How to cook Korean ramen perfectly // 신라면 맛있게 끓이는 방법

How to cook Korean ramen perfectly // 신라면 맛있게 끓이는 방법

today I’m going to teach you how to make Korean noodle ramen perfectly. Stay tuned! Have you ever tried korean noodles which is called ramen, as you can see in your supermarket. I think this one is the most famous one in the world. This is called Shin ramen. It’s a little bit spicy yeah lots of Koreans, they- they enjoy this Shin ramen. Or…I’ll show you my favorite one. Which is called Chamke. Chamke ramen. This isn’t spicy as this one, but this one has more sesame flavor and it’s a bit more sweet so I really like the texture of the soup of this ramen. Okay there are three main reasons of Koreans, why they love ramen. First of all, it’s really economic if you want a lunch or dinner. in Korea at least you have to spend around five bucks in Australian dollars for the lunch in Australia you should spend at least like eight bucks or ten bucks but those ramen, it only costs one, or two couple of dollars, so it’s really economic way to make your stomach full. Second, a lot of asians they love soup like in the morning time or, umm… we just love soups, to have something with rice you know, so that’s the main reason that we like ramen cause it’s kinda.. soup thing and number three we like it because it’s unhealthy a lot of people try ramen as a hangover food you know, if you got too much drunk last night, and if you can’t wake up if you have to try to cook something but it’s really hard to even control your body right was really anything just put the water on and put the soup, and the noodles and blahblahblah, just cook it then you can have a bit of energy out of it ok but today i’m going to show you how to make a ramen in perfect…(mumbles in Korean) perfect cooking direction of Korean noodle ramen yep so all those are the crucial ingredients first of all you need to prepare some spring onions and eggs and of a half tablespoon of sugar of course get the shin ramen from any market and then this pot is what Korea loves to cook with ramen I don’t know what their called in English like a, yeah whatever just have a look at it and if you could get it from asian grocery, it will be lovely okay, first of all the most important thing when you cross the ramen, is the amount of water, we have to measure it perfectly and that’s the number one secret sauce of how to make perfect ramen I’m going to show you how to measure exact amount of water easily you need to use this bag to measure it, put the water around this much and then I’m going to pour it into the pot, there you go see, this is perfect amount of water that you need to cook ramen, okay next I’m going to put the soup, the powder there you go And then, I’m going to put the vegetable flake the reason why i put the flake and the powder after i made the water, is because if the water is mixed with something else, the boiling point of water goes down the water boils at a hundred-degrees right? But if you mix something with the water then the boiling points goes down around 80 degree or 90 degree which means it will quickly boil and give more tough flavoured, uhm…taste ok now we’re going to burn it I mean, we’re going to boil it and when you boil the water you have to set a fire into a maximum, the maximum fire you can get, you see the bubbles around the pot wait a little longer all right there you go yeah just started boiling now right? if there’s a lot of bubbles on the surface of the soup then we’re going to put the ramen alright I’m gonna put in now there you go if you want to make the ramen tasty more crispy, then you have to do like this so grab some ramen, and let it breathe in the air, like this it will give you more crunchy taste, just want to let you know that this one is proved scientifically you can trust me okay, and now what you need to do is prepare the egg, there’s an egg right? So, put it in the little bowl, crack it and then you mix the yolks with yellow alright when it’s almost done, put the sugar a half tablespoon, put it in and stir it and then you put spring onion on top of it yeah stir it, simple right? okay next, pour the egg but you shouldn’t stir it gently pour it, and just let it go put the lid on top of it done! just wait for like another half minute let’s open it up BAHHHH!! ok finished! Ta-da! Alright it’s done, let’s open it up the reason why I ask you to buy this part it’s because you can use the lid as a plate, you don’t need an extra bowl but alright so.. This is perfect ramen I’m going to try and explain to you what it tastes like alright guys thanks for watching my show if you don’t want to miss my last episode please subscribe down below there your comment is really important to me please leave a comment down below here if you’ve got any questions or if you want to share ideas all right then I’ll see you, next time!

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  1. He is soooo cute 😭 but if he date me it would be pedophilia 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 anyone else

  2. I considered eating Ramen today but eventually I ended up on your video, without having dinner. xD But thanks for the advices 😀

  3. 3:55 Actually if you put into water something like salt sugar anything that can dissolve it just increase boiling point the reason why they put first is normally water boils 100degree celsius but when you put seasoning it starts to boiling in the hotter than 100 degree the actual reason why you should put seasoning first is non water molecules or ions holding the water stable and providing the energy from a stone more im sorry but i cant hold myself i just studied chemistry 😅

  4. I am korean and indian and eat ramen alot i like shin ramen and neougorj ramen btw i speak perfect english im top of my class in english so dont thing im that bad in english

  5. I watched this video a year ago and still don’t cook my ramen like this 😂😂but I’m definitely going to try this method one day

  6. Finally found this ramen brand in our local supermarket. 😁 Can't wait to try it!
    p.s. Thank you for the "water in the bag measurement" tip. 🇿🇦

  7. The boiling point goes up not down. This happens because of the sodium. Sodium increases the conductivity of the water causing it to reach the boiling point faster. This is why it seems that the water is boiling at a lower temperature. It’s still a great tip. Cooking the noodles at a higher temp increases quality.

  8. I loved that cute smile when you said, "when you boil water with the flakes and powder, it will give you a more flavoured taste"

  9. 5:46 'mix the yolk with yellow' 😁😁😁…what kinda egg has all yellow with no whites? 😂. Anyway, thanks for showing how to cook ramen.

  10. “Little spicy”

    Are you joking
    I tried it and it is hella spicy 🥵
    Is it be cause I got the 2x spicy

    No wonder why this guy added sugar 😂

    Btw this guy is hella funny

  11. I see coreans always eat those bags of ramen but I’m wondering are they like the brands we have here in America , like Maruchan or are they more nutritious?

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