How Iron Chef Jose Garces Got His Kids to Eat Their Veggies

How Iron Chef Jose Garces Got His Kids to Eat Their Veggies

You know as a parent – so I have an 11 year
old and a 7 year old and I’ve gone through the whole process up until now. I think I
have like I would say like a ten year market study of my kids’ eating habits and how
they were formed and hopefully like where I can take them to. When they were young and
I’m going to go back all the way to like from bottle feeding. They went from breast
milk to formula and then onto solid foods. And that was a key point where we could still
control what they were having, what their intake was. And knowing this as a chef I would
make fresh purees in the restaurants and then cryovac them. So I would make sweet potato
puree, malanga puree, spinach and carrot. These days you can vacuum seal just about
anything. You can buy a vacuum seal at Target and make your purees, put them in the freezer,
pull them out and then, you know, you’re giving – you can really at that point still
control their internal environment. I think where we made a mistake – and I’ll
say this is that we started to – as they got older we started introducing them to whether
it was pastas or French fries and that sort of kind of like, you know, the busy parent
ends up feeling like oh, I just want to like feed them and move on. And it’s foods that
they like and I just think that that’s a mistake that we made and now ever since then
we’re still trying to make up the ground on how do we get kids away from these unhealthy
foods that they naturally gravitate towards. I think that there’s a textural issue with
kids that really is hard to overcome. So I’ve kind of overcome that by doing a lot of, putting
a lot of things in the blender and getting that first initial eating experience as a
soup. So it’s a warm soup but that has all the good nutritional ingredients and elements
into it so that they can have something healthy. And then at that point it’s still a battle,
it’s still tough.

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  1. Wish it'd been longer and more involved, because with obesity being one of the main problems facing the western world getting in good early victorys is pretty key.

    but his point is pretty accurate. I don't have kids but I've looked after them and it's all about reducing what's unpleasant about healthy foods…because lets face it most of them taste awful, have unpleasant textures…they're a mess. so the more you can reduce about what's unpleasant and blend it with more pleasant moderation foods the better.

  2. I waited the entire time for Ron Swanson to jump into the frame and beat him to death, then eat a cheeseburger. I'd rather eat unhealthy and die sooner than be a vegetable at age 90 but to each their own.

  3. How to get your kids to eat veggies:

    a) always have veg around for snacking on (carrot sticks, celery, cucumber, etc.). Make healthy dips that your kids enjoy, including hummus or nut/seed butters.
    b) don't feed them junk food. 
    c) start them early.
    d) be a role model 

    My two kids, aged 12 and 9 were born and raised vegan and they have no problems at all with eating fresh fruits and veg. 

  4. Here's an idea…..

    BE FUCKING PARENTS!….lol….YOUR KIDS DON'T GET A FUCKING CHOICE…..they're your kids…..have some bloody discipline!

    Make them eat what you put in front of them and DON'T feed them shit!    Don't crack and feel sorry for them and cave and let them eat shit.   Say "eat this or starve."   They'll eat it.   Trust me.    

    Tell them they can eat whatever the fuck they want when they get a job and can pay for it themselves.  Until then they eat what YOU provide.  

    Parents are so fucking shit these days.  To worried about whether their kids "like" them or not.   Your kids are NOT your friends…they're your kids.

  5. Did this man say ANYTHING that the world did not absolutely already know? Fast food is bad for you and mush vegetables up to give them to young kids. What the hell is that pap that you buy in cans for babies, if not that?

    And then his closing comment is "It's still a battle." So, no insights on how to convince kids. What a waste of a video.

  6. I think a lot of people in this comments section are misunderstanding what is trying to be achieved here. This is about getting children to like eating vegetables, not just about getting them to eat vegetables. Obviously, a kid who isn't eating the vegetables on their dinner plate needs to be firmly asked to do so and if necessary (e.g. if they outright refuse or start throwing a tantrum) be punished with shouting, spanking, and/or having their dinner taken away from them, but this will only help so much; what kid is going to learn to enjoy eating vegetables through this manner? I know I certainly didn't.

  7. The way it worked for me was the simple early knowledge about healthy eating, nutrition facts, and what might happen if you don't adhere to these practices. Basically, from a young age, I was fortunately introduced to science and that gave me a lot of foresight about eating in general. Anything fatty repulses me a bit, to the point where I remove every bit of fat from my meat (except pizza and bacon). 

    The best advice I can give is to educate your kids and introduce them to science. Don't block any form of knowledge no matter how morbid, antireligious, or unsettling it might be. Unless they are a genetically sociopathic, they'll overcome that bump and become a lot more intuitive and mentally stronger.

  8. You talking about raising kids?  You don't know shit about kids until you have lived through the 14-18 year olds.    

  9. Damn right it's a texture thing.. well for me personally it is.. I fucking hate onion in my food (and onion is in everythinggggggggggggg, it's not easy for people who don't like onion lol, and there's no great reason for it to be in anything.. it hardly has any taste and ruins the consistency and texture of food..), but when it's cooked for longerrr and it's gone muchhh softer.. then I can eat it and it doesn't bother me at all.. it's not the onion itself I don't like.. it's the texture of the onion. And.. any other randomly hard and crunchy vegetable in a soup or something soft.. doesn't match.

    Some of these commenters parenting methods are terrible, reminds me of my horrible grandparents who would stand over their grandchildren with a wooden spoon until they ate the whole plate, what you doooo is get a little creative.. there's ways to make kids eat vegies like veggie fritters and sausage rolls with blended up vegies mixed into the meat and shit like that, kids love that shit, it's disguised enough that they don't usually care, and it still tastes good to children without just giving them shitty plain vegetables like a fucking carrot on a plate. then you can progress from there. Also it's best to start them on vegetables as soon as they can eat food of course lol

  10. The biggest mistake parents tend to make is to lure kids away from reality and then expect them to make rational decisions when all they "should have been" exposed to is sunshine and happiness until the age of ~12…

    That is not an environment humans have adapted to survive in for the vast majority of their ancestry, and it certainly isn't going to help them compete in the impending global meritocracy.

    Lying to children does not protect them, it simply leaves them unprepared.

  11. You can feed and eat whatever you want just eat in moderation. If you eat too much of anything wether it's chips or watermelon you can and will get sick.

  12. Sometimes just making them eat is a problem LOL, let apart eating healthy. Everyone is unique, from my two children, one likes everything (veggies the most) and the other simply not. 

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