How to Cook Mechadong Baka (Beef Mechado)

How to Cook Mechadong Baka (Beef Mechado)

Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy! I’m Vanjo Merano How are you? It’s still early here but I’m going to start cooking there are still a lot to do because we’re going back to Philippines soon We are so excited to come back We have a small renovated house there in the Philippines that house is still empty so we’ll be sending many balik bayan boxes with kitchen utensils, etc. and the preparation of the balik bayan boxes is today we should send the box 1 month prior to our flight so both the boxes and us will arrive Philippines at the same time and because of that, I’ll be cooking our lunch early today’s dish is Mechadong Baka here are the ingredients for this recipe beef, cut into cubes. This part is called beef chuck or “paypay” potato, cut into cubes red bell pepper tomato sauce dried bay leaves tomato onion garlic soysauce and lemon we’ll just use half of the lemon if you’re using calamansi, 3 pieces would be enough aside from these ingredients, we’ll be using beef broth, ground black pepper, salt and cooking oil Let’s start. First thing to do is marinate the beef in soysauce and lemon add in the soysauce squeeze out the lemon juice let’s remove the lemon seeds mix well make sure all the ingredients are well blended marinate this first so the beef could absorb the flavor from the soysauce and lemon marinate for at least 1 hour after 1 hour, we can start cooking let’s start guys. First, preheat pressure cooker I’ll be using pressure cooker so it’s faster. I think 20-30minutes will do this is a preheat pressure cooker. Add cooking oil heat up the cooking oil then we’ll start to saute now that it’s hot, we can now saute the onion, garlic and tomato this is the red onion saute the onion then add garlic right away here goes the garlic (crushed then minced) Mmm~ so fragrant! This is just the onion and garlic, you know? then add in tomato I suggest, you choose the really ripe ones so we can have a better output continue to saute until tomato and onion are cooked after that, we’ll add the marinated beef Ok, now that the tomato and onion are soft, it’s time to add in the beef with the marinade let’s put these all at once since it’s marinated for 1 hour, the beef already absorbed the flavor of soysauce and lemon stir fry until it’s brown after that, we’ll add the liquid ingredients this how it should look like. The beef is now brown then we’ll add the tomato sauce you can use canned diced tomato or tomato puree as an alternative then add the beef broth let it simmer once it simmers, we’ll add the dried bay leaves or “pinatuyong dahon ng laurel” there, it’s now simmering let’s add the dried bay leaves or “pinatuyong dahon ng laurel” this gives the aroma for our dish after that, let’s cover the pressure cooker and let’s pressure cook usually we pressure cook this for 20-30 minutes to make sure that the beef is really tender but in my pressure cooker, it will only take 20 minutes at this point, our Mechadong Baka is now ready and tender remove the pressure cooker cover set aside the cover see? It’s very tender now let’s add the potato be careful in placing the potato, the sauce is very hot there, the sauce is very hot mix it then continue cooking for 5-8 minutes without cover under medium heat after this, we’ll add our last vegetable ingredient, the bell pepper it’s now ready, we can now add the red bell pepper or capsicum here it goes. I’ll directly place it here you can also use green bell pepper or both mix continue cooking for 3 minutes more we just need to quickly cook the red bell pepper then let’s add the seasonings the seasonings are salt and ground black pepper here goes the salt or “asin” and then, here goes the ground black pepper mix make sure the “asin” or salt and “paminta” or ground black pepper have blended in after that, we’ll transfer this to a serving plate and serve. Then let’s taste! here’s our Mechadong Baka it’s tasting time I’ll take a small portion I’ll take more sauce. The more sauce the better. There you go let’s taste this let’s taste the sauce first Mmm~ The sauce is so flavorful, it’s really good to match this with rice let’s taste the beef Oh goodness! It’s so tender! we pressure cook this for only 20 minutes but it’s super tender and the beef tastes so good because of the marinade I hope you give this recipe a try. I’m sure you’ll love this! thank you for watching this video and for your unwaivering support Please click like if you you liked this video Please subscribe to our Panlasang Pinoy youtube channel if you haven’t subscribe yet See you guys on the next video, till then!

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