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  1. Just remember that anyone who eats cups a day (as they should!) of dark green leafy vegetables should probably stick to low-oxalate greens (i.e. basically any greens other than spinach, swiss chard, and beet greens) to avoid the risk of kidney stones. I’ve got videos coming up on that as well as what happens when you pressure cook greens (I’m looking at you Instant Pot). Stay tuned!

  2. Somebody put "Kale Breaks All the Rules" and " Cruciferocious" on t-shirts. 👍

  3. Uselesss video digging details for nothing .message could simple eat some vegetables that you like any way you like each day

  4. So stir frying kale does not take away most of its antioxidants? I saw that folate was preserved but don’t now if the rest is also

  5. You need to get the temperature right to optimize sulphorophane content in broccoli:


  6. Thank you very much Dr. Greger! Thanks to Neil Barnard and you, I became a vegan. I had endometriosis, psoriasis, pancreatitis, frequent head bolts after a severe car accident, frequent colds. After 2-3 months on vegan nutrition, I forgot to put off the sores. Thank you for including Russian subtitles. I do not speak English. To all known vegans of Russia, I gave references that you have Russian subtitles. Because in Russia, a few vegans collect money and pay translators to translate your videos. In Russia, so life is poor

  7. My son is 16 years old. And he was observed for 9 years at the endocrinologist, he drank hormones for the thyroid gland for 9 years. My son after a video of Neil Barnard and Michael Gregor became a vegan. And after 6 months, the endocrinologist told him that he may no longer come to the endocrinologist. Thank you so much for the health of my son!

  8. Ah, finally a somewhat useful video! You’ve been slipping lately. Raw is definitely better whenever appropriate.

  9. While interesting, I don't even care what is lost via any cooking process.

    I don't want to be all OCD about maximizing everything with my food. I eat 90%+ whole plant foods and get 70grams and up of fiber per day. Even if all my foods were cooked and even if I cut every nutrient available in half my diet is still better than the vast majority of people. Well, that and according to cronometer my micros are in the hundreds of percetage point over the RDA to tens of thousands of percentage points over the US RDA.

    Perhaps if you don't eat many plant foods you should try to at least maximize your nutrient retaining prep method, but if you are a high plant based eater or exclusively a plant eater, don't even waste your time. Eat your plants how you want. Do I really care if the medium sized bag of spinach that was in my smoothie only has the nutrient profile of 4 ounces of spinach as compared to 6 ounces of spinach? Maybe if that is all I got, but then you have all the other things that were in the smoothie in addition to the spinach. That one meal likely has many more micronutrients than some people get in two days or more from all their meals.

    I know Greger and others don't think that orthorexia is a real thing, but many people do get all OCD about their intake and getting overly concerned about the micronutrients that you are taking in happens to a lot of people and I was headed down that road. I finally just stepped back and looked at my diet from a neutral perspective (my typical day of food along with what the nutrient profile looks like on cronometer and nutritiondata) and realized that I have nothing to even concern myself with, even if I boiled everything and poured off the water and lost nutrients with it.

  10. Do we know if most/all of the studies threw away or included the cooking water for the boiling method? I think the good Doctor mentioned in a previous video that when you consume the cooking water, it has almost all of the lost nutrients.

  11. I was allergic to dust, and then cough on nerves. Cough was more than a year. No one could cure. I became a vegan and cough and allergies did not go away after one month. This is a miracle. I have a great sleep, calm nerves, I feel younger

  12. I've been steaming greens in my "waterless" cookware for years. It's not completely waterless; I put 1/8 of an inch of water in the bottom, but I'm not submerging them in boiling water. I also drink greens blended with fruit in smoothies.

  13. 100mg/g DW raw or cooked will look significantly different (by volume). Therefore what somewhat plates, or even what someone weighs will not be based on dry matter. It may be significantly easier to consume a greater quantity of a cooked vegetable than an equal quantity of uncooked, therefore the difference in vitamin C may be offset by simply consuming (because we often select for volume) more cooked relative to raw. Same goes for other DW or DM weights.

  14. I didn’t really get the answer to the question. Is it to not cook greens? Or just eat kale? Or steam if you have to cook? Anyone know ?

  15. One tip: instead of throwing away the water you use to boil vegetables, just use that same water to make soup or freeze it for later.

  16. So if you slow cook in a soup the vitamins and minerals that come off in the water will still be eaten in the soup broth?

  17. The body can not use all the nutrients from plants very easy….one reason is anti nutrients! Some meat in between though makes it a bit more healthy!! lol! Look at those grass eaters getting so thin and weak!! Many look like skeletons. Also do not forget all the insecticides used on all the veggies!!

  18. Astaxanthin has some amazing research on antioxidant capacity!! from heamatococcus pluvalis! We need a video on that!🤓

  19. thanks again to gregor. I am 45 years old. I live alone with my son, we are vegans, do not eat white flour and white flour paste, and have excluded all vegetable oils in bottles. I will look for a beloved man and only vegan. Because the rest of life I want to live with pleasure, and not to hurt in old age.
    Looking for a vegan society in New York. I’m living in NYC.

  20. so, what's with all the fuss about 'you must cook your vegetables' or else you'll die or get very sick then? i've seen videos of these warning for a while now. spinach is an example. i have never cooked mine, and i eat them raw, always. same for broccoli. i eat them raw with no salt. same for cauliflower which tastes similar to broccoli. i eat all my vegetables raw.

  21. If we get more antioxidants from kale by disrupting cell walls, then would raw kale in a smoothie be even better than cooking?

  22. Nutrients are bleached into the water when boiled.
    Make soup with veggies and you will consume most of its nutrients.
    Think of Tea.

  23. Great How to video !
    youre definitely giving me some ideas about what i should do next on my channel!!!

  24. Alright – keep a bag of shredded frozen kale in the freezer for cooking with, and some fresh and ready to be sliced up for a red cabbage and kale salad with cashew dressing. I try to eat that salad every day and when I'm eating out or travelling I honestly miss it.

  25. I fear that you may not know the full impact your work has on the world Dr. Greger. Thank you for all your hard work. I enjoy your books aswell.

  26. Eat red cabbage raw, boil kale, steam brocolli leaves and never boil/freeze greens[except kale].. watercress is best raw. Typically we all had to sit through BS ..UNTIL NOW..

  27. I run a group for those with macular degeneration. I'm looking for a list of each of these leafy greens with an indication of what nutrients are in them such as antioxidants, lutein &zeaxanthin, vitamin A, C, E, etc. Do you know where I can find one?

  28. How is it possible that Collard in this study has such a huge amount of Vitamin C ? All nutritional databases indicate max 40 mg Vitamin C for 100g of Collard.

  29. I cook kale and collard greens in a pan with peanut butter. That way the greens (and fat soluble nutrients) get drenched in oil and I don’t have to use cooking oil. Plus it adds good taste.

  30. Thanks for sharing this information, but I don't eat cucifious vegetables, only raw spinach in my smoothies or raw in my salads. But love your work Dr you're awesome….❤🤗❤🤗❤

  31. My Chinese mother in law always keeps all of the broccoli 🥦 leaves in her broccoli garlic dish, so I started doing the same. 😋

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