How to Cook Dumplings: Boil, Steam, or Pan-Fry | Cooking Tutorial by Mary’s Test Kitchen

How to Cook Dumplings: Boil, Steam, or Pan-Fry | Cooking Tutorial by Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hi guys, This video is all about how to boil, steam
or fry dumplings. You can click on the annotations or check the descriptions for the time stamps
for each method. Alright, we are starting with boiling. Bring
up a pot of water or broth to a rolling boil over high heat. Then drop in your dumplings. How many? There
are no rules, just try not to crowd them. Now wait for the water to come to a rolling
boil again. This should take almost no time if you are cooking fresh dumplings. It will
obviously take longer if cooking from frozen. Once we get to a rapid boil again, add one
cup of cold water or broth. Then we wait for the water to boil again.
And that’s it. The dumplings are floating at the top and ready to remove and serve. I’m having these with a little savory soybean
broth and scallions. Delicious. Next, let’s try them steamed. Prepare your
steamer by oiling the bottom of the basket or lining with parchment paper. Place the
dumplings in with a bit of room so that as they expand they won’t stick together. Sticking
together is for family, friends and communities…not for dumplings. Place them over a base of boiling water and
steam over high heat for about 10 minutes for fresh dumplings and between 15 and 20
minutes for frozen ones. Easy peasy. And now for pan-fried dumplings aka potstickers
which are my favourite. Heat a little oil in a large pan. Once the
oil is hot, add your dumplings, one at a time, making sure each one gets some oil on the
bottom. Cook over medium high or high heat until the
bottoms are nicely golden. Then add some water. For fresh dumplings,
you only need a few tablespoons of water. For frozen, add enough water to come up about
halfway on the dumplings. Cover with a vented lid, or if you don’t have
one like me, just use another pan turned over. We’re cooking until most of the water evaporates.
You can lift the lid every so often to check, but you can also use your ears. It will start to crackle very loudly as it
gets down to the last bits of water and the oil and water are having it out. Uncover and let the rest of the water evaporate. You can take these off the stove right away,
or turn them over to get a little crispness on all sides. This is my favourite way to prepare dumplings
especially with homemade wrappers. The wrapper is chewy and soft at the top while the bottoms
are so nice and crispy. And the inside stays juicy and plump. Serve them with soy sauce, sweet vinegar,
hot sauce, hot chili oil, the possibilities are endless. What kinds of vegan dumplings are your favourite?
Boiled, steamed, pan-fried, or perhaps deep-fried. Let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching this video.
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dumpling recipe if you haven’t already. Bye for now!

88 thoughts on “How to Cook Dumplings: Boil, Steam, or Pan-Fry | Cooking Tutorial by Mary’s Test Kitchen”

  1. the boiling tip of adding a cup of cold water then bringing back to the boil is a game changer. I can see how this will help to prevent the dumplings falling apart and making sure they are cooked through.  When boiling can you use broth or miso soup?  or should you cook the dumpling and then add to the soup?

  2. I prefer steamed ones. They don't lose any of their flavor and they're less dense than fried or boiled ones.

  3. I love seeing all these recipes that I grew up eating as a kid but veganized! 🙂 Also, my mom taught me to cook the potstickers in the exact same way when I was in elementary school 😀

  4. So delicious! I would have to say my favorite asian dumplings would be kimchi mandu because kimchi makes everything better, but I will any dumpling as long as it is vegan.

  5. I have only tried pot stickers so far, but I am sure boiled or steamed are great too.
    We actually have a type of dumplings here in Southwestern Germany as well, we use pasta dough to make them and they are filled with many different things, usually a blended mixture of veggies and meat, but also available with just veggies (though i never liked that version, the filling has a weird taste and I haven't eaten those things since I became a vegetarian).
    I have to make dumplings again soon though, they are so yummy with a veggie filling ^^

  6. i was about to ask you whats your favorite way of cooking them but you seemed to say that already in your video ! ^_^ loved the video, especially since i dont have a steamer anymore so the pan frying version of the dumplings sounds wonderful! I am about to order this month, some vegan king prawns! You think I should try them as a filling for my dumplings or it would be a waste in a filling and i should eat them as a whole? – also forgot to ask one more thing. how do you know when the dumplings are ready? since they are white before you put them in the frying pan and even whiter(kind of transparent) afterwards as well? 

