How to Cook Perfect Steak | Jamie Oliver

How to Cook Perfect Steak | Jamie Oliver

Okay lovely FoodTubers, now it’s time
to learn how to do the perfect steak ever in the whole wide world. It will change the way
that you cook steak forever. No more tough steaks! Rights these are the conventional prime
cuts of steak. The Sirloin, £32 a kilo today. Rib Eye, that’s £32 a kilo as well. Fillet, that’s the prize jewels. £54 a kilo. And here rump is £25 a kilo. I have a little secret steak that I’d like
to tell you about, he’s my favorite steak out of all of those four prime cuts. This, my friend, is the feather blade steak. Or the blade
steak or in america you call it the flat iron steak. Look at the fat marbelling here . It’s absolutely delicious. If you give me the fillet I will throw it back to you, if you give me this, “Yes mother!” that is what we’re talking about. Come and have a look at this as well. £17.90 a kilo, for really good quality beef Right, this is the blade, so it sits about here. Like that. Moo! It’s these hard sinews that kind of make this cut a little bit unfashionable once you’ve taken it out you’re left with the best steak ever. Any good butcher will do this for you. Phone them up say I want a feather blade, they’ll do it for you We’re going to put a little bit of oil over the steak here. I’ve got a thick bottomed pan on a very high
heat. I’m going to rub the steak all over with the oil. Heavy on the pepper, heavy on the salt. Pat it in. Salt and pepper on both sides. So we go to a pan, I’m going to put just a
little bit of oil in here as well. I’m going to go in with the steak Just going to wipe my hands. Also very importantly do not take your steak from the fridge and cook it. Take the steak out of the fridge an hour before you use it, cover it, let it kind of get to room temperature. If it’s screaming cold in the middle and screaming hot on the outside. It’s going to toughen up and be horrible
and fairly miserable. The flat iron steak really benefits from being cooked medium rare I’m going to turn it once a minute, every minute. You want even cooking from both sides. So being equal with both sides keeps the moisture in the middle which means when you rest it, it then
comes back out again and gives you a beautiful juicy steak. That’s the way do it, that’s the way all my chefs do it and that’s the way my steak house does it That’s the way i think you should do it The supermarkets around the world
love to sell you a portion, kind of eight ounces. I would advise going to a
butchers and instead of getting a thin little centimeter steak Get a double steak. That will serve two people. That way you could get a really dark
outside and it can still be medium rare in the middle If it’s half the size of that whatever
you do to it is going to be well done. It’s almost impossible to cook to your liking. If you love food, get a double steak. Now there’s a couple of things you can do for a beautiful natural flavor. My friend Adam Perry-Lang he used to
like rubbing steak as he turned it with a little garlic. It’s very subtle, I actually really like that. Another thing you can do is you can get a little butter. When you turn the steak and it’s sizzling on top, you get that butter and just put it on just like that. And that sweetness from the butter is
really beautiful and again that’s going to add to that beautiful caramelisation and my last little trick is herbs. This is thyme, you could use rosemary, you could use oregano. What I do is go into this pan and just take that fat and give it a ruddy good whipping and that will again put in beautiful flavour. I’ve cooked this now for about three minutes on
each side As soon as that comes off we give it another little whip of the herbs the juices are starting to come out that’s gorgeous, that’s like a little free gravy just for you. Then let it rest for two minutes. That method of cooking a steak applies to cooking over wood, charcoal and any
of these classic prime cuts. Let’s come back to the steak over here. I’ve cooked this medium Okay, which is the max you want to go. This is nice, my wife would love this, i
would like a little bit more bloody. Look at that feather blade steak is just the bomb. Not many people know about it So it’s super, super cool Good quality extra virgin olive oil here and if you shake it, it just marbles. That my friends will be the perfect steak. this was £17 a kilo instead of £54 a kilo for a fillet. Let’s have a little try of this steak So good! Mmm, I prefer it to a fillet steak, anytime, I’d be happy to never,ever have it again That! is where is that So there we go guys, that’s the perfect steak, that’s the feather blade steak, or the flat iron steak. Amazing, go talk to your butcher. And don’t forget if you’re going to suscribe, please subscribe but go to manage your subscriptions and click
on email alerts. So that we can let you know every time we do a new video. Thank you very much guys, lots of love. Mister Oliver. If you want to watch anymore videos on meat,
DJ BBQ’s your man. There’s not much that man can’t do with a bit of meat and a log.

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    big stepper, no stilts, big tilt
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    new skirt I skrrt big drift

    new grills, 10k big lisp uh

    Only the ogs will understand

  2. Tried this today and it turned out great. Even my girlfriend complimented me on my cooking and that NEVER happens. Cheers!

  3. Types of ppl cooking steaks tha i cant take seriously. Ppl that dont use cast irons and Europeans…

  4. Question why do u put olive oil on the steak While seasoning? Does it help cook or its purely for flavor? Thanks

  5. Irish prices, top quality steak: Rib Eye 22 euro per kg (you say 32 pounds per kg), Fillet 33 euro per kg (you say 54 pounds per kg) etc etc….. sounds bullshit to me.

  6. I like oliver videos. He makes thing easier compared to other egoistic tv star chef.. if you know who i mean.

  7. I've been watching 6 videos on how to ccok a steak and now have 6 versions of how to cook a steak, so I'm even more confused than when I started looking it up.

  8. Do you know how he said 3 minutes on each side, When I do that with a ribeye, It literally goes well done.

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  10. So wait, you can only cook double steaks correctly? As he proceeds to perfectly cook the thinner steak? Whatever it looks good.

  11. Holy hell! Steak is bloody expensive in the UK!! Countries outside the EU have much cheaper steak, why is that? Or is that just coincidental?

  12. I gave this video a like when you held up the steak near your thigh and said “moo”. You’re so enthusiastic when you teach about cooking. Love it ♥️

  13. Arguably the best steak instructor out there in the world, i love that he founds better quality meat with more affordable price

  14. You should only flip one time! …. put it on the super hot pan, I use a turkey fryer to reach insane temperatures 800°F+, and look at the side, time the cooking line as it goes up. When it hits the top then you flip it and waite the exact same amount of time! That will give you medium rare with an awesome crust. I like rare so when it hits the middle I flip it! Same rules. Flip Flip Flip Flip Flip Flip Flip is the way to make any meat as tough as a 13th century oak beam!

  15. Wow that’s expensive, cheaper and better yet is to buy the 2-3kg off cut of A8 wagyu rump, usually a flat AUD$50 from my local.

  16. Bottom line is every chef cooks “the perfect steak” different

    But one thing that is a constant is salt, pepper hot pan 5-8 mins flipping every 1min lovely

    My add to this is use Himalayan salt ☺️

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