HOW TO COOK OATMEAL ‣‣ 6 Amazing Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipes

HOW TO COOK OATMEAL ‣‣ 6 Amazing Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipes

(slow R&B music) – Hello, friends, welcome to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today I have got a fabulous video in store for you because we are making oatmeal, but we’re not just making your standard, traditional oatmeal because I felt like that was gonna be kind of a boring video. We are gonna be making oatmeal in six different flavor options. So, I’m excited to be
partnering with my friends at Bob’s Red Mill to
bring you today’s video. They feel like the perfect
partner for this video because they literally have almost every single variety of oat that
you could ever imagine. They have everything
from quick, instant oats. They have traditional rolled oats. They have extra thick rolled oats. They have steel-cut oats. You name it, they have it. For today’s video I’m
actually gonna be showing you how to make steel-cut
oats in the instant pot, but I do just want to preface
that you can use any method for cooking oatmeal and any
type of oats for this recipe. So, just make a traditional
batch of oatmeal, any type of variety that
you like, make it plain, and then you can use these flavor options to spice it up and make it
a little bit more exciting. So, make sure to stay tuned
to the end of the video because I’ll share a little bit more about Bob’s Red Mill as well as where
you can find their products. Without further adieu,
let’s go ahead and dive in. All right, so I’m gonna first show you how to cook the steel-cut oats. So, we’re gonna use Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free steel-cut oats. Make sure that you’re
using the regular ones, not the quick-cooking ones. We’re gonna add two full
cups into our instant pot. We’re gonna follow that
up with some water, and my trick is to actually
also add in some almond milk. It makes it super creamy. And then, we’re gonna
add in a pinch of salt, which really helps bring out the flavor, and stir it all together. Pop your lid on your instant pot. Make sure that your vent is closed. And then, you’re gonna
turn your pressure on high. Set it to four minutes. I like to turn the keep warm setting off, but that’s optional. Let your instant pot turn on, and then, it will build pressure and
the timer will count down. Once it’s done counting, let
it sit for about 10 minutes, then actually release the pressure. Then you can release the
pressure the rest of the way. Once it’s released you can remove your lid and stir everything together. Your instant pot oats
should be nice and creamy. They have such an awesome texture. And seriously, a cooking
time of four minutes, you can’t beat that. All right, so, now we’re gonna move on to our different flavors. The first flavor that we’re
gonna make is apple cinnamon. We’re gonna add about a cup of cooked steel-cut oats into a bowl. Add in about half of a chopped apple as well as some cinnamon, and then just give it a quick stir until everything is combined. Once it’s combined you can
move on to your toppings, which is just the rest
of the chopped apple, as well as some chopped almonds
and a nice pinch of cinnamon and a drizzle of maple
syrup to finish it off. And then, you can just dig in. This is so awesome in the winter and fall. It’s really cozy and warming and you could also actually saute the
apples if you wanted. That would be delicious, as well. (slow R&B music) Our second recipe is lemon blueberry. Again, we’re gonna add about a cup of cooked steel-cut oats into our bowl. To that we’re gonna add some lemon juice, some frozen blueberries,
and some maple syrup, and just stir that together
until it is all evenly combined. Your oats should kind of
turn like a purply color, it’s really pretty. And then, for topping on this one we’re gonna add on some more blueberries, we’re gonna add some lemon zest, which really helps brighten up that flavor and gives it a nice extra zing. Some chopped almonds for a
little bit of crunch and texture. And then, I like to add some almond milk onto this one just
because it makes it like super creamy and it’s really delicious. This one, of course, is really bright, flavorful, it’s full of berries, and I think it’s perfect in
the springtime and summer. (slow R&B music) Our third flavor is a classic, it’s peanut butter and banana. You’re gonna add about a cup of steel-cut oats into your bowl. From there you’re gonna add half of a mashed banana into the bowl, as well as a tablespoon of peanut butter. And then, you’ll stir
this all together until everything is smooth
and creamy and combined. Once it’s all combined, for our toppings we’re
gonna keep it super simple, it’s just the rest of the banana, so you’re gonna end up using
a whole banana in this recipe. I like to slice it up. You could also chop it,
you could just do whatever. And then, we’ll also finish it off with a drizzle of peanut butter because the more peanut butter the better, in my opinion. And I like to finish it off with something a little bit crunchy, it’s really good with chopped peanuts, but I really like to use hemp
seeds and also chia seeds. So, I did a blend of chopped peanuts and chia seeds for this one. And then, you can just dig right in. This one is so good. I will say that the bananas don’t last quite as long as some
of the other recipes, so if you’re gonna meal
prep all six of these, I would recommend that