  7. These were so scrummy Mary! I swapped the wood ear with finely chopped rehydrated kelp/kombu, as I have a glut of kelp atm, which worked out really well. Looking forward to experiment with the fillings/cooking methods. Cheers!

  8. Okay Mary, so I tried the wrappers and they were so easy and simple and when I steam them they are the perfect amount of chewy. My husband and I are completely obsessed! I am planning a day to make a huge batch to freeze although I doubt they will last very long at all!

  9. I'm in the Edmonton area and if I ever move that way I want to hire you to teach me how to cook. I love these they look delish, thank you again 😊

  10. At the beginning of boiling, should the water be boiling when we put them in at first or just at high heat?

  11. The boiling version and the ones with the 'folded arms' kinda reminds me of ravioli 🙂 been trying to find a vegan ravioli recipe as well as a dumpling one so i'll maybe try this with a sauce for a pasta dish! do you think gf flour would work?

  12. I'm a dumpling maniac. I've made my own before but either didn't get my dumplings thin enough(chewy mess) or I followed a recipe using ginger(I hate ginger) and just couldn't eat them. I'll definitely be trying again, third time's the charm.

  13. I have never eaten dumplings beacouse in my country they don't make the,but i am gonna show my mom a recipe for dumplings.

  14. Love it!! Look forward to connecting more with you 🍴😋
    Excellent vid tutorial, hope you enjoy ours too! 🍴
    Hope all's well! Nice channel 😋🍴
    Look forward to connecting more.. always love a good recipe.
    Looks absolutely yummy!
    Think we'll try to create this in our kitchen!
    amazing recipe! Would love to connect more!
    oh my word.. this looks dangerous ;-)!

  15. Hey Mary, I'm trying to make a vegan versions of all the dim sum that I ate as a kid, since I haven't eaten meat in about 8 years, and I miss dim sum so much! At the moment I'm trying to make sui mai, but I can't quite figure out how to get the texture right. Would you consider doing a video on this or do you have any suggestions? Much appreciated. Love your videos, keep up the great work!

  16. Thank you so much for your amazing recipes. Before i found your channel i was really concerned about how i was going to make tasty vegan food to try to persuade my family that it's not all "rabbit food" (as they keep telling me). You've really inspired me and now i have some great meals up my sleeve to impress them. Thank you again! 🙂

  17. I tried to make pot stickers where you fry them for about 3 minutes then steams them with water for about 8 minutes. The dumplings still looks see through (I used wonton wrappers from the grocery store) and my ground pork filling didn't cook completely. It still looked pink… I only used a teaspoon of filling in the dumplings??? Am I supposed to cook the filling before hand?

  18. Everytime when I fried or streamed them?? It turned to be to the world most ugliest dumplings on earth that I don’t even want to eat!! It pissed me off so bad. I’m hoping that my dumplings turn out to be pretty this time after watching your video 🙂

  19. Thanks for making this video! I followed an online recipe and unfortunately, it didn't go over these steps very well. I'm making dumplings a 2nd time and will try half of them steamed and half pan-fried! Also thanks for adding the time-steps, that was very helpful.

  20. i made dumplings today from scratch, they were DELICIOUS (vegan too). i bought the dough wrappers from my local asian supermarket for about $2 and it comes with over 50! great way to save money rather than buying them premade and they taste so fresh. there is also something so satisfying about making your own food! i pan fried them but i wish i had a steamer! i will boil them next time

  21. Thank you so much for teaching me how to make dumplings 🥟. I tried it and it turned out so good!

  22. hi i love chinese food and have been cooking it for a while im also english and love my burgers im getting married next year an chose to eat steamed dim sum to loose weight ive bin reading and the internet says this is just as unhealthy please right back x

  23. This is such a well made video!! Thank you so much for sharing, improved the crispy and juiciness of my fried dumplings significantly!

  24. Here’s my question though. I tried pan frying last night and (despite predicting that it would happen) I almost caused an explosion as I added the water to hot oil. How are you supposed to make it so that doesn’t happen? This might be a stupid question lol

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