How A Michelin-Starred Chef Makes The Perfect Burger

How A Michelin-Starred Chef Makes The Perfect Burger

so it’s a snowy wintry day in midtown
and fifty first Street i’m here at Salvation burger because
April Bloomfield brand new with hamburger specific restaurant April got
her start new york about 10 years ago the spotted pig and it’s been argued
that she wanted Michelin star based on the shore trip and she sells out she went on to create new york’s most
beloved lamb burger at the breslin and now she’s opened the spot which is
dedicated to handlers this really is a Supermax book I mean
you have controlled every aspect of what ends up on the players totally every
aspect from finding the farm we’re thirsty has been grazing to going
to visit slaughterhouse and then hiring a fantastic but you’re shuttling guests
to grind the meat for us in house so I’ve been dreaming about this project
for a long long time at least six to seven years Being able to control my own blend and
just have direct contact right there. If there’s a problem or I want to do
something on the fly, I have somebody there that’s just as passionate as me. that can kind of get us away from it. These are all of our New York strips and
rib-eyes right in here like the one that erica is cutting up right now is eight
week dry aged. so it gets like a peep your flavor
a little funkier you know. all the flavors condense dense and becomes a lot more
tender. so we just grind that up and put it in the burger and then you can see
right here like this is the leg but basically what we do is we’re doing a
completely whole animal blend. So it’s something that nowhere else in the city
is really doing. every burger has every part of the animal in it. You know one day
I might be really fatty, one day it might kind of not have the same consistency
that you’re looking for but when you’re taking care of all of that back end… April can say I wanted taht more fatty i wanted less fatty. Depending on the season the flavors are going to change a little bit. So that kind of tweaking can just be really exciting especially for someone
like April who really cares. Tell us about the about the cooking process itself, because that is
quite unique. -Yeah you know it’s been a couple of dreams of mine has been to be able to cook up over wood. And you
know the woods gonna impart teeny, teeny bit of flavor. Which is you know
perfect for this type of burger. So check this out. that
this is a little bit of aged beef tallow. -Oh lovely! so you’re going to get some of that flavor in there too. -Yeah. going to get a little bit anything to
layer that flavor, you know? This one I’m going to show you
is a little French onion style. It’s just some caramelized
onions with a little taleggio, actually. It’s just a
perfect burger! Look at that! That is amazing, thank you. Look at this thing. So this is the
namesake – this is the Salvation burger. And I mean it looks… I love the primal aspect of this
hamburger. It’s just it’s really just cheese, onions, beef in a bun. What else do you need? Here I go. Wow you get that beefy, steak-like
flavor, the smokiness. the onions have a sort of thyme flavor. The cheese adds this creamy, viscous blend to everything. But the meat itself it’s really hearty. It tastes like a short rib or steak. I’m going in again. And that bun! It’s got like a quadruple layer
of crunch. It’s a crunch on that then you have the
tenderness, the airiness of the inside of the bread. Then you have the snap and crunch
of the maillard reaction on the burger itself. Then you have the juicy innards and
then it’s all repeat again on the bottom. It’s just this is a great great
hamburger. So I’m impressed, I mean I knew I would
be. April is a incredible chef and she’s obviously put a decade of burger
knowledge and expertise into this thing I think that she’s knocked it out of the
park. This is what the Salvation burger should be. there’s nothing quite like a full
English breakfast whether it be fuel for a hard day of Labor a company meal to
ward off a dreary day or a cure for an epic hangover the meal is a celebration of breakfast
it is breakfast as feast in New York British chef April Bloomfield is
reforming the way that people feel about English food and in my opinion she’s
serving up one of the best versions of the breakfast anywhere on earth yeah

100 thoughts on “How A Michelin-Starred Chef Makes The Perfect Burger”

  1. Cheese has creaminess, bun has crispiness, meat has meatiness, onions are sweet. So original and different. Wow.

  2. So they are just handing out Michelin stars now? Lol. That burger looked raw and over seasoned. And what's with the all women working there/hipster angle. I bet they are grossly overpriced burgers

  3. Those burgers look artificially pressed and shaped. Burgers pressed too tight usually lack flavor and tenderness. How about going for a hand shaped patty?

  4. Isn't using the best meats for burgers kinda taking the challenge out of it for the chef? The point of burgers is to turn the offcuts and lower quality cuts and turn them into something higher value/tastier. What she's done it turned the filet, sirloin, ribeye etc and mixed them/ruined them with lower value cuts.

  5. They ground up aged Rib Eye steak to make a burger ! 😥 Chuck and brisket for burger. Keep the good stuff for steaks!

  6. The meats in that freezer it looks nasty and disgusting and the color of the meat start turning black means it's tooooo old and it's been sitting there for a while ,,,, people don't go eat there u will get sick I'm just saying !!!!

  7. That kind of bun is too dense for a hamburger imo. Yes, the meat is well proportioned, thick, and beautifully cooked. And the bun itself looks wonderful in its own right. I just think dense bread bases are a bit too dry and texturally resistant for the job. Yes, I think the brioche works best overall. I do like the European-Argentinean charred thin base bread though, since it is thinner, and has that wonderful char.

  8. A $40 burger? $20? If I’ve had a couple of beers beforehand will it taste that good? Beefy, steak like flavor? Burgers are made from beef right?

  9. You could tell when she was handling the raw burger it was WAY overpacked. I don't know about you, but every burger I've ever made was juuuuust about falling apart before it even hits the heat. 🔥

  10. you claim yourself as michelin star chef by making this rubbish burger?? yeah my great grand grand mother too before she died next week.

  11. who tf wants every part of the cow in the burger..?! The second she said that I was reminded of binging with babish’s everything burger…and with those caramelized onions? beef tallow on the bun? this is as non standard as it gets for a burger.. I would never eat something with those specific tastes it’s like as if they fully customize the burger to whoever comes into the shop’s whims..probably overpriced af too I’d never go

  12. Pointless tons of work for something you eat and is gone just as fast or faster than a normal quick meal should be the definition of chef.

  13. Nothing about this excites me, picking a specific breed of cow from a specific farm is not uncommon, strange how she didn't disclose what breed it is tho. Don't know why she needs a butcher, this should be within her skill set anyway, using the whole cow in the burger is just a massive no. Most middle class burger joints only use 1 to max 3 different cuts for balance when mincing. Cooking on wood…wow never seen that before 😏 everything here has been done before and done better.

  14. Restaurant is going to sink. She said this burger "has every part of the animal in it." See, when its run by lesbians they don't have any sense. Go ahead and throw in a hoof, a tongue, maybe a knee cap, and a gizzard or two. All you gotta do for premium burger is take one good cut of meat at a higher grade and you got all you need. Just stupid because God took their mind away (Rom. 1).

  15. “I personally chose to go vegan because I educated myself on factory farming and cruelty to animals, and I suddenly realized that what was on my plate were living things, with feelings. And I just couldn’t disconnect myself from it any longer.” -Ellen DeGeneres

  16. There's a reason people with tons of visible tattoos can't get real jobs. I'm surprised they let that trash into a nice restaurant like that.

  17. the host of this show is really stupid, the motorhead tshirt and the tattooes dont fit with this guy.i´m sure he got beatup everyday at school.

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