How to Cook Nandos Chicken at Home! (Healthy Recipe)

How to Cook Nandos Chicken at Home! (Healthy Recipe)

Here’s the final meal, a
half chicken with sweet potato fries / wedges Today we’re making homemade nandos
but what I’m gonna do is get some nandos sauce but I don’t know which one I want
medium or hot. Alright people when it comes to the sauces there’s two you can
choose from there’s this a normal Nando’s sauce and there’s
the marinade, in essence they are basically the same thing the only difference is
that this one can be used as the dipping sauce as well as just for the
chicken, this one is more like when you’d marinate meats but so I’m
going to go for that one because I can use it for other uses other than just for
the meats finally the sweet potatoes. Okay first things first I’m going to be
making what I would normally get Nando’s which is a quarter chicken and sweet
potato wedges so I’m going to make a homemade version of it, so more cost-effective.
While I’m prepping the food I’ve got the oven preheated. this is already
skinned off but there is bits of fat which I will chop off as well if you go
to your normal Tesco normally the skins on, I’ll
advise taking this fat off even though at Nando’s they do keep skin skin on, but as
I said it’s gonna be more cost effective and more healthier option so I’m going
to cut off some of the fat and also the chicken guts as well, a lot of people forget, you don’t want the guts in your foods it won’t taste as good. so I’ll chop off
the fat and the guts and get back to you this is more or less personal
preference but I always wash my meat and what for me I was wash them and the
chicken before peeled because it’s kind of the coaching a lot black people do
this stuff so feel free to skip this if you don’t but I will be washing
the meat, it doesn’t have to be for long just wash it just too
wash off any blood and obviously don’t splash
everywhere because you don’t want to infecting everywhere and be sure
to wash your hands after you do this step as well because you know you don’t
want cross-contamination so yeah make sure to wash hands after you do this as well as
let the chicken drain off, you don’t want it really watery okay I’m also going
to wash the potatoes because I’m eating the skin so be sure to do this the first
thing I want to do across the edges just to go to Hate the edges, then for the actual
tails in the cells and half them and half them again, the main thing you’ve got do
here really is when you cut them try and make sure they’re at least the same sort
of thickness because that allows them to kind of cook evenly and what we’re going
to do now the main seasoning I’m going to do for these two potatoes he really just
mixed herbs and cayenne pepper sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle
dab of mixed herbs and don’t worry if you miss some of them because what we’re
going to do is more or less got hands in bold and let’s go more let’s mash it all
together and while our that’s basically how it is so far okay so I also actually
gonna do I’m gonna add a little bit of garlic purely because my add a little
bit flavor so the only a little sprinkle with the sweet potatoes normally I do
need that kind of heat pre high kinda like um kind of crisp up a bit and so
you can see I leave it more or less around kind of 250 over 200 in orbit
takes around 25 to 30 minutes to cook on the heat I’ve just told you about so
that’s what we doing right now so while that’s cooking I will prep the meats
here when it comes cooking the meats now what I’m gonna using is the Nando’s hot
sauce I got all-purpose seasoning the mixed herbs or not forgetting the
cayenne pepper and these are the only things were going to use it for the
chicken okay for the order really I don’t think
is a massive preference for what I always do is I always put on the
seasonings first and the sauce is last that my logic is more or less I kind of
think that the seasonings kind of stick to the meat underneath the sole
and the sauce kind of seals in their magical flavor or sound like Jamie
Oliver it’s alright now all we’re gonna do is now use a hands sometimes I do
sometimes it’s good to like make love to the fucking food
no weirdo intended and basically just by mixed up today they all want to do is
make sure the season gets on most of the chicken evenly their before start
applying the sauces this is gonna be a professional video blog this is where I
like to not be too generous because most of the seasons doesn’t the most the work
this is just trying to give it that Nando’s kind of taste
usually I’d normally pawn chicken already I’ll just use but as you do in
that little video adding some of the sauce and then meat on the pan there you go excuse a big piece of
chicken especially these two so I’m calling dibs so yeah that is how easy it
is to make the meat also this will be an oven for once I put the meat in I
usually turn it down to between 200 and 150 a random sort of heat purely because
you don’t want you want the chicken to cook from the inside as well you don’t
want the outsiders to turn out like wrapped quite Brown to the inside still
be light pink so at least turning down the heat a bit allows the inside the
chicken to cook through properly okay what I’m going to do now is turn over
the stuff um first one easy to see potatoes all you gotta do fit these
wants really and just so you can see me looks like there’s kind of color they
tend to be kind of like a light kind of yellowy orange special they cook slowly
through obviously the potatoes it’s not like a massive worries the meat we need
to make sure you’re on point with the meat now oh okay here’s them so far
these normally take around because they’re larger pieces of chicken they
probably take more like 145 15 minutes on the heat up and cooking it oh my god
is flippy I normally do put them twice usually so basically is my first time
flipping it right now and a good way to kind of keep checking if it’s cooked is
either to cut slicing some of the meat and make sure it the juice is running
clear there’s not blood coming out and then also the final check on normally do
is to slice piece than me and just make sure that this meets more or less white
and it’s not pink on the inside and then you’re all is good to go and
don’t forget to wash anything that you used to come the food’s basically cook
now what I’m going to do is I’ll just dollop on a little bit of the
Nando’s sauce again on top just to give you that glaze and I put it
in the oven basically flap another body five minutes just so it the heat can
make separate over the whole chicken and then we’re basically good to go
there’s a chicken as the fries cooked earlier like before am I covered a lot
so we’ve got supercells fries chips and the Nando’s all right and that’s
basically meal you see half chicken really super tail fries last which is
where we’re gonna call them and this whole meal technically the whole thing
off like seven packs or putting the sauces cost around nine pound and about
two days where for meals half chicken and chips and Nando’s normally cost me
around twelve pounds ten if I’m correct think I go there too much anyway there
you go thanks for watching video flexi more
recipes please let me know like comment
subscribe and comment below you throw is good see you the next one

