How to Cook Vegetables : Grilling Asparagus

Hello again we are back and our asparagus
is ready to go onto the grill so lets go ahead and start putting them on. Take your thongs
and just go ahead and set them on there. Alright you can hear them to start to sizzle on there,
there nice and if you want you can add just a little of salt and pepper on there for some
flavoring after you salt and pepper them you are going to want to it is roughly about 2
minutes. Give or take all depending on how you feel and what you like your vegetables
at. Again I like my a little more uncooked so I like to leave them on there about a minute
or so just enough to get them a little bit of grilling flavor that we love to taste.
Then you want to flip them over, just take your thongs and give them a little flip and
they are back on that side. You probably don’t need to seasoned them again cause they are
pretty good and seasoned so. From there we go for another minute of so and once you take
them off you can throw a little bit of butter on your can throw some more salt and pepper
if you like or you can just leave them as they are nice and healthy.

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