How To Cook Bacon In The Microwave

How To Cook Bacon In The Microwave

Mmm-hmm check out this microwave bacon!
The bacon that you see on your screen was cooked in my microwave without using
any paper towels. Hi folks it’s Mike with Kitchen Tips Online, the place where
the smartest people on YouTube come to learn new kitchen tips and tricks to a
help them save time and money in the kitchen. And if you are someone who likes
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well I invite you to subscribe. Microwave Bacon, the two just kind of go together,
the microwave oven, and bacon. Well on this video we’re gonna answer all your
questions about how to cook bacon in the microwave. And the first thing we’re
gonna answer is, should you be cooking bacon in the microwave? And if so, exactly
how. And if you’re one of those folks who use paper towels to cook bacon in the
microwave, well I got news for you, there’s a better way! Also on this video,
I thought I’d give you a peek behind the scenes. Because right over there is my
little buddy Toby. Toby is in his spot any time I’m in the kitchen waiting for a
snack, especially if I’m cooking bacon. That’s a bacon, you want some bacon, you
like bacon, stay there stay in your spot. Toby’s been at my side for the last ten
years, and like any long-term relationship, we have our ups and downs.
In fact, Toby gets mad at me every once in a while, and he definitely lets me
know it. Come on Toby, why are you mad at me? Toby
come on, I know I know you’re mad, I see it in your face boy, let it go . Come on
let it go, it’d be alright. Man you got issues. And I’ll show you
how that episode turns out later in the video. Let’s have a look at how bacon
cooks in a frying pan, this way we can understand what takes place when bacon
is cooking in a microwave. Notice the steam rising from the bacon. That’s
the moisture inside the bacon turning from a liquid to a gas and boiling off.
Also in case you didn’t know this bacon cooked in its own fat has the best
flavor! If you put bacon on paper towels and then cook it in the microwave, it’s
not gonna cook in its own fat, it’s gonna cook in scorched paper towels! Also if
you cover your bacon with paper towels while it’s cooking,
you’re gonna trap the steam in. And that’s going to have a significant
effect on the flavor and the texture of your bacon. So how do you cook bacon in a
microwave so that it is virtually identical to pan-fried bacon? Now
obviously you can’t put bacon in your microwave uncovered, because then you
would have a filthy mess to clean up. The best way to cook bacon in a microwave is
to allow it to cook in the fat, and allow the steam to vent. And the best way to do
that is to use a microwave oven baking cooker. We tested several of these dudes.
And coming up, will show you which one came out on top. First let’s talk about
when you should cook bacon in a microwave. Personally I only use my
microwave to cook bacon if I’m cooking bacon for a burger, making bacon bits,
or if I’m cooking for myself and one other person. If you need to cook a lot
of bacon, or you’re cooking for a large group, you probably should stick to the
frying pan. Another reason to only cook small amounts of bacon in your microwave,
is that cooking bacon in a microwave is hard on it. As the bacon
cooks, the load diminishes. And that causes excessive heat on the magnetron.
And that decreases the life of your microwave. Well if you’re like me, you
only buy bacon when it’s on sale. In this case BOGO. And that means of course that
some of that bacon is gonna wind up in the freezer. When you take it out of the
freezer, just put it under hot water or drop it into a pan of hot water for
about 5 minutes. And not only does it thaw it out, it makes it much easier to
remove the individual slices of bacon. Now let’s have a look at some of the
microwave oven bacon cookers that we checked out. We knew it was important to
cover the bacon so it doesn’t splatter. So the first product you see on your
screen is pretty much worthless. The item that came in second place is the one you
see on your screen. Now it has a nice tight fitting lid that allows the steam
to vent, but the problem is it holds the bacon up out of the fat. And that affects
the flavor of the bacon. Plus we wanted a product that we could use for other
things, like cooking hamburgers in the microwave, or turkey burgers in the
microwave. The problem with this one is that the turkey burger was too thick. The
clear winner was this dude here. It has a nice tight fitting seal, it’s adjustable,
and it’s dishwasher safe. Plus we can use it to reheat or cook anything else in
the microwave because we can use it to cover up any size bowl or plate. Let’s see how it works cooking bacon in
the microwave. For demonstration purposes, I’m going to remove the cover while the
plate is still in the microwave. And that’s because I want you to see that
the bacon is cooked in its own fat, and the microwave is spotless inside. You
should use oven mitts, or a towel to remove the plate from the microwave. As
you can clearly see on your screen, the bacon fat is very hot, and it will
definitely burn you. Now for those folks who want to get one of these dudes, we’ll
put an Amazon affiliate link in the video description. And remember when you
use an Amazon affiliate link, Amazon gives us a little commission, and that
helps us make more videos, thanks guys ☺ The rule of thumb for cooking bacon in a
microwave, is approximately 1 minute per slice. For those who stuck around to see
Toby, he’s up next. I’m gonna show ya why he decided to stop being mad at me. But
before that, I want to invite those of you who are not yet subscribers to think
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thunder. Come on Toby, don’t be mad, it’ll be ok. You want a cookie?
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Oh I see, for cookie you’ll be my buddy! ♥

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  1. I enjoyed all the content of your video. Thanks for the explanations. [Why do I have the sudden urge to jump and spin]? : p

  2. Loved seeing Toby! Show him more! I don’t like my bacon crispy, I think the term is sad. Anyway, it always gets crispy in the microwave.

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  6. Thank you for this very informative and helpful video! The caution on the microwave magnetron was good to know. I've just subscribed to your channel. ⭐️

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    Give Toby some nice steak as a treat.

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  11. I'm an over-the-road truck driver and I love cooking in the truck we just bought a brand new Freightliner Cascadia 2018 it has what they call the driver's Lounge look it up on YouTube it's pretty neat and the wife and I do quite a bit of cooking this the first time I seen your channel and we do a lot of cooking in the microwave but she's always complaining that her bacon is soggy and not very stiff hey wait a minute

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  16. I almost always microwave the bacon, unless I plan to immediately cook something (e.g. scallops) in the bacon grease.

  17. Best way to cook bacon is in the oven:

    400° – 425°in cold oven in glass baking pan 15 – 20 min. Gives you time to shower and make coffee. Bacon is perfect. To avoid splatter cover dish with parchment paper. I started doing this when my son was a baby and didnt have time to stand over the stove and I didnt have a microwave. I also found microwaved bacon to be tough or chewy, not crispy.

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