How To Cook Perfect Pasta | Gennaro Contaldo

How To Cook Perfect Pasta | Gennaro Contaldo

Hi guys! Me and the Food Tube family together with our friends the LV are here to help you guys out. You’ve told us
what your biggest cooking headaches are, so together we’ll show you our secret tips and tricks, which will change the way you
cook forever Here is Gennaro and his method for cooking perfect pasta People really get wrong how to make a pasta Pasta is so simple to cook. You need that really large pan to cook pasta inside First, you need plenty of water And then the water had to be really babbling Look at that, they way they’re babbling The pasta… you need to do bouncing, you need to move it around! Aaaah, freedom! Next tip I’m going to give you is to use very, very good salt Don’t go by those packets with salt so fine, that it looks likes dust or sand That is no good. Just give me about 10 gramm for each of liters Look at the way the water is now, look at the way it’s moving the water. Water crawls out, see – goes a little faster The salt is inside when you grab a little
bit of pasta Put them all together – there it goes. Keep it! And just slowly, just gently start to press it gently, you can see: look at the pasta the way it goes in Nicely, nicely. Don’t worry, you won’t burn it, but don’t put your fingers inside because you’ll burn it So the pasta… Look straight inside! Now, you cover it, bring back to the boil, 10 seconds,
remove it look at that, look at the way it’s bambling Get a fork Stir it because you don’t want the pasta to get stuck And don’t forget: all this ideal packet
of the pasta Initially say 8 minutes, 10 minutes But the Italian way you want that pasta Al Dente – undercooked little bit Grab a little bit So when you put it inside your mouth you have to chew it longer While you’re chewing longer, you taste the lovely sauce you put inside This is done. Look at this! Look how wonderful it is A perfect pasta. Now let’s serve it I’ve done a fantastic pesto early on and let me show you how to use it If you want to see my easy Pesto recipe, just here is a box – click here! You’ll always need for a large bowl about 1 tablespoon For 300 grams that would be enough You grab the pasta straight
away or you drain it Look at that! Just put them inside, this is enough Actually, I’ll need a little bit more for me And don’t forget to use the pasta water – pasta water, where the pasta has been dancing inside! That is the best flavour. Also a little bit of salt as well See, just have a little bit, put it on top Stir it Okay, pesto, stir inside the pesto and let them algamate and when you pull the pasta you want
to look nice, always stir it the fork inside, and give it a lovely lift. Little Parmezan Little Basil While you’re cooking your pasta, I’m eating this pasta I love you! And please, subscribe! It is free, Gennato Contaldo, Youtube, and let’s cook it alltogether Bon Appetito!

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  1. Gennaro is better than dj bbq and jamie cause he has so much passion on the foods and he has his own TALENTS makes the video intresting and fun keep it up!

  2. Gennaro is such a gentleman so as Jamie Oliver,I ve been to his Italian in London and was amazingggg !!!! Gennaro and his videos inspired me a lot for cooking Italian meals ,just first class !!!! And thanks to Jamie Oliver for all his great cooking tips,I ve been cooking his recipe s since I have been to UK and back and follow all his great work !!! Go guys ,well done 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  3. Genarro makes cooking pasta over boiling water too sexy and full of art. bravo! Its like your hypnotized to eat pasta. now im craving for it.

  4. I am 100% Italian and so therefore, I am excited when I get to see pasta done right. Almost lookks like he's making a POTION haha. but I know, it's for eating and not spells.

    I want to take him home, keep him there, and ask him to make some mushroom alfredo linguini for me, I couldn't definitely use some.

  5. my son 2 year old was enjoying watching this vdo and he was laughing when you said …dancing with freedom!

  6. Omg… Everyone knows how to cook pasta itself. Yay! What i want to know is the recipe for the sauce.😏

  7. Guys, where's the quick link to whatever you mentioned in the video? Not everyone is using a pc! Please post the links in the comments for all us phone and tablet users!!!

  8. Guys, you don't need expensive sea salt for this, the only difference between fleur de sel and regular table salt is the texture, which is lost when dissolved in water. Make sure you get good quality table salt without a ton of additives though.

  9. gennaro il sale è sale, basta saperlo dosare, poi non si può vedere girare la pasta con la forchetta di metallo.

  10. I'm on my second trip to tuscany. I'll never buy pasta from a packet again. Much better fresh and easy to make, well practice makes perfect hehe

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