How To Combine Multiple Actions and Bake Into a Single Seamless Animation | Blender Tutorial

How To Combine Multiple Actions and Bake Into a Single Seamless Animation | Blender Tutorial

Hello. I will teach you a simple technique that you
can use to bake multiple actions into a single action that you can later edit at will. Just like texture baking, this technique will
increase the speed of your workflow, by allowing you to recycle old character animations and
create action combos. So, I will assume you already have a character
armature. Select the armature. As you can see, I don’t have an action sequence
to bake. I will quickly create a simple combination
of actions. I will assume you already know how to create
action sequences. This will be a simple punch combo. Don’t forget to add blend values of two or
three frames, just as I am doing. Ok, let’s test this. As you can see, we have an action combo. But, notice that we have three separate action
data blocks, instead of a single seamless and editable action. Let’s change this. Select all the action data-blocks. Notice that there is no active action in the
NLA editor. This will change. Go to your armature’s pose mode and select
all the bones. Now go back to the object mode. Go to this animation tab. Click the bake button. See all these options? Looks scary, doesn’t it? Well, it’s really easy. First we need to know the total number of
frames for this combo. Now, about the bake data. We do not want to bake the object’s position. We want to bake the poses of the armature. The frame step defines the interval of frames
between each keyframe in the baking product. I will leave it at 1. Now, hit the OK button. As you can see, there is a new active action
right here. We no longer need these action data blocks,
as the action has been baked. See that? It’s the exact same combo animation. If you go to the action editor, you will notice
that the new active action can be edited, just like any other. Since I have set the frame step to one, there
is a keyframe on each frame. As you can observe, this action can be saved
for later use. Now, here is where the magic begins. You will be able to blend other saved actions
with this one, creating even bigger and more complex action sequences. Why don’t you try and see how many combinations
you can create with a few simple actions. Well, that was the basics of baking multiple
actions together on Blender. If you found this video to be helpful, like
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and crazy illuminati conspiracy theories. You know you want to. Take this knowledge and go create something.

36 thoughts on “How To Combine Multiple Actions and Bake Into a Single Seamless Animation | Blender Tutorial”

  1. Sorry, help me please.
    I want to make an animation of two characters that will be hugging. I have 2 different characters, I can make this animation in a blender, but how do I transfer to Unity3d if I have 2 different models?

  2. All people telling on forums that's not possible to do that and then now I found that video that will change my workflow on blend4web. Thank you very much.

  3. definitely heeled ;] i had some issues with blender not having a typical animation layer system but this kinda resolves it ;] thx

  4. My action strips change the position of the model (e.g lunges forward and swings) I want to have him lunge forward then do another action strip. But it doesn't keep the position he was left standing, instead cutting to the original position before he lunged forward. Is there a way to join action strips and have the model keep its position left by the previous action strip?
    E.g lunges forward then starts next strip, punching forward. but at the moment he lunges forward then teleport's back then punch's ruining the combo. 3:

  5. lol that fuckin intro. amazing. anyway at :30 seconds i see you have childish gambino as your mesh. My question is how did you get the face on him. I want to set up a system in a game where you can switch faces to different faces with different expressions to add variety to the game. problem is i am searching on how to do it but cant find the answer. Anyway setting up a system where you can change skin color by previously added materials/textures and then being able to change the faces at character creation screen is my goal. any thoughts? subbed for usefulness lol. thanks!

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