How to Cook Tuna Steak | Jamie Oliver

How to Cook Tuna Steak | Jamie Oliver

Lovely people, we’re gonna do how to
cook the Perfect Tuna Steak Two very, very different tasting basic ways to cook a Tuna Steak The pan seared is really delicious, more caramalised the charred is much more nutty and its got that little bitter edge that works really will with the lemon juice and the sweetness of the Tuna I want to cook both, so you can make your own mind up which, which one you think my fancy. Look
at that, absolutely gorgeous! this is from the Maldives it’s line caught, so very sustainable but it is important when we’re buying fish, not just to buy the freshest and the best, you do want to make sure
that you’re not wrecking the sea at the same time In England we have MSC approved, which
has a little logo that looks like that but in every country it’s slightly different so
do a little bit of Google research and you’ll find out Get yourself a nice sharp, long knife. Thickness wise, if I was to cut it like this It’s just gonna cook so quickly it’s gonna
be overcooked If you go to the Mediterranean Spain, Italy, France they never overcook their Tuna… they never do You can have this raw, you can have this as a carpaccio, you can have it as a tartar I wanna go for a minimum of a two centremetre thickness slice So I’m gonna slice nice long movements, don’t sort of jig it about It’s very easy to cut What we’re gonna do here is just put our steaks to the side and I’m going to do a little rub It’s very, very simple. I get a little teaspoon of coriander seeds A good pinch of salt Two of those…a pinch of fennel seeds, absolutely beautiful and a seedy flavour. The coriander seeds are more sort of savoury… and pepper So we’re just gonna pound that up Cracking it, smashing it You don’t have to get it super fine either So it doesn’t take much time to get to that, which is lovely and if you taste it, it’s just a lovely quite balanced seasoning Just season the board…pick up your steak and just plop it onto it like that This kind of basic seasoning gives a little crust and flavouring to the Tuna which is just divine. Very subtle. Now all I would do now is a tiny little massage up of olive oil Just a little pat around the edges Just like that Here we have got a bunch of pans that are very hot. This is medium high this is super high. They’re both pre-heated. I want it frying, I want it searing, I want it charring.. ok So we aint mucking about. So first up I’m going to put the Tuna into the pan Nice non-stick pan. Second up… we’re gonna go onto the griddle pan and just touch it and push it down so it’s fully in contact With the bars A really important thing to mention here guys always with a griddle pan never put oil
in it… ever. Never, ever, ever. Right? you want it screaming hot, you want it dry If we look into the pans, you can see the effect of the heat on the fish and
you need to sort of recognise that, that is the speed in which the heat is travelling through the
fish now remember we do not want to cook this all the way through. So look it’s had about a minute and a half…two minutes max We’re gonna go to the charred one first.
Look at that, beautiful. Back in the pan. Let’s go over now to the
other pan Right now it’s seared, we can just put a little oil in here just to really get it absolutely gorgeous. I’ve just done about a minute and a half on each side. This Tune is cooked. This is a nice opportunity just to drizzle in good oil again. Any meat or fish that comes off the grill or off the oven you know is gonna start
to wanna really dry up Ok so a little drizzle is always good. I’m letting this Tuna just rest for a minute also I’m just gonna have a little lemon
to protect the fish and to season it as well That, if you look into the heart of that. So we’re just gonna tear it and I like to tear it, not slice it That’s what I would call perfect I’m going to do exactly the same thing again with the seared one We’ve got that lovely caramelised sort of cap and you get that from the contact of the pan We’re gonna tear that open again, absolutely gorgeous. So there you go lovely people, two beautiful ways to cook a Tuna steak. Of course if you want to cook it more, please do but I wouldn’t advise. This Tuna is so gorgeous, is so meaty, it’s so delicate very delicious as well. I’m serving this today with a beautiful mixed tomato salad If you want to know how to make the perfect tomato salad Then just click on the link over here and you can go through to my new video Take care guys, lots of love. Until next time Bye! Keep the comments coming in. We love reading your comments. If you like this video, then share this on your social media because that’s what it’s all here for and remember if you haven’t subscribed, it’s free, just press that button, go on, up there…press it! Yeah.

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  1. I wonder how western people cook… eating all raw food with their suger mouth…. unfortunate they never discover the art of cooking

  2. I made this for dinner tonight and it is AMAZING!!! I usually eat my tuna in poke or sashimi, or lightly floured, seasoned and cooked well done (the way my grandma used to make it for me when I was little), I have tried many seared recipes and it just tastes so bland to me. Learning how to caramelize it with the rub elevates the flavor element so much! I want to make this every night it’s so easy!

  3. Season your board and them slam your fish on it instead of just putting seasoning straight on it like some kinda dumbass !! 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Tuna looks ok but half way dun gaoing cooka mine with a little Jamaica n twist hope it come out good lol

  5. WRONG!!! In "Asia" – where tunas came from, we never present them raw! We ALWAYS "fry" them of broil them to "perfection"!!!

  6. "add some lemon to protect the fish."

    Lemon: In sourest day, in Sweetest night, No evil shall escape my might.
    Let those who worship evils might, BEWARE my power….CITRUS MIGHT!!!

  7. I understand that olive oil burns at the lowest temp of all cooking oils, so, careful does it – checkout others – grapeseed, rapeseed, sesame etc.

  8. Never usually comment but I've got to say thanks to Jamie I have just cooked the best Tuna steak I've ever tasted!! Thank you

  9. Why does it have to be cut so thick…I cooked some the other day and it was so tough because it was cut so thick…

  10. Never add oil to your griddle pan? Good to know. I made this recipe yesterday with my Ahi just seasoned with salt and pepper, 1 1/2 minutes per side. Awesome! Next time I’ll try your rub. Now I want to make this several times a week. 🤓

  11. I am running low on olive oil. I don’t have a litre left to “drizzle”. Guess I need to find a new recipe

  12. Slice quarter inch peices pair with pecan cole slaw and hit the tune with some balsamic I can def make this better than him.

  13. We Maldivians eat tuna everyday. We are surrounded by sea. Tuna is in our veins. We don't eat tuna raw. Tuna is so healthy and yummy. In Maldives we have so many recipes of tuna. 😀😋

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