How to Brine a Turkey | DJ BBQ

How to Brine a Turkey | DJ BBQ

What up FoodTube it is DJ BBQ and it’s getting to that time of the year where people are going to be cooking up turkeys man for Thanksgiving, Christmas,
the holidays, so I’m here to give you guys a wonderful turkey brine recipe to help kind of goof proof your cooking man to add flavour, succulent, moisture because there ain’t nothing worse than carving into a turkey breast and it being all dry yang, yang, tell you to gobble gobble, gobble, gobble, are you ready yeah, so we got our water heating up, we’ve got about thirteen cups, about 2 litres of water Salt it’s the key ingredient to your brine So let’s get, there’s about half a cup in here. 8 tablespoons of sugar one, two and 8 let’s get all those flavours rocking in there now it’s time for the fruit so we want to
add two lemons into this concoction let’s get some
lemon juice in there woo-ee That’s the smell of the holidays right there so let’s get that smell of that holidays into our brine woo-ee and I’ll tell you what, the zest of a tangerine is beautiful now it’s the turn of garlic I like going minimal eight cloves of garlic just expose that beautiful beautiful flavour get in there garlic I reckon garlic’s one of the best inventions ever next to fire, spandex boom, did you get that one? yeah okay, one, two, three chilli so we’re going to add some heat to our cooking woo seeds now got sugar the salt are the
citrus the Chili Peppers, the garlic now
it’s the turn of the spice so we’re going to start with these bad boys, look at these gnarly rugged cinnamon sticks aww, one in there, a little half one Now it’s the turn of the herbs, herbs, herbs, the h is silent like it hors d’oeuvres hors d’oeuvres okay so we’re going to grab a bunch of rosemary get in there rosemary bunch of sage, break up some of those herb leaves and branches get them in there
once the sugars and salts dissolved you need to cool that brine down so I’ve got a big jug of ice, four cups of ice, here’s the key you do not wanna put your turkey in to
warm brine you don’t want it cooking the turkey early it’s got to be cool let
that ice do its magic and now it is time for our turkey to
meet the brine, sup y’all the turkey goes I’m going to go feet first, oh it’s bit too cold oh it’s a bit too cold oh so cold, oh, okay, so the displacement of the brine and there’s our beautiful turkey in the brine you want to do it at least overnight I like to go minimal 24 hours on my brining and
that’s going to add a layer of flavour now I need a yellow wipe, a yellow wipe
so I can start eating the turkey please can someone
give me a editor dude yellow wipe s’il vous plaît How’s that for a wipe man? gave us this beautiful, juicy, succulent
turkey and I’m going to show you what the brining process does to said turkey are you guys ready, yeah, I can’t
hear you are you ready? yeah, there goes the turkey war cry so aww look at the juices just pouring out of that, are you seeing that? are you kidding me I can smell beautiful juicy turkey with that little extra layer of flavour, I can smell the citrus, I can smell the cinnamon, the garlic’s in there and of course you know the lovely herbs and the salt and pepper with the sage and the rosemary. Aww how juicy is that turkey man that is so good I implore you to invest some
time in your holiday bird to add that moisture that
juiciness those layers of flavours man that is one tasty turkey. I’m DJ BBQ, this is foodtube if you haven’t subscribed yet there’s a button somewhere on the screen for foodtube and there’s also another button for DJBBQ and also information below on how to cook a tasty bird I’m going to snack back on my gobble gobble let’s
do this can I get one more gobble gobble gobble, gobble, how juicy does that look? mmm that is so good I wanna see what you guys are cooking up
for your holiday feasts tell me below what do you cook man, what’s your main
protein, what are your side dishes let me know Tell me what to cook for you I want to hear
from yah

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  2. holey moley! this is the most impressive thig i have ever seen on food tube! That moment when the juices pour out of the meat when you cut it! Jesus Christ! Awesome!

  3. Thats got to be the juiciest turkey i've ever seen. I'm going to try this.

    What type of chillie did you use? Can I use jalapenos?

  4. I really enjoy watching your stuff. You should bring back "Groms Ride the Rockies"! You, Murray and Paddy pretty much started my freeskiing career! 

