will hold the meat and the other one will tie the meat the butcher gave us butcher’s twine in order to secure the pork belly roll if some of the stuffing comes out, you can just insert it back into the slit so that you don’t lose a lot of it just tie it tightly, you can do a butcher’s knot, to ensure it doesn’t open up while cooking we cut the string for every knot so we ensure that if one knot gives in the others will be fine it is also best to tie both ends first so you won’t have a hard time holding the roll of meat while tying it just keep tying the roll until the whole thing is secured with knots, and just insert back stuffing that comes out preheat your oven in high setting, do that before this part, where we massage soy sauce onto the skin this will help give the brown color to the skin, we also massaged in canola oil for crispness make sure that your oven is preheating in high setting while you are doing this you will also need a baking tray that has some of the excess stuffing we also put some ingredients we were not able to put in the stuffing like dried laurel leave and anis add water to this tray and this will help prevent your meat from drying up and keep it moist at the same time, the tray below the meat will catch the oils that will drip from the meat after pre heating on High setting, set the oven on Low while cooking for the first few hours this will ensure that the inside of the meat is thouroughly cooked before the skin gets burnt as you can see it is slow cooking and the water with ingredients on the tray is helping with the cooking while we wait for it to cook, we can work on the sauce or dip for the lechon we are using apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, onion, garlic, rock salt, and black pepper just chop the onion finely and of course, i asked my husband to give a smile to the camera, to capture these happy cooking memories (lol) finely chop the garlic as well and mix it in, this dipping is a little sweet to match the slight saltiness and flavor of the lechon belly you don’t have to watch your lechon the whole time like we do, we just enjoy watching it cooking because it is our first time to cook in the oven so after an hour and a half, we put the oven setting from low to MEDIUM setting to speed up cooking a bit this oven that we used only has two settings, High and Low but you can set it in the middle for medium heat so after 1.5 hours of cooking on low, you can set it to medium heat, to melt the fat and crisp the skin as you can see, the color of the skin is slowly changing and while you are cooking, try and observe your oven if there are parts that are hotter than the rest like in our case, we noticed that the sides of the oven are hotter and the meat is cooking faster on that part if ever that your oven is like that, you may have to turn the meat to ensure that it will cook evenly as you can see, there’s a lot of oil dripping from the fats of the meat and the skin is slowly turning brown we actually find watching the dripping oils relaxing since there is thicker fat on the meat that is on the middle, we decided to turn the lechon roll and made sure that the thick fat part is near the hottest part of our oven to make sure all that fat is melted faster and here this will be cooked soon, this lechon was cooked for around 4 hours in the oven and now we will switch back to the actual audio of the video

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  1. Table of equivalent oven temperatures[1]
    Description °C °F
    Cool oven 90°C 200°F
    Very Slow oven 120°C 250°F
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    Moderately Slow 165°C 325–350°F
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  2. Thanks for this video ..And please ignore those silly comments! There are some people who can't find satisfaction and happiness whatever they do. Maybe they need professional help😆😆😆

  3. Thanks for posting this. I will definitely do this.👍🏼 By the way, so ung temperature setting is just low= 1 and half hrs. then medium= another 1 and half hours, how about the last remaining 1 hr high ba or medium heat pa din? Thanks.🙏🏼🇺🇸

  4. For those who does not want to cook in their oven you can just buy a rotisserie that you can use with your grill and your roasted pork belly will taste even better! https://amzn.to/2SnxpEy or this one which have a 50% off right now https://amzn.to/2SnkW3A

    Just tried this today and it turned our really good. Find below the temperature that used to cook it in.
    250F 1.5 hrs

    350F 45mins

    350F turn then 45 mins more

    425F 15 mins
    425F turn then 10 mins more
    425F turn then 10 mins more
    425F turn then 10 mins more

    Now if you have the rotisserie then it will be cooked evenly and way less fatty.

  5. Is is is… then ilalagay na natin ang stuffings at ang stuffings is salt, garlic etc etc…. why using too much is nowadays? Maling mali tsktsk…

  6. I'm going to try this on my Kamado grill rotisserie very soon! Asawa ko is bisayan and she will love this! Thanks for posting 😉

  7. Just saw this video. One thing clear, Cebu lechon is not bake. You can prepare whatever you like with pork and don’t use Cebu name. We Cebuanos made it clear if it’s bake or lechon. I did baking too and told friends it’s hurno (bake) but not lechon term. Thank you.

  8. Wow! I miss eating baboy! In Qatar it's a NO NO to make lechon, but you can buy…if you have a license to buy ☺

  9. Thanks so much for your video! I followed the instructions and my lechon belly came out beautiful! My family and I really appreciate you and your family sharing your recipe!

  10. Kakagutom sis…. Wow… Nice hope makadalaw ka din sa bahay ko… Napindot ko napo pati kampana mo. Hope mabisita mo din ako… Salamat… ❤️

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  12. Iba din style ko😁 i soak the pork slab in a brine, i use milk instead of soy sauce, i score the skin before putting it in baking tray at i use sukang pinakurat as sawsawan super yummy😁😁

  13. Ung flame po ng oven sa baba po or sa taas? Ung oven ko ksi its either taas lang or baba lang ndi pde taas and baba nakabukas ung flame

  14. Gas oven or Electric oven gmit nyo? Im assuming gas kc wla akong mkitang convection fan s likod. My iba ibang functions po ang oven. Merong grill which is ung top heating. Merong baking which is ung bottom heating. Meron ding combination top and bottom heating at the same time. Alin po jn gnmit nyo?

  15. Hi ! Thank you for this. 👍🏼 Super helpful. Im going to have guests tomorrow kasi sa bahay. Bought a ready to cook belly roll from Landers. But i lost the instructions. But bec of you i now know how to cook it in the oven. Goodluck to me! Haha!

  16. really nice friend^^subscribed your channel..hope to stay connected..wish you luck for channel.Come see my channel👍👍👍

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