How To Bake A Potato

How To Bake A Potato

How to bake a potato, why is it so
complicated? Should I poke or not poke Should I use foil or no foil. Should I
use oil, and if I use oil, what kind of oil should I use? Well maybe I should use
butter. Hi folks it’s Mike with Kitchen Tips OnLine, and on this video
we’re gonna answer those questions and a few more. You want to make a baked potato
at home, why is it so complicated? Outback Steakhouse baked potatoes are
fantastic, LongHorn Steakhouse baked potatoes, but how come we have trouble
making those restaurant style baked potatoes at home? Well in this video,
we’re going to show you exactly how to make a restaurant style baked potato at
home. And we’re gonna answer, in addition to those questions that we brought up in
the beginning, we’re gonna answer a couple of other questions. And the most
important question then we’re gonna answer, is how to tell if the baked
potato is fully cooked inside just before you go to serve it? Should you use
aluminum foil to make a baked potato ?And the answer to that is absolutely not if
you want restaurant style crispy on the outside baked potatoes. You definitely
don’t want to use aluminum foil. Well what about oil and butter, should
you use oil or butter? Well we’re going to use butter to make our baked potatoes
because we like the flavor that it puts on the outside of the crust. Olive oil
puts a very distinctive flavor on the outside of the crust, so if you want to
use oil you should probably use a vegetable oil, maybe corn oil or
something like that. If you want to make restaurant style
baked potatoes at home you have to pick the right potato, and the right potato is
russet potatoes. Now before you start to wash off your baked potatoes, preheat the
oven to 400 degrees. Now we are going to cook three baked potatoes today. We’re
going to cook one with holes in it, one without holes in it, and one with foil
around it so that you can see how a potato turns out when it’s covered with
foil. After you smother the potatoes with
butter, put a liberal amount of sea salt or kosher salt on them. Don’t be stingy
with the salt. We’re going to use this little aluminum ball to keep track of
the potato that has the holes in it. Now we’re not going to cook them in this pan,
we’re going to put them directly on the rack in my filthy oven. Because the
potatoes are right on the rack, there’s plenty of airflow. Now if you happen to
have a convection oven, make sure you use the convection option. Next you want to
set your kitchen timer for 60 minutes. Now the best way to check any size
potato to confirm that it’s done inside, is to use a thermapen like this one.
We’re looking for 210 degrees. Now if you don’t have a thermapen like this and
you would like to get one, we’ll put an amazon affiliate link in the video
description so you can get one. Now let’s check the potato that we poked all the
holes in let’s see how the skin and the inside of this potato is. As you can see,
the skin of the potato is nice and crispy. It’s a good idea to use a fork to
fluff up the potato inside before you add the toppings. Now we can check the
texture of the potato that we did not poke holes in. It also is crispy on the
outside but not as crispy as the one we poked the holes in. Now let’s have a look
at the potato wrapped in foil. Right off the bat you can see that the skin is
steamed, it’s not crispy at all. Very unappealing. This is definitely not an
Outback Steakhouse baked potato. Let’s go ahead and zoom in and take a look at the
skin of the potato that we poke the holes in. And as you can see the skin is
super crispy. Well there you go folks, now you know how to make restaurant style
baked potatoes at home. Now if you want to print that list that’s on your screen,
there just go to the video description we’ll put a link there where you can print it
from our website. Now if you’re not a subscriber, and you’d like to see more
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38 thoughts on “How To Bake A Potato”

  1. poking the aluminum foil with thermo pen putting minute peices of foil in your potatoe sure makes them taste extra yummy

  2. I am going to try without the foil. I normally use foil and have never had any problems. Usual method I use is microwave, then foil wrapped, then unwrapped, so the last stage is specifically to crisp the skin. 3 stages can be a bit of a pain so I'm going to try just microwave then oven rack… I like the idea of letting the airflow circulate, thanks!

  3. It is a good idea to put a metal skewer through the potato as it will speed up cooking time making sure the inner temperature is high and the centre well cooked every time.

  4. Very pleased that you give advice and results without telling stories to stretch out the time of the video like other sites. Why I subscribed. Thanks.

  5. You are a man after my own heart. Never, I repeat, NEVER use foil. We (as in I) like the olive oil flavor but I just might try the butter for comparison. Well done my man!!

  6. You always use aluminum foil when cooking a baked potato im from the south thats how you do it enough said

  7. Very helpful for even a guy that's a non chef like me! I especially love how he took the time to make a detailed summary list at the end!

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  9. Followed this (the poked holes)and had some really nice potatoes. Wasn't really crispy but had a nice soft texture. I cut the potatoes put cheese and cooked bacon and baked for an extra 8 mins.

  10. Let me offer this advice for someone that's cooked more than one potato. ALWAYS poke holes in your potato, if not they can literally explode in your oven. Now, the ones that don't explode are actually a little fluffier than holes poked, but it's not worth the cleanup.
    Just don't waste aluminum foil, you can always boil or microwave them if you don't care about fluffy on the inside/crispy skin.

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