26 thoughts on “How to Cook Quinoa (the easy way)”

  1. Thanks forthe informative video. I would really like to try the black or red varieties if I could find them in my local market;-)

  2. Not sure if others have this problem but the white/tan lettering on a tan background is really hard to see…. my eyes didn't even register till I wondered why you weren't giving amounts…. hopefully you can change it to something darker that stands out regardless of the background you are filming. Thank you.

  3. Folks always have something negative to say and complain about🙄 This Video is just what I was looking for….a very simple way to cook quinoa. THANK YOU SO MUCH💗

  4. Thank you for knowing how to make a concise video without tons of explanation. This is very much appreciated. Will follow your channel! Making a quinoa salad for my gf tonight and clicked on yours because it was 45 seconds. Thanks again!

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