How to Barbeque Beef Ribs : Good Grilling Technique for BBQ Beef Ribs

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Terry and
today we are going to talk about preparing barbecue ribs for cooking. Okay I’m going
to take the ribs, take the whole rack at a time. This is just the sauce that was left
in the center. I want to cook them on the back side just to put the grill marks on them.
Basically that is all you want to do is you want the grill marks there and you want to
flip them over. You just want to kind of char them a little bit. It seems to have stuck
to the tin foil just a little bit. Good thing I got them out when I did. There we go. If
I’m not going to use a warming rack I’m going to take this one off and it is no need cause
I can use my warming over here. This fire over is not lit and this fire is. So I will
turn that up on high and let that cook for approximately 2-3 minutes or until the temperature
reaches 325 degrees.

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