How to Cook Pata Hamonado

How to Cook Pata Hamonado

Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy! Today we will be cooking Pork Leg We will be using a special equipment to speed up the cooking process And I’m pertaining to the pressure cooker For those who never used a Pressure cooker It is a very efficient tool to easily tenderize the meat And The Dish is called the “Pata Hamonado” (Background Music) Here are the ingredients that we will be using Pork Leg, Dark Brown Sugar, Pineapple Chunks, Soy Sauce, Dried Bay Leaves We will also be using whole peppercorn, onion, Garlic and Knorr Pork Cube We also need water, cooking oil and salt Here is the complete list of all the Ingredients Our Subscribers usually use this as their grocery List They say it’s very effective. They just look at the list to know what to buy. If you’re ready. Let’s start cooking! The first step is to boil the pork leg I just placed water in the pressure cooker and let it boil You can also boil in a cooking pot And we will now put the pork leg One by one. This will only be the initial boiling process What we are doing is we are boiling the pork leg So that all the impurities will come out Later on you’ll notice scum emerging That’s impurity of the pork In short we are just boiling the pork to partially clean it We will cook it again later to do the formal cooking Let the water boil Then continue cooking under medium heat for 15 minutes No need too cover the pot After 15 mins here is the scums, as you can see those floating. Now we will be taking the pork leg out of the water one by one Will be placing it in a clean bowl Then we will be discarding the water we used for boiling And we will be washing the pork leg and we’ll try to clean it again Usually I use running water to wash it or water from the faucet I usually wash it under running water to make sure to clean it more thoroughly And even that bone marrow will be removed Now I just cleaned our pressure cooker And we’ll be putting cooking oil and heat it The next thing we’ll do is to saute The pork leg is now ready and cleaned We will saute the onion and garlic I used Yellow Onion for this dish. You may also use Red onion or white onion Just chop it like this But you can also chop the onions smaller if you like Let’s now put in the garlic For the garlic I just crushed it using a mortar and pestle If you like it smaller you may chop it after pounding. Once the onion has wilted and the garlic turned brown We may now add the pork leg This is the washed pork leg,It is cleaner compared to the previous one. Then we will be adding soy sauce and Pineapple juice We’ll be using the filtered juice from the canned pineapple chunks Just put the juice in first or you may opt to put half of chunks (but I will not put it at this time) Here is the water. We still need to boil the pork leg until completely tenderize We will be boiling it using a pressure cooker to speed up the cooking time. It is our shortcut Now I will be putting the half of the pineapple chunks Let’s save half for later So the pineapples color will look better for serving Here is the Dried Bay leaves or “pinatuyong dahon ng laurel” and “buong paminta” or Whole peppercorn We can now cover the pressure cooker and well pressure cook the meat I’ll be pressure cooking it for 18 mins We’ll not be overcooking the pork so that it wont fall apart The timer starts after the regulator start wiggling, like this, We can start the timer for 18 mins After 18 mins we can then turn off the stove At this point we already removed the pressure in the pressure cooker It means it is now safe for us to open it. But we’re still not done in cooking We’ll continue cooking our Pata Hamonado Just let the broth simmer Then let’s add our Knorr pork cube I personally like to add in Knorr pork cube to enrich the pork flavor in our Pata Hamonado But you may also opt to just use water
But the taste is better with pork cubes You can taste the full pork flavor Now let’s add in dark Brown sugar Or what we call “Asukal na Pula” Let’s just mix it all together When we say “Hamonado” it means a bit sweet So the dark brown sugar is really what we need Now let’s put the other half of pineapple chunks Mix it a little bit Then just add pich of a salt What we are doing, Since we know the pork is tender after pressure cooking But we still need to reduce its sauce Which means we need to cook it a bit more So the sauce could evaporate and for it to be more flavorful So after seasoning with salt just continue to simmer until the sauce thickens After the sauce has thicken We can now transfer it to a serving bowl or serving plate Then we’ll be serving it with Hot steamed rice. Isn’t that delicious? Now our dish is ready It looks good right? Very appetizing! Here is our Pata Hamonado! Come and let’s taste it Let’s try it, I’ll just get pork meat Mmm~ Delicious! Very Flavorful I can already taste the pineapple with a bit of sweetness Just the right blend. Easy to chew and easy to swallow For those who use dentures This is okay as long as you use pressure cooker You wont have difficulties chewing This matches well with rice You can put the sauce on top of hot rice Then we’ll eat the meat together with rice with a bit of pork fat, just a bit of pork fat For those who are still allowed to eat pork fat The pork fat is really soft. It really melts in your mouth It’s very delicious I hope you’ll try our recipe and dont forget to watch this video So you can have a guide while cooking. It’s very easy to cook Pata Hamonado. You can do it too! I hope you learned something new today If you liked this Pata Hamonado recipe Don’t forget to like this video For our friends and viewers who haven’t subscribed yet Subscribe button is located below this video. Just click it! Thank you again for your continous support in our videos See you again next time!

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  1. I'm a fan of Panlasang Pinoy,dami ko na natutunang lutuin..and of course lagi kong hinihintay ang magic hands..kamay palang gwapo na 😀

  2. Thank u Mr. Merano!Got to try this this weekend😊.Madami na din sa mga recipe’s mo na niluto ko din.Salamat.Happy weekend soon!

  3. Paksiw n pata, pata tim and pork hamonado ay hlos preho lng dn ang timpla. Wla nga lng bulaklak ng saging yan. Pg ngluto kc ako ng paksiw…. bukod sa konting suka ay nilalagyan kdn ng pineapple juice at pinafry ko ng bhagya after ng unang pkulo. At ska klng pllambutin ng husto at titimplahan pg nfry n. Nanonood ako ng mga cooking videos pra tlga mkumpara ko ang way ng pgluluto ko. Hlos kramihan ng videos mo ay pinapanood ko at kumukuha dn nman ako ng ibang style.

  4. Thank you Vanjo mas marami akong natututong magluto ng ibat ibang putahe ng ulam .GOD bless you more .and more delicious recipe .🙏❤😘

  5. they're called ham hocks eggs are fresh ham hocks because you can buy some smoked also but the fresh ham hocks are very hard to find I'm looking for fresh hacks right now I might have to go to a corner store if you don't know where the corner store is it's a little store it's a very small market and they have a meat market inside of it where you can get a pound of this two pounds of that I think that's what I'm going to have to go bon appetit

  6. Hello Vanjo I like your Cooking Recipe, na subukan konang mag luto sa mga recipe mo. Talagang nag enjoy Ako Thank you Vanjo and God bless!!!!

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  8. If you don't want to use MSG, the cubes of any brand (Knorr, Maggi, etc does not contain anything but MSG. Sometimes, manufacturers do not use the word 'MSG' but 'food enhancer', which is actually MSG. If you read the ingredients of any cubes, you'll find 'food enhancer' or something similar just to mislead consumers, deceiving them. They, in reality, it is MSG.

  9. Thanks sir! Napaka informative at inviting ang mga luto mo. Simple, hindi kelangan gumastos ng malaki, madali lang ang procedure, malinis, at higit sa lahat napaka humble nyu po.. Looking for more videos sir.thanks

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    Keep on doing this

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    Ung ibng napanood ko deretso na luto wala ng pakulo may kasama pang kuko🤣

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