9 thoughts on “Hosting a static web app on Google Cloud using GCS (Get Cooking in Cloud)”

  1. This is a very good video. There is technical depth in this video. Combine this video with your links and you can actually build (cook up) a real static website. I suggest creating a Qwiklab for each video and then we would have an entire training path with this series.

  2. I really like how this video covers all the small details, yet she makes it interesting and fun to watch. Creating a static website on GCP with GCS is straight forward, but now, I know it like the back of my palm! Thanks Priyanka!

  3. Thanks Google Cloud Platform and Thanks Priyanka Vergadia for creating this video and explaining the concepts crisp and clear. It really encouraged me to create this 8 min video demonstrating how to host a static web template in Google Cloud storage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7G0FZmyoJmw

  4. Note: If you just want to serve static web pages, then use `firebase hosting` – easy to setup, HTTPS, free unless you are getting >10gb/month traffic.

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