How to Braise Short Ribs Like a Pro

How to Braise Short Ribs Like a Pro

– Edi Frauneder of Edi and the Wolf. – Thank you for coming here. Today, we explore a very
traditional cooking technique, braising, which I think people
sometimes get really scared. But, I think the most important thing is choose your ingredients well and follow a very simple, basic process. And I think people will
overcome their fear of braising. (upbeat instrumental music) – It’s freezing cold. You’re in New York City. What do you want to eat? – Where I’m from, from Austria, when it’s like freezing cold, that’s when you like really
venture into the rich cuts. The short rib, it’s just sitting in a very, very tough part of the meat. It needs a longer cooking time. You’ll see all this like, the sinew in. Like some silver skin here, the marbleization within the meat. It’s beautiful. So, we’re going to
start off by number one, let’s fire up the ovens. And preseason on all sides evenly. We will need some root vegetables, so I got some baby leek
and some carrot here. Can you see, we are smoking in there? That’s exactly what we want, perfect. (sizzling) You basically make sure
that this piece of meat is seared evenly on all sides. This what you want. You want this like nice crust here. After the last piece, we’re
going to add our mirepoix which is basically shallot, carrot, yellow beet and baby leek. – So, it’s got that
nice brown on all sides. – This is perfect. Look at the beauty. And now, all the residual in
the pan, we’re going to use. – All that fat. – To develop more flavor. And now, garlic, some peppercorn, just a little bit of rosemary and a tiny bit more of thyme
because it’s so intense. In that context, just a small leaf of sage would be simmering for at least
2 1/2, three hours easily. The most important part of
a braise is the red wine. This is a classic wine. You would eat with this. – Cheers.
– [Edi] This is 100% Blaufrankisch from Austria. Blaufrankisch is a
native grape to Austria, so this is like super-traditional. – Now, we’re going to
add it right into there. And that’s going to deglaze
the bottom of the pan so all that sticky, good bits of meat and oil and all, fat. – But, we forgot one important part which is very untraditional. I like to use Kombu in my braises. It’s basically a seaweed
which like intensifies, like one more level of
taste for this dish. – So, we got this
bubbling pretty good here. – We’re going to add some brown sauce, which is basically a bone stock. – [Jeremy] So, I’m going to
go ahead and drop this guy in the back of the pool. – Right now the heat only
comes from the bottom, so you don’t want that. I’m going to go and
throw this into the oven ’cause it has more even heat. – [Jeremy] And so, you
cover it with the foil so it won’t reduce too far? – Exactly. So, after a solid 2 1/2, three hours and like three bottles of wine, we’re going to give a modern
touch to the short rib. We’re going to have grilled radicchio. Everybody thinks salad is
only meant to be eaten raw, but what we’re going to do today is make wedges and grill
those wedges in a pan. So, drizzle of oil because
the pan is really hot already. See, you hear this? This is exactly what you want to hear. And then, a tiny bit of butter. While this is shaping up, I want to see your garlic fist slam it. – [Jeremy] There you go.
– Perfect. Then, some thyme. Give it some salt on one side. This is perfect. And that smell, it’s just
like, it’s invigorating. Love it! – [Jeremy] You can really
smell the thyme coming out. – [Edi] OK. – [Jeremy] What do you got here? – [Edi] Yam puree. – [Jeremy] Using yams
instead of potatoes, why? – It’s a bit less starch, and also I want to go away
from this classic idea of “Oh, my god, Austrian cooking
is just meat and potato.” Austrian cooking is a
lot of meat and potato. But who says that a variation of potato and a fleisch of meat cannot be delicious? So then, you want to cut
it against the grain. You see this? It’s all soft, it’s slowly braised. That means it’s like pinkish throughout. We add the grilled radicchio. In order to brighten up
the acid of this dish, we add some flash pickled shallot. So then, this is our braising au jus. The second you take out the meat from the liquid braise, you strain it. – [Jeremy] All right, let’s
see how you did, chef. – That’s how we did.
– [Jeremy] We did, we did. You like to go with every layer, right? – Ideally, every single
component, one bite. – Get in some of the radicchio. – I like the radicchio
because it’s so fast to do. And most people, they’re
not the biggest fans of bitter salads anyway, but
the way we treat of them today. It also develops a little sweetness even. – [Jeremy] You got the
nice crust on the outside, the reduction, it’s super-tender. – Look how even the meat is cooked. And it’s weather-appropriate. That’s what you eat in New York
City when it’s cold outside. – [Jeremy] It seems like a
difficult, intimidating thing, but when you just take it step-by-step, and take it slow, you’re going to have something great
like this braised short rib. – Well done. Very nice. – Cheers. – Our glasses in Austria are prost. – Prost. (clinking)

16 thoughts on “How to Braise Short Ribs Like a Pro”

  1. I only made short ribs once, but I did em hot and fast (reverse sear, 30 min to get to about 54° and then sear finish to about 57° post-carryover temp) and they turned out deliciously juicy and tender. Seems like a waste to braise them, as you lose a lot of taste to your liquid, which you only splash a bit on the meat and plate at the end. I guess short ribs are kinda like flat iron steak; yes, there were a few tough silverskinny parts, but inbetween those were huge chunks of smooth tender meat. Maybe I was just lucky with the short ribs that I got?

    Love the addition of kombu in the braise for that umami boost!

  2. Brown sauce. If you're not going to do a tutorial, why post the video. I'm sure 90% of the people watching this have no idea what that is

  3. Utterly underwhelmed! The short rob should be melting, instead it's like a steak. What's going on with the grilled lettuce, really doesn't pair with the already bland short ribs

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