Hoppily on the road: Wild Card Brewery

I’m here at Wild Card Brewery in Walthamstow
where we’re going to talk to Jaega, find out a bit about how the business started and hopefuly
drink some beer. Just tell me a little bit a bit how you got
in to brewing? I started out home brewing, like a lot of
brewers do and I was doing a lot of that at Uni and at the same time I was studying for
a chemical engineering degree. When a couple of friends of mine, Andrew and Wil, were taking
the brewing seriously. He was like, you know what this hobby that we’ve been doing for
years, going around to beer festivals, making beer at home, let’s do this for a living?
And I came and jumped on board, and then I never really left and that’s what happened
really! So you’ve been here now for about four, five
years? Yeah, so about five years. We started out
as Cuckoo brewers which means we were brewing on other breweries equipment for the fist,
about year and a half So after a year and a half of actually using
other breweries Yeah, because we had no money so we started
out with like no money You had the knowledge, but not the…
Yeah, we had the knowledge, not the business knowledge, not the cash, but that’s why we’re
called wild card because we shouldn’t have been able to be successful in any way, so
we’re kind of the wild cards in the game, as lame as that sounds.
No, that absolutely makes sense What does craft beer mean to you? Beer is beer,
Beer is beer, I like that it terms of the size that we are I would say it is beer that is handmade, that’s what I
would say Yeah and you’re literally here doing that
yourselves We’re here every day doing it ourselves with
our hands And in terms of the future of the brewery,
new beers on their way? Yeah, so new beers definitely on the way in
tank at the moment I’ve got a wild hop IPA which was made from hops from the Walthamstow
wetlands. We have also got a barrel aged beer program What barrels are you going to be using for
that? Coming soon
Coming soon, ah, ok, we might have to watch this space you’ll have to watch this space Brilliant. Well thank you very much
Thank you very much for coming

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