How to Cook a Steak in the Oven

How to Cook a Steak in the Oven

You know, sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate
with grilling a steak outdoors, but that’s ok because there are a lot of great ways to
cook a steak indoors. One way is to use your oven broiler. Now you want to use the broiler
element, because when you’re cooking a steak, searing is the most important thing, and the
broiler element is the only place where you’re going to get a hot enough temperature where
you’re going to get the good searing. So the first thing we’re going to do is preheat the
oven broiler on high. Then, we want to adjust the top rack so that the element will be three
to four inches away from our food. That’s what’s going to give us that great sear. Next,
we’re going to prepare the steaks. After we’ve fully thawed them, we want to blot them dry
with a clean paper towel. This is going to help our oil and seasoning stick to the steaks.
I like to use one of our Omaha Steaks seasoning blends, because I find it really enhances
the flavor of our steaks. Once we’ve prepared the steaks, we’re going to put them on a pan,
and place them in the broiler. I like to cover my pan with foil because it makes the cleanup
a lot easier afterwards. Now that the steaks are in the oven, the age-old question is: “How
long do we cook them for?” Well I like my steaks medium rare, so I’m just going to refer to
the Omaha Steaks Cooking Chart. These steaks are an inch and a quarter thick, so it tells
me to cook them eight minutes on the first side, and then flip them over, and cook them
for six minutes on the second side. This is going to give me that perfect medium rare.
As always, I’m going to let these steaks rest for five minutes before serving. This allows
the juices to redistribute so I’ll have a perfect steak.

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  1. DO NOT TRY THIS!!! I almost burned my apartment! Put a stake close to the broil is a bad bad idea! the tray was ON FIRE!!

  2. Well done… Ha Ha Ha. I really like this video because I needed to learn something without someone going on and one and on… Appreciate the info.

  3. Followed the instructions to the tee for a medium rare steak, ended up with a well-done, juiceless shell of a steak. Thanks a lot :/

  4. My oven doesn't let me preheat my broiler to a degree range like is stated in your preheat chart (1:15~), it only has a "broil" function and it gets insanely hot (way hotter than the "well done" maximum range of 170 degrees).  Any tips on working with an oven like that?

  5. omg i fucking sucked at cooking steaks pan frying, THIS IS SO MUCH EASIER AND BETTER! I always get this shitty crunchy beef like jerky texture on the sear of the steak that I keep fucking up, this method and the chart is AWESOME!

  6. That steak looks horrible! sear both sides in a pan and then cook both sides in oven on 275 8 min each side. booya you're welcome

  7. He says to cook them at 3 to 4 inches from the broiler element. Then he is shown cooking them 6 inches from the broiler element. Make up your mind. Sheesh

  8. this instructional looked super quick and easy but .. mine smoked on first side before turning had to unplug smoke alarm, looked like the fat is what burned. looked well done and curling at the corners after 7 min when i flipped it. Took it out after 5 on other side and the steak is nuked. What temp should i set broiler to? I thought it was all or nothing
    edit: the steak was 5/8 raw and was aiming for medium

  9. Tried this method, with some modifications, VERY satisfied with the results:

    I covered the steaks in olive oil, using salt and pepper as seasoning.

    I seared each steak for 30 seconds on each side in a stainless steel skillet (which itself was heated in the broiler for 20 minutes).

    I wanted my steaks to come out medium, so I cooked them for 8 minutes on one side, and 7 minutes on the other (I guesstimated they were about 1.25" in thickness).

    Once I removed the steaks I spread a pat of butter (Kerrygold's salted, if anyone cares) on them as they rested, covered in foil, for five minutes.

    The result was the perfect amount of pink in the middle, and tender, juicy steaks.

    Hope this helps someone.

  10. How Dumb! What good is to tell us how long to cook the steak and not tell us what temperature to set the oven. Does he want us to broil the steak the entire time? HELP! I have a beautiful ribeye and I'm very hungry.

  11. Thanks for the great video and the great tip for grilling steak in the oven. Please subscribe
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  12. Just set oven on about 200C and cook for 7 mins on each side. I'm using Periodic Timer app to turn over steaks every X minutes.

