How to Cook Ginisang Upo with Sardinas

How to Cook Ginisang Upo with Sardinas

Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy! How are you? I’m Vanjo Merano Today, we’ll be cooking a simple dish this is very easy and this is called “Ginisang Upo na may Sardinas” (Sauted Bottle Gourd with Sardines) these are the ingredients for this recipe we’ll be cooking Sauted Bottled Gourd and of course we’ll need “upo” or bottle gourd sliced then soaked in water to avoid oxidation or turn to color brown 2 small cans of spicy tomato sardines tomatoes onion and garlic aside from these ingredients, we’ll also need cooking oil, fish sauce, ground black pepper, and a bit of water if you’re ready, let’s start. First, preheat pan add cooking oil let the cooking oil heat up once the cooking oil heat up, saute onion and garlic let’s saute first onion cook onion until the layers separate you can also use red onion aside from this yellow one I’m using right now continue to stir fry. You’ll notice it starts to soften and the layers start to separate so we can add now the garlic here’s our garlic, crushed then chopped it’s alright even if it’s not very finely chopped stir fry for about 30 seconds then add tomatoes here goes our tomatoes. These are 2 medium size tomatoes it’s better if you use a really ripe ones this is very simple. Just continue to stir fry until tomatoes and onions are soft then we’ll add the other ingredients now let’s add the bottle gourd water has been removed from the bowl continue to stir fry usually I saute the bottle gourd around 2 to 3 minutes then I will add the sardines it’s very simple and very easy, right? so if you’re a newbie, I would recommend this dish for you at this point, we can now add the sardines like what I said earlier, I’m using spicy sardines then mix if you want your sardines to stay intact, mix with care to avoid crushing the sardines it’s more likely to stay intact until we finish cooking but if you like to spread the sardines meat, we can mix it very well so that’s all, it’s that simple. We just need to add a bit of water I’m adding a bit of water so we can have sauce then let it simmer mix the sides usually I mix this from outside going inward to blend water with the other ingredients then let it simmer again once boiling, I still cook this for 3 more minutes then add the seasonings these are fish sauce and ground black pepper at this point, we can add the seasoning mix a bit more we’ll now add the fish sauce alternative is salt here goes out ground black pepper mix again cook for 1 more minute then transfer to a serving bowl and serve you see? It’s very simple here’s our Sauted Bottle Gourd with Sardines let’s taste this this is a favourite dish for simple people like me sauted bottle gourd with sardines we can pair this with rice as everyday dish (breakfast, lunch or dinner) Mmm~ very affordable and delicious that’s what I like in bottle gourd this vegetable has a mild taste that fits perfectly with sardines we all know the sardines. Very simple. And very delicious this is really good with rice Mmm~ hope you try this very simple recipe please don’t forget to like this video if you enjoyed watching please don’t forget to subscribe to our Panlasang Pinoy Youtube channel See you guys on our next video, till then!

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  1. I love your show and food but I speak English and it's hard for me to understand yiur videos.
    Can you add subtitles to your videos? Thank you. And you're also good looking. 😊

  2. May iba po bang vegetable na puede sa recipe na ito, besides Upo at ampalaya? Yellow squash or zucchini maybe, zayote din po.

  3. Morning kua vanjo samin hahaha, cool na cool ka ngaun gwapo sa suot mong white, wow sarap simple lng cia but looks delicious I will try it again to cook for our family thanks again kua vanjo..

  4. Grabe sir payat niyo na, dati always kayo naka sweatshirt ngayon naka tuck in na kayo.:) keto diet lang ba ginawa nyo sir? Peace!!

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