100 thoughts on “How To Cook Meals Kids Will Love”

  1. I have probably watched about 20 times. And also, that cake cinnamon bun, I NEED that. Great job on he vid!

  2. "It can take a lot of time and effort and they'll turn their nose at it and say it's not what they wanted"



  3. I will solve every single parents problem when it comes to food when serving foods to kids, if they don't eat what you serve them, they starve, simple… work for thousands of years will work today

  4. When she said if your child eats any veggie that crosses there path then you my friend are a lucky parent
    I don’t care about veggies depending on the veggie so i guess my parents are some what lucky!

  5. Im sorry, but what happened to her sister ? Why is she the caretaker opposed to their mother ? Im not trying to be insensitive, I'm just asking.

  6. These aren't meals, they are "how can I give my kid diabeties by the time he's 18". You are also saying that you should only feed your kid veggies at dinner time. It's no wonder people of the U.S. are so unhealthy.

  7. I’m not gonna get a dog
    I’m not sick
    I’m not gonna beg for anything,

    But could I maybe have a subscriber or even like a view on one of my vids? It would mean a lot


  9. I 100% understand my niece was born when I was 13 I had to grow up so so fast my dad and my step mum as well as me where her main care givers st the time and her little face brings me so much joy everyday

  10. Why does this not even seem like the other videos like it seems heroic? XD MOST OF THEM are funny

    This is how may people think that it’s different

    CD then I don’t get likes, and DONT ATTACK ME FOR SAYING THIS…

  11. People need to understand that little kids don't know how to appreciate a fancy meal or something that people put effort into. Why order something or cook something for your kid that they won't like no matter how nice it is.

  12. Mom:*throws ingredients and a pan at me*
    6yro me:*stares at mom*
    Mom:take it or leave it
    6yro me:Σ(っ゚Д゚;)っ
    6yro me:*burns the kitchen*
    Mom:(╯°□°)╯︵( .o.)

  13. Wait a minute who the hell hate vegatable like it quite tasty it good like it not bad right if u think it yuck then rip you i still dont get it vegatable is so much tasty theb ice cream

  14. I was the kid that eat the fried rice I am so sorry if I offended you I am so embarrassed I’m not watching your channel and you just talking about me I am so sorry if I offended you in anyway I am so really sorry and fire rice is freaking amazing and I love steak with fried rice it was the first time I saw anybody cooking something in for me and I was very excited and I was being weird Sention to the fried rice and the guy cooking for me and the steak so I’m sorry if I offended you I’m

  15. I wanna live in that house it sounds nice I would stay nice just give me no fortnite or alot of curse words will be said

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