How to Cook Ribs in a Pressure Cooker – The Basics on QVC

How to Cook Ribs in a Pressure Cooker – The Basics on QVC

I love BBQ ribs and I’ve cooked them many
different ways, but I think this way is my favorite. It’s fast because we’re going to
use a pressurer cooker. It’s flavorful because I’m going to use a dry rub on the
ribs and you make a sauce at the end you can smother the ribs with. It’s perfect. So we’re going to
use a rack of baby back ribs here for this recipe, but Baby back ribs are more tender than
other ribs and I’m going to put a spice rub on. I’ve mixed together some smoked paprika, dry
mustard, thyme, oregano and some chili powder. Of course I’m going to put a little salt
in as well. I’m going to rub this all over the rack of ribs. You’re only going to
use this spice rub once, so if there’s any left over, you’re going to discard it. We’re going to do
both sides. Let’s cut these into three or four rib sections. It doesn’t really
matter, but we want to make sure they’re going to be able to fit in the bottom of
our pressure cooker. Now I’m going to preheat the pressure cooker using the brown setting, so press brown. Let it heat up. You can also do this on the stove top if
your cooker doesn’t have a brown setting just heat a pan, add some oil, sear it. So once you’ve preheated your pressure cooker, add a little bit of oil to the bottom there. You’re never going get the underside of the rib brown so
we’re just going to brown that top curved part. You can move it around a little bit, but
make sure you don’t overcrowd your pan If you overcrowd your pan, you’re not going to
brown effectively. Now we’re going start to build a flavorful base over, over which
we’re going to steam these ribs, so in goes some onion. Once the onions start to get a little bit
tender, that’s about three or four minutes, we are going to add a bay leaf and
some really good quality beef stock. That’s the basis for our sauce coming up
at the end of this recipe, but it’s really important that it tastes good now. Let this
come to a simmer. We’re going to use rack and put this rack in here and if you
don’t have a rock with your pressure cooker, you can you make one yourself. You can use crumpled up aluminum foil that is shaped into a snake and put the ribs on
top of that or you could even use whole carrots and a whole celery which will add
flavor to your stock and just put the ribs on top of that. So we’re going to grab our ribs and put them onto that rack and you can put them so they’re overlapping
on top of each other. That’s no problem at all. Load them and now we’re going to put the lid on. We’re going to make sure the pressure limiting valve is set to air tight, and we’re going to
set this for anywhere between 30 and 40 minutes depending on how falling apart
tender you on your ribs. If you want that meat the fall off the bone just by
looking at it, set it for 40 minutes. Otherwise, if you would like to have a
little bit of chewiness left to your ribs, set it for 30 minutes. Or if you happen to have this particular pressure cooker, you can just press the button that says ribs. When the time is up in the pressure
cooker, we’re going to do a natural pressure release. Whenever you’re cooking large
pieces of meat or meat on the bone, they always are more tender if you could just take
the time to let the pressure drop naturally, so depending on how much food you
have in there, this also could take 10 to 15 minutes, so just turn the cooker off and
let it sit. In the meantime, we’re going put together the ingredients that we are
going to use to make our sauce. For that we have some ketchup. We have some molasses. We have some cidar vinegar, some tomato paste and some soy sauce. So, whisk this
together. I just heard that valve drop. It’s time to open this up and remove the
ribs. Now they’re not going to look too pretty just now, but just wait once we get the
sauce on them, they’ll be great. Remove the ribs, set them aside and this is the perfect time actually to let the meat rest. We’re going to mix that sauce that brought into the delicious beef stock with the onions and simmer it on the brown setting for about 5 minutes. So I’ve let this simmer for about 5 minute. You let it simmer for as long as
you want until it gets to the consistency that you like. Now, our ribs that have
been resting are going to go back into that sauce to get completely coated and
warm through just a tiny bit. Yum. Yum. Now I’m going to put them out onto a platter onto a
serving plate. Remember you’re going to do as many ribs as you have people. I think one
rack serves maybe three people but probably more like two people, so two people per rack. And here they come. They’re gorgeous.
That’s a good looking delicious and quick rack of ribs. Thanks for watching. If you’d like to see more of The Basics, click over here. If you’d like to see everything I used for the recipe, click over here. If
you have any questions, comments or suggestions for more Basics, put them in
the comments section below.

