How To Cook Pasta Like An Italian? Anothershowtube recipe

How To Cook Pasta Like An Italian? Anothershowtube recipe

I’m curious today. Typically I like
Pasta because it’s warm especially in winter time. It is very simple to make and you can use any ingredients you have at home. The First thing is putting the pot of water on the stove. Because we want to have the water ready to cook the pasta. So we do that. OWEN: I. know a film in Italian… mmm I think called Fantaghiro’!!! ANTON: mmm I think Fantaghiro has something to do with the Chinese… (what has that got to do with pasta??? bhooo) Ok. I normally like using fresh ingredients. we have tomatoes here. They need to be Wash and cut (diced) Go for it! Ah. You want to come over here. Yes. I have Haribos here… more sweets …. I put them here… the most important… the tomato soup … no good …. we really need all these herbs and spices… Garlic
black pepper
mixed herbs I take them all the more the better… we need some olive oil with a twist smell that… and tell me what it is Tartufoooo Oh Truffle. Truffle! and then another special ingredient. A Tiny bit of Sugar. ..because we
want a nice sweet flavour what did you just add? Some water. Otherwise it might burn and we do not want it to burn it looks like the water is boiling. yes it is boiling water is boiling
so we can go and put in the nice Pastalina once the pasta is ready , you simply put it in the pan where the souce is yes this is one of the very best We have done it guys… see you next time… we are eating now… Ciao.

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  1. I love italian food. Definately my favourite. I make pasta all the time… i will try and replicate the way done here. 🙂

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