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  2. Lovin the videos TJ 😀 … quick tip; use fresh lemon juice or vinegar when you wash your chicken as it will kill the germs/bacteria

  3. Hi dude, just had heads up "Washing raw chicken before cooking it can increase your risk of food poisoning from campylobacter" you should be fine if you've been doing it a long time but thought i'd let you know! Awesome video though im going to tackle some of this tomorrow!

  4. Your the first person ive seen on youtube washing the chicken and taking the "guts" or nasty bitts out first before cooking.Thats how ive learned it allso😉 Great job looks good

  5. I'm glad u washed the chicken because some of my friends there r white people they don't wash chicken and meat but I always wash many times by the way thanks for the recipe.

  6. You should have pasted some oil in the grill pan of the oven and should have kept the chicken there on the top shelf and the trey pan at the bottom for the juices to fall off… your way the juices from the chicken will get the chicken cooked but it wont get it grilled. The chicken will also drain the juices which will take off your marinade with it and it wont taste like nandos at all….also another thing u can do is if u can once the chicken is fully cooked and properlly grilled put it in a pan with a burning charcoal and close the lid for a few minutes it will give that grill flavour…..other than that cheers brotha!

  7. honestly great video, amazing recipe that tastes good and is high in protein i make this around 4 times a week usually and its just so easy, and as an added plus video is entertaining, keep it up im happy i found this channel

  8. It’s funny Muslims have been washing chicken/meat etc for centuries & food poisoning doesn’t exist. It’s rank not to wash as the blood is there and smell and nasty butchers have touched it. That’s why halal food drains blood it’s dirty. It’s not a religious thing many people in non white cultures wash. God knows why ppl don’t wash absolutely disgusting. Well done mate clean lad!

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