you eat this one first. (slow R&B music) Our fourth recipe is chocolate coconut. You guys know I had to
add something chocolate in here ’cause I love
chocolate for breakfast. Again, it’s gonna use about a
cup of cooked steel-cut oats, as well as some maple syrup,
a little bit of coconut milk, some raw cacao, and then,
we’re gonna stir that together until your oats
get nice and chocolatey. The coconut milk is gonna help
to kinda loosen up the oats, especially if you’re making this with oats that have already been cooked
and they’re kind of cold. And then, once that’s all combined, we’re just gonna top that with
some toasted coconut chips, as well as some chocolate chips. And then, again, I like to do another drizzle of coconut milk here. It just adds a really
nice creaminess to it, and it kind of helps to balance
out some of the sweetness. This one kind of reminds me of Samoas, like, you know, the Girl Scout cookies. It’s got that really nice toasted coconut flavor combined with the chocolate, and it’s a little bit on the
decadent side, but I love it. (slow R&B music) Our fifth recipe is throwin’ it back to childhood and it’s PB&J. Again, we’re gonna add one cup of cooked steel-cut oats into our bowl. We’re gonna top that with about a tablespoon of peanut butter. I’m using some homemade
peanut butter here. If you’re interested
in getting that recipe I’ll link it down for you below, but just stir it all
together into the oats. You’re basically just gonna
have a peanut butter base. And then, the topping
for this one is going to be a generous dollop of chia seed jam. You could use whatever
kind of jam you like, but I like to use chia seed
jam because it’s adding a nice form of protein,
some extra healthy fats, and it’s really easy to make at home. And then, to finish it
off, some maple syrup, a little bit of coconut flakes, and some chopped peanuts for a crunch. And again, this one is just like very, it’s got the peanut
butter, it’s got protein, it’s got healthy fat,
and the flavor combo, you just, you can’t beat
peanut butter and jelly, it’s just one of those combos
that just makes you happy. (slow R&B music) And then, last but not least, we are making a maple sea salt variety. So, again, we’re gonna use one
cup of cooked steel-cut oats. At this point you probably will
have used all of your oats, so the two cups makes
about six full portions. We’re also gonna add a
tablespoon of cashew butter, which helps to make it really creamy, as well as some vanilla
bean powder or you could use vanilla extract, and
a touch of maple syrup. And you’re gonna stir that together until it is smooth and creamy. The cashew butter really helps give this some creaminess and kind of like a rich, caramely flavor along
with the maple syrup. Mmm, it’s so good. And then, for topping this one we’re keeping it super simple,
just some chopped up pecans, some additional maple syrup,
a splash of almond milk, and also, a pinch of flaked sea salt. The sea salt combined with the
maple is bangin’, you guys. It really brings out the sweetness. It also brings out the caramely flavors and it kind of tastes
like a pecan pie/dessert. This is definitely my favorite variety, and I think it’s just so good,
you guys are gonna love it. Even if you aren’t a
sweet-salty combo person, it’s really good, you gotta try it. And that pretty much does it
for all six of our flavors. And what’s great about steel-cut oats is that they are meal-prep friendly, so you can make all of these on a Sunday and they will last you all week long. I just recommend that you eat the ones that have fruit first because that will tend to get a little bit
soggy as the week goes on. But I hope you guys try ’em, and I know you’re gonna
really, really like them. And there you have it, my friends. I hope you enjoyed today’s
oatmeal inspired video I can’t wait to hear
what flavors you make. My personal favorite
is the maple sea salt. I also love the peanut butter and jelly and the chocolate coconut. You really can’t go
wrong with any of them. They’re all delicious. So, make sure to come back to this video and let me know which
one you end up trying. You can just leave a comment down below. I also want to thank Bob’s Red Mill for joining us in today’s video. Like I said, you can find their products pretty much everywhere. So, they’re sold nationwide in the US. They’re also sold globally. They’re also sold online on their website as well as on Amazon. And like I said before,
they also have an entire range of certified gluten-free oats, so it’s great for people
with celiac disease or a severe gluten intolerance because you can pretty much get any variety of oat that you like certified gluten-free. So, make sure to check the description box because I have linked products, I’ve linked to their website, and I’ve also linked today’s blog post, which has the full
tutorial for this video, including how to cook
steel-cut oats in the instant pot as well as
the six flavor varieties. So, that is all down in
the description box below. Otherwise, thank you guys
so much for being here. Make sure to give this video
a thumbs up before you go. Hit that red Subscribe
button that is right below this video so you
don’t miss another one. I’m here twice a week,
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notifications and you won’t miss any of our new content. Otherwise, have a
fabulous rest of your day, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye. (slow R&B music)

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