How to Cook Duck Breast – Gressingham Duck

How to Cook Duck Breast – Gressingham Duck

Hi I’m Vernon Blackmoore and I’ve worked
for Gressingham Duck for the last ten years, and today I’m going to show you how to cook
the perfect duck breast. Right here we have the duck breasts here which I’ve trimmed off
already of any excess fat and the first thing I’m going to do is get the pan going on a
low to medium heat and then quickly score the skin. OK, you dont want to come through
with the knife too far. You’ve got to make sure you’ve got a nice sharp knife. You don’t
want to go through to the flesh if you can help it. Then I’m going to season both sides
with a bit of salt and pepper. Now you’ve got your pan on, you dont need any oil at
all because there’s going to be a lot of fat rendering down. So you place it into the pan
and you want to get a nice golden crispy skin which will take about 3 minutes. Right, when
the skin is nice and golden crispy appearance, quickly sear it. Look at those, absolutely
delicious. About 30 seconds on the flesh side, then I’m going to flip it back over and its
going to go into a pre heated oven 200 degress centigrade. If you haven’t got a metal pan
just transfer it to a baking tray thats already been in there. Right now the duck breasts
have been cooking for 4 to 6 minutes in the oven. I prefer to eat my duck breasts pink,
however if you prefer to cook them longer then thats up to you. On the website at Gressingham
Foods it has specific cooking times for medium, well done, etc. Now you need to keep these
duck breasts resting, for about 4 minutes before serving. This allows the moisture to
draw back into the centre of the duckto make it more tender. Now they’ve been resting for
about 4 or 5 minutes they are ready to serve. They are going to be lovely and tender so
I’m going to pop them on the chopping board there and I’m going to cut them into 4 or
5 slices. You dont want them too thin otherwise its going to lose its heat very quickly. I’m
just going to cut them up there. Now that I’ve cut them up they’re ready to serve so
I’m going to put them on the plate there. Delicious. Perfect duck breast.

77 thoughts on “How to Cook Duck Breast – Gressingham Duck”

  1. Because the dumbest thing you can do with a duck breast is to overseason, and worst of all! use something else than salt&pepper! ONLY!!!! salt&pepper.

  2. @TheDDAnderson really? I would have said the dumbest thing is to overcook them.
    And salt and pepper is nice, but sometimes its good to spice them up, a little chinese 5 spice rubbed into the skin can be great sometimes.
    Why do you want to impose such strict rules… cooking is all about experimenting with flavours.

  3. As said by Pauls69. Watch this video and then watch Gordon Ramseys on cooking duck breast. Even the words are the same, who's video came first?

  4. @captphil4
    Well there are only so many ways to properly cook duck in that fashion. Obviously videos will repeat each other.

  5. The oven has to be super hot and the skin will always be crispy. Always turn the oven on and leave it at a high temperature for 20 mins before putting the duck in. ; )

  6. Its the best way to cook duck, what do you want him to say?
    Ramsay didn't invent these techniques either, all chefs are copying 90% of what hey do from the chefs that went before them. Thats how most industries work

  7. this really need 46min of cooking and not 4-6min as this amateur says. I spent 1hr cooking this and still not cooked. wtf?!

  8. impleying Gordon discovered how to cook a good duck breast?
    Gordon's just one of MANY talented chefs all over the world, who are all taught the same.

  9. lol what you talknbout Gordon Ramsay is English they can't cook. They have no idea what distinguished culinary taste is

  10. On your website the pictures say place in the oven skin side up, but the video says skin side down? Also says 6-8 mins in the pan, but 3 minutes on the video… Can we have some consistency please!

  11. I used this video and the duck turned out great! For ONE medium to large duck breast, I cooked it in a medium heat pan (skin down) until the fat was almost all rendered, which was about 6 minutes. Turned it and seared the other side for 30 seconds. Transferred to preheated baking dish, skin down, cooked in the oven for 6 minutes at 200ºC. Rested for 5 minutes, skin up. Served with rice and homemade plum sauce – delicious!

  12. Came down here thinking this was for wild duck breast….guess this should work the same if I leave the skin on. Wild duck is fantastic, it's a real treat for me to get out to harvest a limit of mallards afield and enjoy them on my table. Great video! 

  13. As a chef I really dont see the need to put duck in the oven at all… as you can all see, the duck on this video ends up being clearly overcooked. Still delicious, but if you serve them medium rare they are over the top. Just the pan is the way to go. 🙂

  14. Great video, I bought two Gressingham breast fillets and cooked as explained on the video (and also how it handily says on the pack), it came out perfect and was delicious. In the future I would have perhaps let it stay in the oven for just a little less time than it says on the pack to make it rarer, although it could be that my oven was too hot. Overall really good!

  15. why are ppl saying this guy stole gordon ramsay's video? look at the time stamps. gordon ramsay uploaded his vid a year ago and this vid was uploaded 4 years ago lol

  16. wait,i thought birds got salmonela?its chicken only or wut?
    so u can cook a duck medium rare – well done etc but will there be a salmonela in it?

    im nuubssss

  17. Never put your protein inside a cold pan mate. Wait until its hot enough to start cooking process.

  18. It was absolute shit. I did exactly the same, even in the oven for 10 mins not 4
    Blood was coming out of the meat. Is this shit called medium rare? (Used same duck of the brand)

  19. I plan on going duck hunting this year (something I haven't done since I was 13) Thank you for this helpful video.

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