    Keep killing it man. 

  5. I know it is not a big deal in these circumstances due to it being water but…
    13 cups is 3.25 liters. 😛
    1 cup is 250 milliliters. Sorry for being a SI butt. Must be my background in science.

  6. @DJ BBQ So when you cook it, do you cook it in a flat pan with the brine as liquid to keep the moisture in the oven or is it so saturated that you don't need that?

  7. Turkey has got to be the most boring protein on Earth…damn you thanksgiving gods for making it a thing! At least we have DJ BBQ to help us make it something special. 

  8. I've been brining my turkeys for the past several years and they always turn out amazing! I made the HUGE turkey at my parents the last time I was home for thanksgiving 5 years ago (being an expat is hard!) and it ended up being so moist and so perfectly cooked, it actually fell apart! That was about a 60lb bird when it was alive (I think it was about 45lbs….we had about 30 people eating). Everyone said it was hands down the best turkey they'd ever tasted….even my grandma said it was good!

  9. The turkey said "oh that cold water" hahahahahaah you are very funny guy I'm laughing hard at all the videos great recipe I'll try

  10. I've brined a turkey, even aged one it in the fridge. I have to say i prefer the good old fashion butter under the skin and stuffing the turkey. I haven't fried one yet but I'm all about the old fashion way.

  11. Can you brine the turkey and then place a herb butter under the skin before cooking? or will the skin be too fragile? 

  12. 2 words dude… fucking amazing.  wish my family made turkey that juicy, but unfortunately whoever's house the gathering is at is who makes the bird and I only have an apartment.  Some day….

  13. Brining is definitely the way to go but don't add chilli, it will take over the other flavours and dominate the taste. Made that mistake a few years ago and I ended up with crying kids who couldn't eat their Christmas lunch 🙁

  14. hey mr bbq – i'll be doing this, thanks! can you tell me how many litres that pot holds? need to know so i can buy the right size one for myself! i'll be very sad if it's not big enough (make your own jokes…) – thanks!

  15. fml perfectly made vid…i was looking for something like this just now when i bought my turkey! thanks for the vid!

    btw, my friend told me adding butter/herbs under the turkey skin would also help to preserve the juice in the turkey right before you roast it, is this true?

    +1 sub here from LA ! props man!

  16. Look awesome! I just made a similar brine as your video!! First time brining! The brine smells and look awesome, but I am afraid that it will be too salty!!!

  17. Would this alter the flavour of the meat? I mean, obviously to a degree, but the cinnamon and whatnot, it wouldn't over perfume the turkey – would it?

  18. Did he just put the turkey in the oven after brining? If so, for how long?

    Also, does the skin of a bird become crispy after brining?

  19. I find placing the turkey in the brine breast side down works better. Then you only have a bit of the back and the tips of the drumsticks not completely submerged.

  20. after you soak it in that concoction, do you boil it or you take the turkey out and roast it? I'm sorry that I sounded like a noob but I really don't know what a brine is. T^T

  21. I made my first turkey the other day using the brine and the turkey came out awesome. Better than all the turkeys I have had growing up with my family. Like I said it was my first turkey I have cook and I'm not the best cook. I would have to say it was the brine. If any one has any doubt about this just do it and you will be happy you did. Just a side note let the turkey stand for 30 min then cut into it.

  22. Could someone help me out last year i found a website that shows like a formula for brine so you can make your own well i lost the website and can't find it. it was something like 2 gallons of water, 2 cups of salt 1 cup of savory. showed the weight of the bird and how long to cook what type of ingredients you should and shouldn't mix together.

  23. This will be my 3rd year doing this brine and I'll probably do it until the day I die it's sooo good, everyone who's been over to have it says it's the best turkey they've ever had.

  24. Was soooo delicious!!! This brine is excellent y'all! I did everything except add the red chilis – only because I forgot and it still was the best turkey I ever tasted! Please try this brine! You won't disappointed !

  25. I made this for Yule dinner! It turned out excellent! The turkey sat in the brine for 16 or so hours, and this added way more flavour than I thought it would. It was excellent! Thanks!

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