Hop In – I’m Hungry! – Making Dumplings With A Monk turned Chef

Hop In – I’m Hungry! – Making Dumplings With A Monk turned Chef

get in the car we got places to go right
I’m coming Johanna picked us up a few drinks from
The Temper groom a latte and my mocha she also grabbed a pistachio croissants
and it was very delicious Wow don’t forget you’re sharing that Jersey
so that that was one of most unique croissants I’ve ever had
yep it looked a lot like a Cinnabon haha but that was just kind of like an
appetizer where are we actually going to eat okay so that was just your little
snack to make sure you are awake and ready because this is quite an adventure
so we’re going to a restaurant called garlic and it really just means garlic
and leek all mixed together it is a Tibetan restaurant in little Tibet
Toronto so that’s sort of downtown West End the people who who owned and run it
karma and Jenna are their names karma who is chef/owner everything he
was a Tibetan monk or I guess you’d never stop being a Tibetan monk you know
I mean once you’re a monkey or a monk I gather and so please he’s now running
this restaurant and he’s got a really cool story to tell we’re going to be
learning and possibly if we’re lucky trying our hand at making Momo’s which
are Tibet and dumpling whoa yes I’m really excited for that are you
excited for that I’ve never made dealings once we got to garlic I was able to go
in the kitchen and talk to Karma as he whipped us up a nice dish involving
tripe chilies coriander and tonight my grandma is not here so all I have
experience with me when I was in among Neverland everything is just not about a
lot of people think the Hmong is like a meditation like oh your mom you must
know how to meditate but in the monastery reality is different lifestyle
but you have to know how to cook clean shopping for the to fit amongst the
monastery that I was in is like VF Bartlett proximately thousand months and
we got a cook for them it’s a large kind of food like let’s say we make it like
some mixed vegetable we had to make mix merciful enough for that out okay overcooked
um squid it’s more like it’s not a bit of a bite it’s got a chew
but you know when octopus is cooked well you kind of like go through it there’s a
there’s off a bounce-back on your teeth but it’s not it’s not like it’s not like
rubber bands yeah yeah there’s a bit of a crunch on to the shoe exactly yeah now
it’s time for me and Joanna to test our Momo skills out for the deep moo
moo-moo-moo in tibetan is irene normally we don’t make very often like friends
relatives are coming far away or going far away so like either goodbye kind of
meal last meal or the Welcome Academy before we get started
karma needs to mix the dough he mixes his dough from scratch every day karma prepares the meats that is going
inside these dumplings beef soy and also a bit of water keep
the dumplings nice and juicy we make it like a Halfmoon that do we make the beef
and that’s what you can see it bounces right back when you poke it so it’s got
a really nice pliability to it so it’s going to be able to be stretched and
pulled and then you’re going to be able to stuff it and you’re gonna have this
wonderful ability to hold your your flavoring sometimes when you use these
pre-made wonton wrappers they like rip and break because they’re just thin
this stuff is really a nice don’t easy to work with this is the measurement
here like we made the door right no like you do like this yeah so this um will get the muscle
that’s interesting so it just gives you just keep basically going around the
center wanna try okay see how he can do his hand doing a nice roll out of the
skin how do I punch one hand one hand Matt what farmers show you one more to
be wanted no I mean oh I thought person’s gonna
flatten the whole thing okay hold this part but he’s getting the job done
that’s the most important thing things just to flatten anymore
good man that’s great you’re doing a great job tour and they sent her right
now just keep moving it as you go really snow when I do it no but you have
to keep changing it there you go look at you go you’re rocking it now no
not really the opposite side now you’re rocking it well done see how we do on
this one so flatten it let’s see if we can get this rock in there we are
it’s a little bit crooked but it’s getting there it’s quite an elastic
dough it’s quite quite fun to get going here now it’s getting there little
funkier than Karma’s but you know I’m thinking not terrible
here’s Matt and hang on here’s Karma’s so not really actually that different I’m gonna make the moon’s half moon one
okay so we pinch and shove our thumb inside the the dumpling – just keep
pushing the filling forward as we pinch it okay Matt your charge is gonna pin
this yeah and then you kind of push forward was it you kind of pinch it
pinched it right yeah so like I move this yeah and then this time has to be
inside this thumbs inside yeah and that’s your proper holding and then you
and this finger has to be push pins it’s not so easy I’m Dan you just do as a
padding okay so kind of like you’re stitching kind of like this yeah you
know what I’m really good I told you the frozen dummy I guess is telling you like
it’s he concocted Skilling’s yeah man so you’ll be able to cook the Momo’s once
karma makes them yeah that’s the one yeah when you if you gave me a frozen
bag of yours I’m pretty sure I would just nail it I’m not convinced I think
you’d probably like do something bizarre like my job right man okay so that’s
that’s really good that’s not really it’s not terrible it looks like an alien
I think about that much car sure yeah yeah
right pushing that in and keep rolling and keep pushing and keep shoving the
dough in my folds are just a little too fat I can see that our more like a
pierogi oh you think I’m doing like a pierogi instead of a moment I’m not
having enough pleading that’s for sure so my pleading sucks the that’s yours
that’s the professional for everyone and you can see from the back the
differences can you spot which MoMA was made by the actual chef you only give it
a shot lady put in the steamer make sure the water is boiling listen that’s it ferma tell us a little bit
about the sauces that are on that tray so this is a vehicle yummy yummy yummy
sauce yummy sauce it doesn’t have a spicy some people can
take too spicy right but then this is Omaha sauce onion garlic ginger actually
exported from Nepal and if you don’t want that too spicy then you can do mix
it up hey Cheers let’s eat thank you that’s
about Momo’s today okay juicy really juicy I got a wedding coming out it’s
not that spicy actually no yeah I might even try some of the Yong Yong sauce
thank you thank you at a wonderful time at garlic with Karma and I can’t wait to
come back again and maybe make some more dumplings please subscribe if you
haven’t and leave a like and let us know which is your favorite Tibetan
restaurants in Toronto until next time

