100 thoughts on “How People Eat Durian”

  1. To me…I don’t like the feeling of it in my mouth…it just feels disgusting…I ate it in China

  2. I’m pretty sure Chinese people do not eat durian with rice, I’m Chinese and my family doesn’t eat it like that. But your videos are funny😆

  3. Durian is very Rich From Philippines And durian Here at the philipines Smells a Little. BTW Im from the Philippines But I Love your Channel!

  4. Omg I had bad connection and I couldn’t see but I could hear the sound and at the first part I thought I heard something really inappropriate

  5. Everyone that I asked they said durian is so stinky and it tasted weird but if you eat a lot it taste soooooo good and it smell soo nice 👍

  6. O wait I take that back I always forget that you guys know chinese Yas finally someone that knows Chinese and English in yt

  7. All fruit and plant come from the same soil…and i think durian and other fruit is delicious…i love durian SOO MUCHHH..sometimes..we eat durian with rice,cendol and else

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