How to cook a ham in a pressure cooker – Cooking tips by Warren Nash

How to cook a ham in a pressure cooker – Cooking tips by Warren Nash

Hi, it’s Warren here and I’m going to show you how to cook a Ham or a Gammon joint in a
pressure cooker. And firstly, if you want to get rid of some of the saltiness of the ham make sure you soak it in some water for a
few hours beforehand and that should do the trick. Firstly get your pressure
cooker and correctly place the basket inside. Then get the Gammon joint and place it on its end on the basket. Then get yourself about one
mugs worth of water and pour it into the pressure cooker. This is
what’s going to steam the ham until it’s cooked. Next, lock on the lid and put it
onto the high pressure cooker setting. Stick the hob on a high heat and put
the pressure cooker on until steam starts blasting out of the valve. When steam starts coming out reduce the heat and stabilize the
pressure on the cooker. As a rule of thumb you need to cook the ham for 30 minutes per 1 kilogram. This ham was 1.2 kilograms so I’m going to cook it in the pressure cooker
the 35 minutes. After 35 minutes, remove the pressure cooker
from the hob and then release the pressure by pouring
cold water onto the lid. Then unlock the lid, check the ham is cooked through and then carefully remove it
from the pan. Leave the ham to cool for about half an
hour and then it’s ready to carve. And that my
friends is how you cook a ham or gammon joint in the pressure
cooker. And you can check out some of my cooking guides by clicking on one of the
videos coming up…

17 thoughts on “How to cook a ham in a pressure cooker – Cooking tips by Warren Nash”

  1. 30 minutes is way too long in a pressure cooker, I'm sorry but the ham is clearly over cooked and not moist, you can actually see this in the video…

  2. See… I'm confused and this has always been a question of mine…is this a pre cooked ham? I thought ham was called ham only when it is ready to eat and warm? So can you get raw ham in different countries and they still call it ham? Sorry if it confusing, maybe it's different in the US

  3. This looked to be a raw ham, right? I want to use the cooking guidelines for a 2" thick hamsteak that is uncured and raw (fresh) So, to confirm, its 30 min for 1 kilo (=2.2lbs)?

  4. Excellent- straight to the point without any waffle. I have used this method several times always with excellent results. Thank you.

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