49 thoughts on “Hospitality: Madeleine Cookies Recipe – Cooking with Chris”

  1. was the bater chilled in the fride or allowed to rest? Mine turns out looking more liquidy. Fluffy liquid, but liquidy. Also, my madeleines keep deflating, any suggestions?

  2. wow this looks easy i am not sure where to buy the pan here in greece but i'm gonna search like hell!!! thanks a lot for he vid.

  3. If I wanted to make the cookies with a lemon zing, should I just add the lemon juice with the mix or apply it onto the cookies?

  4. How many madeleine does this recipe make in total? It looked like there was still enough to make an extra batch in the bowl.

  5. They turned out really good (even if I forgot to put in the vanilla in the first batch). Thanks for the video! It helped a lot. It makes me want to go buy a mixer now, my arm's tired.

  6. Hi Chef Chris
    I have the same problem: they deflate when got out of oven, but they taste heavenly. I tried many batches but end up the same problem. please help. Thank you

  7. thanks for the recipe and the awesome tips. husband and guests went apes for it. I serve it warm with raspberry preserve or vanilla ice cream.

  8. Is it 1/2 cup of flour before sifting? I sifted then measured 1/2 cup of flour and my cookies were almost soupy. I also tried 5 oz. of butter instead of three. I can't wait to get it right.

  9. How far ahead can you make these? My kids have to make them for a country project for their classes…60 total..oof! They seem like they'd harden or go chewy if you were to make them too far ahead.

  10. @CollegeofDuPage
    Can i use all purpose flour? What's the difference between the flour you used and all purpose?

  11. does this recipe calls for a crunch madeleine or is it soft? If i want a soft madeline…double the butter you said? Thanks Chef Chris!! 😀

  12. Not having a great time making these and I love baking. I copied the recipe from the show. My cookies are flat! I'm guessing because there isn't any baking soda? So, I tried to go on to the website at the end of this show and I can't locate the recipe at all. I'm using a silicon madeleine cookie sheet for the first time (and possibly the last time!). I doubled the butter for a softer cookie but this is redonkulous. Can anyone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong.. 🙁

  13. I did all of that (heated while mixing so as to not scrabble the egg and then set my timer so I whipped it long enough). I don't know what went wrong. I went through each step as though you were in the kitchen with me…. I'm not giving up! I'll try again and reduce the butter to the original amount (I wanted the softer style and jumped ahead). They were flat, BUT still very tasty, LOL Thank you

  14. Hi there
    I changed what you did I melted the butter, I used ½ a lemon zest, and used Lakeland Silicone Mini Madeleine Mould x24.i had to cook them for 20 mins not 12 mins like you said they were soft yellow not brown.my god they were out of this world!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll get same size mould you used and not melt the butter as when I did it I spoon it in to mould. But thank you for your help showing me how easy it is to make them

  15. Wow these were AMAZING. I just made them and finally found the recipe I've been looking for all these years. I've tried so many recipes, even attending a leisure class at the culinary school, to no avail… so thank you!!

  16. I read that many do not get the bump and that they turn out flat. The tip to achieve the bump is that once you make the batter, put plastic wrap on the bowl and refrigerate for 1 hour or 15-20 minutes in the freezer. Then put in the pan, you can refrigerate again for another hour if you like, but not necessary. This will give you a big bump after baking. Good luck :))

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