How to Cook a Goose : How to Season a Goose for Roasting

How to Cook a Goose : How to Season a Goose for Roasting

Hi, I’m Jennifer Cail. On behalf of Expert
Village I’m going to show you how to roast a Christmas goose. Now that we defratted our
goose as much as we can it’s time for some seasoning. Before we season it we are going
to first score the skin using our sharp pairing knife. You just want to make little insertions
this will allow some of the fat that melts during cooking to be able to run off. You
want to try and get as much fat out of the goose as possible and you can see while I’m
cutting this I’m not even getting down to the meat, there is so much fat in the layer
underneath the skin. So you just make random slashes there is no particular order to them
or placement that you need to make. You just want to make sure that you make several of
them particularly in the fattier places like over by this leg here, where it’s joining
up to the thigh and some of the spots in the breast underneath the wings. The wings themselves
are fairly fat free so you don’t have to worry about it but you’ll be able to see quite easily
where there is lots of fat deposits. After you done that then you just want to use salt
and pepper that is the easiest way to season it I’m just going to sprinkle some sea salt
over here. You can certainly use different seasonings if you want to perhaps some rosemary
or thyme depending on what you want to use. Use some nice freshly ground pepper which
will add a great taste to it and after you put your salt and pepper or whatever seasonings
you want to use on the goose. You want to kind of rub them in a little bit you want
to make sure that it’s going everywhere particularly inside the cavity. You want to make sure to
get lots of seasonings in there which will help keep the meat nicely flavored make sure
you get those wings too. Then we are ready for our next step.

4 thoughts on “How to Cook a Goose : How to Season a Goose for Roasting”

  1. She keeps cutting into the goose flesh. Do not follow these guidelines – there are better videos out there, especially Cat Cora's.

  2. After handling raw meat with your bare hands THEN using SAME hands for salt & Pepper shaker, BE SURE TO WASH THE SHAKERS with hot water and soap before placing them on the table (or putting them away). Better yet, wash your hands before using the shakers!

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