24 thoughts on “Hop In – I’m Hungry! – Making Dumplings With A Monk turned Chef”

  1. A cook who was a monk from Tibet?
    Hmm, I'm looking forward to it.
    It's a small shop, but it's Michelin-like.

  2. Wow; my friend was telling about Tibetan dumplings yesterday, a day before this video was posted! Looks like I'll be visiting Garleek Kitchen!

  3. Is tripe that intestine thingy? 😬it did look good, but I’m too squeamish. 🤦🏻‍♀️Really cool looking place though. That dough had a beautiful texture! It did not look easy to make those momos, but you did a good job! Enjoyable video!

  4. With Chinese potstickers, I can do those pleats but I can not for the life of me roll out the dumpling wrapper. I tried making soup dumplings 2x, I failed either att he twist top knot or the roll out…or both, I'm not sure.

  5. Mmm the croissant was just a tease for what's to come lol.. so cool to hear the story from the owner who was also a monk, wow! So cool to see you make those dumplings with Karma's help.. you're a natural.. 😋

  6. You are rocking it, no im not 🤪 – love the little experience to do the dumplings behind. Its harder than it looks! 😁

  7. 😂 great intro man! What a full on food tour today. We've never even tried Tibetan food before. Looks and sounds super tasty. Seems very similar to Nepalese food which we have tried 😁👍

  8. Hey Matt! So cool to see you with your mom! The pistacho croissant looks good, and awesome you went for Tibetan food!! We've never had it before, the momos looked great and cool you could learn how to make them from a Monk/Chef! Great video and lots of love to you! <3

  9. Oh man we LOVE Tibetan food! Have heard about Toronto having a Little Tibet neighborhood – curious how it compares to our “Himalayan Heights”

  10. Just found a himalayan restaurant near me that serves momos. Can't wait to try them. Dumplings are such a universal comfort food.

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