  13. I did this because I can't have a grill in the apartments I live in and it tasted awesome! Thanks!

  14. Great instructions, the chart cook times based on the steak thickness was dead on accurate, my steaks were perfect!

  15. what is the hi heat in degree format? i only ask because my oven dont give a hi heat option it only gives (in broiler mod ) in the degrees i want to cook.. (also in making ripeyes and i pre-marinade them. it makes them fall apart when i do this in turn makes is so me and my dad can eat it.. other wise it be hard on him and me. )

  16. my biggest problem is I don't know why but the steak almost always come out hard. even after at times when I marinate it for 4 hours Mister becomes hard it's doing some pink in it after I cooked it as you claim on the video but meh.. T_T

  17. Wow thank you for awesome, short, and precise video. Chef you are so nice. I will definitely try this method tomorrow 😋

  18. Jesue Christ, what is with all these websites and videos? Just tell me the damn temperature and how many minutes.

  19. I prefer the reverse sear for steaks. Put the steaks in the oven and bake for 25-30 minutes on a lower setting 250-350 and bake for 25-35 minutes maybe even longer. After time has passed its best to check for the correct temperature every five minutes. When ready have a screaming hot pan(stainless or cast iron) and sear the shit out of your steak for 1 minute on each side. Wait five minutes and serve… Don’t believe me? Watch this.


  20. For anybody who needs to set temperature – the broiler temperature should be set to 550F. Now why this guy couldn't mention that I don't know.

  21. Going to try this the next time I cook steak. I cooked them in a cast iron skillet last time and they turned out amazing! I seasoned with salt, pepper, and a little crushed red pepper. Thanks for the how to!

  22. i followed the chart if i am cooking at 140-150 F? or should it be 140 Celsius? because at the Fahrenheit after 15min in the oven the steaks haven't even begin cooking, the meat is still red everywhere!

  23. I used his method just cooked the steaks longer and they turned out perfect with the sear crust and everything.

  24. Thank you for the info! I am a beginner cook and this method is SOOO much better than just throwing the steak in a frying pan. I love the chart that tells you how long to cook on each side for different results. I just ate my Ribeye using this method and it was delicious 🙂

  25. 130~140F lol what are you trying to cook? your fingers? i was dumb enough to follow this stupid guide and undercooked my steaks

  26. I am Sorry, this is wrong. The whole idea of cooking any piece of meat is identifying the internal temperature of the meat B4 COOKING. If I took my steak out of the refrigerator and set it out on the counter in a room at 72 degrees f, vs, a room at 65 degrees f. vs. a room at 80 degrees f. ALL COOKING TIMES AND WELLNESS WILL BE DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT. Density, percent of fat, moisture content all play a role. If you want the best piece of meat cooked to your liking, always get the center to the same temp. I get every piece of meat to 98 degrees f, center before I apply the heat. I like my meat rare, however if you start with a 65 degree f. piece of meat, it may be rare, when you think it's done, but it will have a cold interior. Always get it to 98 f. on a warming plate, or hold it in your arm pit. but get it to 98f. B4 Cooking. Now you can determine how long to cook, regards to thickness, density and moisture content. If you get the meat to 98 B4 cooking, it will be juicy, much less blood, if no blood at all, and taste great. Majority of folks who hate red meat, is because the idiot who cooked it served it, rare, center cold and blood pouring out like a stuck cow.

  27. I cook mine in an onion an usualy mushrooms and oxo bath coz i like my steak well done i do like it pan fried but tends to be dry.

  28. I like a good sear on my steaks. Could it be seared for about a min or so on each side in a hot iron skillet then put into the oven? If so, then how would you adjust the Omaha Steak cooking times that were shown?

  29. My oven was so smoky after 5 minutes. Smoke filled my whole house. Had to turn on the fans and keep the front door open to clear out the smoke.

  30. Apparently I did something wrong because the grease caught fire and I almost burned the kitchen down. Finishing on the stovetop for safety reasons 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

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