33 thoughts on “How to Cook Ribs in a Pressure Cooker – The Basics on QVC”

  1. Just made these and they came out awesome! Only thing I did different was I put them in my halogen oven for 7 minutes at 400F just to get my sauce to crust up. otherwise Ms Laurence technique made for some tender ribs indeed…btw where i live it is SCORCHING hot outside but the pressure cooker did not heat up the kitchen as they always promise on TV

  2. My wife loves catalina pork chops, that i usually do on the grill. I was wondering because we got the cooks essential 4 qt pressure cooker how i could do those pork chops in catalina in the pressure cooker without having to marinade them first and how long i would cook them for, cause i have never used a pressure cooker before. Any help would be appreciated. How i do the mon the grill is put them and the catalina in a gallon size ziplock bag let them marinade then grill them.

  3. Is my stovetop godZilla for pc or somthing? I did 20 mins natural release on spares and they were falling off the bone and not in a good way. I wanted to be able to put em in the oven and literally the bones pulled out.. How do you cook em 30 mins for babys and still have them hold together?

  4. Im thinking next time ill do 20 mins with quick release and see cuz both times ive cooked em into mush. I want ribs not pulled pork

  5. After seeing several ways to cook Baby Back Ribs on a pressure cooker I like your method of how to do that. I have cooked outside on various pits and smokers and I love to do that. I bought my wife Sonya a Power Pressure Cooker and showed her about pressure cooking and she is hooked. Thanks for that post.

  6. I made ribs tonight 'your style' with my stove top pressure cooker, plus added some extras: drizzled also a bit liquid smoke on the ribs and let it sit a few minutes before adding the dry rub, and at the end I put a handful of fresh pineapple cubes in the blender and mixed it into the sauce before reducing. O.M.G. No need to put it under the broiler anymore. Thank you for posting.

  7. A Cardinal sin was committed! – it's critical to remove the membrane on the back of the ribs. It was left on here. Other than this, it looked amazing and I'll be trying this. Can't believe I'm about to cook ribs in a pressure cooker and not low and slow on my Kamado. It's a crazy world!

  8. These look really great and I will be cooking them soon. I also like the look of your BBQ sauce recipe. If they taste 1/2 as good as they look I will be a happy man, with a happy wife.

  9. browning BEFORE you steam defeats the purpose of browning. Just steam then put in 400 over broiler with BBQ sauce 15-20 min (remove the membrane BEFORE steaming)

  10. I think when pulling them out of pressure cooker, then glazing with sauce, and putting in oven to caramelize towards the end would be even better.

  11. Not sure the difference for cooking times between pork and beef but 2 racks of pork only take 15 min. 40 mins seems kinda long.

  12. I made this but also grilled (broiled) the meat basting it till it formed a nice slightly crunchy bark. I used a boneless rib roast cut into portions but it worked out superbly. Then served in a dish atop of sauce but not much. Sauce was served in a jug like gravy as some like less than others. All in all amazing flavours.

  13. IF you don't add a big dollop of tomato ketchup to the mix and cut down the amount of stock before you cook you will regret it. Signed the rib-expert…..slurp slurp…

  14. Your video was so great. Would the timing be the same for Country Style Pork Ribs? I made that kind and they were tough. PLEASE HELP!

  15. I love the way you cooked the ribs. I'm new to pressure cooker who happened to have a rack of ribs needing to be cooked asap~ any other recipe I've come across before this just wasn't cutting it due to things like the pre-packaged rubs, bbq sauces, etc. Things that just aren't my usual cooking styles, and overall completely under-utilizes my general stock of staples in my kitchen. Your tips were very helpful, I'm absolutely happy you went over your own rub mix, as well as the sauce, and it really answered a lot of questions especially wondering how to go about cooking it in a pressure cooker when not all pressure cooker are not the same (ex. I'm glad you stated "on high for 30-40 mins" cause I sure do not have a rib button on mine lol as well as showing all the cooking can essentially be done with the cooker without a stove/oven) My only deviastion I'm personally going to adjust is the sauce. I've cooked ribs in a slow cooker, and in the oven, using a homemade spicey peach sauce I really loved. I wanted to do my own sauce, and thanks to your steps I'll be able to figure a good method of how to go about it without having to utilize extras like the stove-top method to reduce, etc. Thanks again for making it so much easier!

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