Sawadee Kha everyone
Monday, new recipe ! Rice is a very important part of Thai culture
and tradition You will have rice in pretty much every single
meal Most of the time, freshly steamed plain rice But when there is leftovers, you never throw it Instead, we use it to cook Khao Pad That means fried rice with egg, veggies and
meat Today, I will show you Khao Pad Moo Khao Pad : Fried rice Moo : Pork Are you ready ? Let’s go ! Steamed rice
Chinese brocoli Onion
Egg Cooking oil
Sugar Mushroom soy sauce Mushroom seasoning powder Lime
Carrot White pepper
Cucumber And spring onion Let’s prepare the vegetables For the rice, I steamed it already No need to show you, because, I think everyone knows how to cook rice, right ? This carrot is quite big, so I will use less than half I will use half of onion only For cucumber and lime, we will use it for
decoration on the side But of course, you can eat it I will use only one half I’m sorry that I forgot to mention in ingredients
That we need marinate pork as well Because, this morning, my lovely neighbor
Decided to have a loud conversation at 6:00am…. Oh, and I forgot garlic as well… oopsy Before cooking rice, we have to add mushroom soy sauce like this Sugar And mushroom seasoning powder Add cooking oil Add garlic Add marinate pork Once the pork is cooked, add Chinese brocoli Add carrot Add egg Add rice Add onion Turn off the heat And then add spring onion And white pepper And voila, bon appetit ! That was a simple recipe, but this part of the everyday Thai life This Khao Pad was my version, but there is many different options You can also use tomato, baby corn, bell pepper, or even mushroom Don’t forget to subscribe and click on the bell To receive a notification when I add a new video Share, leave a comment and… CHOP that like button ! Thank you for watching, see you next Monday Kob Khun Kha, bye bye Heyyyy it’s me from the future ! And I’m with Oscar I was about to film the next recipe but…. Something happened last night…. We reached 500 subscribers !!!
Whoohooooo So, I wanted to really thank you for that A lot ! Thank you thank you thank you Kob Khun Kha, bye bye !

41 thoughts on “HOW TO COOK THAI FRIED RICE – KHAO PAD MOO (ข้าวผัดหมู) – WITH NIN”

  1. Is there a reason why you add the onion as the last vegetable? In most fried rice recipes i've seen the onions go in as one of the first veggies.

  2. That Thai rice looks good, you have a new Subscriber when you have time check out my channel and Subscribe to see more cooking.

  3. I saw this notification just havent gotten the chance- im still editing this week episode haha 😆😅😅 bit late.

    I like thai fried rice the one w the pineapple 😎😎😎😎😎😎! 🍍

    I suck at cooking – helmi is better hahah 🐒😋🐒, but this looks good! Love the broll nin 😋😋😋- presentation is amazing here

  4. Well i am new to your channel and i have to say your videos are amazing full of creativity and happiness loved it keep up the good work and god bless you sister.

  5. Wow! Very authentic rice! I would definitely try that soon! Thank you for sharing this vid! So inspiring! 😊

  6. Great video! Would be great if you could make the part where you list the ingredients a little longer. It's a little too short, so it's hard to follow as you skip through the ingredients quite fast 🙂

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