How To Cook The Best Oatmeal Ever

How To Cook The Best Oatmeal Ever

Hey guys my name is Paulo and I’d like
to show you how I cook my oatmeal every morning for breakfast. Basically I
start out with a cup and half a cup of water and I add it to a medium size pan and I let it boil. My favorite oatmeal is the Quaker Oats Old Fashion Oatmeal. I
find that it’s got the best texture especially the way I cook it. I
use about three-quarters of a cup of oatmeal and
add it to that cup and a half of water. I wait until the water is boiling, get a real good boil going on. As you can see the steam. I add the oatmeal to it, and I stir in with the with a spoon make sure that the water is over the oatmeal until it’s nice and stirred, and then I let it sit for about a minute
and a half. So after a minute and a half as you can
see the that foam is coming up quite high so I a stir in a little bit and kinda let it settle a little bit and then wait for about another
minute and a half or so right about now the foam is started to go
down, the boiling water foam is going down so
I start stir in it in and what at the point
that I’m doing here is just trying to make it where all that water evaporates the oatmeal and it makes it more of a consistent texture rather than just a soft texture because right now lot of people I think
make the mistake of taking the oatmeal out about this point and you actually
need it to cook for a little bit more so we’re about oh about three-and-a-half minutes and
now another minute and a half stirring it in so will probably do about four and a half
minutes from the time the water is boiling and you add your
oatmeal to the time that is ready so four and a half to
minutes five minutes or so as you can see I’m having a little trouble
because I’m using the camera on one hand and one hand stir. As you see you can start
seeing the bottom of the up the bottom of the pan that’s what I’m
looking for to see more of that bottom of that pan and that means
it’s it’s getting real close and that’s what
i’m looking for trying to get that water to to evaporate and have leave it more dryer texture other than the softer texture that a lot of people or most
people are used to it at least and there you have it it’s done from now I put it in the bowl that I use and that’s the texture that it’s gonna look like. It’s a little bit of a dryer texture kinda as you can see stands up
a little bit but that’s fine it’s it’s actually has a very good texture
very good taste to it I don’t add any salt they add some
banana. Cut a whole banana and then added some blueberries and a glass a water and that’s it that’s
my breakfast thank you very much hope you guys enjoy this video and
please subscribe I’ll be always puttin some new tips out there thank you

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  1. My mom usually adds water and salt with the oatmeal, and she lets it boil then afterwards we take the servings and add canned milk and sugar. It is sooo good.

  2. The only thing is when you cook it that long it's not worth anything has no properties nutritional properties left

  3. This whole time I have been putting that shit in microwave and that shit be coming out all hard…i be like wtf lol

  4. Man youneed to throw that pan away you're cooking in a non-stick coating pan using a metal spoon and you've already taken off the non-stick you been eating that non-stick you shouldn't be using the metal spoons be using a wooden or plastic spoon or utensil and people want to know they way they have cancer your feeding and eating this to your family. And asking why we get cancer later in life, thrown away any non-stick pan if you've cook or scrape the coating off.

  5. Thank you for your sharing:)
    I'm from Thailand 🇹🇭 we have jasmine rice for breakfast.. But I'm interested in Oat… But one question.. Can I Dont boil or just add some milk or water instead?

  6. You are an amazing man my friend ! My kids an I can stop starring at the oatmeal bag and actually eat it after 10 years !

  7. I am a teen I had this dumb idea to make caramel and then cooked the oatmeal in this caramely mixture I kinda nailed it and then i poured the milk and then it bubbled hella fast and then after it settled down I placed the oats cooked it for 4 minutes and I am done. (P.S make sure the caramel is not perfect so when you finish the oats the caramel will all come together)if you are going to make this good luck lmao why u still readin my comment get a life lmao jk have a great day 🙂

  8. Came here because I thought I was going to get a different of cooking oatmeal ,besides the box instructions .

  9. Also just a tip 😉Add a pinch of salt when cooking it. You’ll have the best oatmeal ever 🥰 and yes use a wooden spoon. 🤓

  10. I got a panic attack when you were stirring the oatmeal and not holding the pot with your other hand!

  11. I use soya milk and put a sprinkle of cinammon in it and a drizzle of honey on top with some chi seeds and ground up milk thistle

  12. this brand of oatmeal is about the highest known to have Round up look for non GMO oatmeal would be better less sugar also your body is asking for

  13. you are wrong my freind. take 8 oz of almond milk(zero sugar type) in a bowl,add 1 paket of oatmeal(zero sugar type) ,mix and heat for 90 seconds in amicrowace. stirr again. add non calori sugar if you want.

  14. Me.
    Skip breakfast everyday.
    At 12 noon
    Oatmeal with raisins on Monday
    Oatmeal with dried apricots on Tuesday
    Oatmeal with dried cherries on Wednesday
    Oatmeal with banana and coconut flakes on Thursday
    Oatmeal with dried blueberries on Friday
    No cook no milk no sugar. Just add water and
    Wait 30min.

  15. I like to add salt butter to the cooking process. On a good day I also add eggs and mashed banana while it cooks. It’s so good.

  16. Perfect example of how easily deceived people are. Quaker oats is full of iron. And the kind you don't want to put in your body rather the kind you would find after taking an angle grinder to a peice of metal and collect the shavings. That's what's in this bullshit brand. You can collect it with a magnet basically if you do it correctly. Only eat organic. Not natural because natural is a dead baby fetus and it's parts. Know your world. Don't get caught with your mind off or washed.

  17. Oats simply needs to absorve, just like rice. Put oats in warm sink water low heat, back back 10 minutes after and its done. Soft, creamy and no stir involved.

    You could also add milk of your choice, a pinch of salt to boost flavor (and obviously nuts seeds fruits and various types of sugars lr sweetners).

  18. I didnt know people cooked oatmeal lol

    I always ate it raw with smashed banana and milk on a plate (smash a banana with a fork, put some milk and oatmeal)

  19. well good for you…..yours looks like a heap of shite though 🤔😫……way too thick…..nowt wrong with a little more water pal 👍.
    You've boiled out the goodness btw.

  20. Very very useful..I've been suffering for a long time… thanks man ❤ dite is by weight so i found mathematical equation by weight is 1 oats to 3 water

  21. Bro…..metal spoon on metal pot…you are eating metal micro pieces of teflon with that oatmeal… FYI.

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