How to Cook With Real Pumpkins | You Can Cook That |

How to Cook With Real Pumpkins | You Can Cook That |

– Hey friends, as you can
see, it’s pumpkin season. They’re not just for decorating, folks. Pumpkins are one of the
most versatile vegetables you can bring into your kitchen. I wanna show you how to skip the can and use real pumpkin in your fall recipes including this pumpkin cheesecake dip. (upbeat music) Now when you’re cooking with pumpkin, the first thing is you
gotta choose the right one. You’re not gonna wanna use
one of those beautiful, decorative pumpkins that
you find at Leaf & Petal. Stick with these little guys, these little guys called sugar pumpkins. They are a perfect size
and shape for cooking. These are gonna taste so
much better than this. And also the jack-o’-lantern pumpkins, the ones that are a lot larger than this but around this shape,
don’t cook those either. This is about a pound and a half in weight and you can go up to three
pounds in your cooking pumpkins. Now when you’re cooking pumpkins, the method you choose to
cook them really depends on what you’re gonna do with it. Do you want a puree or do you want cubes? Let’s start with a puree. Cut off this guy so that
way we have a flat surface. Then you cut them in half like so. Now we have our two halves and we’re gonna scoop out these seeds and I’ve got a handy,
dandy bowl and a spoon. And you can save the seeds and roast them and have them as a snack, delicious. They’re pretty much ready to go. All we need to do is
put ’em on a sheet pan and put a little oil on
’em and then we’re good. Just rub that around, and now these are just gonna
be a base for the puree so we don’t need to season it. So that way all the seasoning can go into whatever it is
we’re making, flip it up. Flip it over. Now these are ready to
go and ready to roast, but I’m gonna show you
one more way to cook them and then we’ll put ’em in the oven. This cooking method is
gonna start the same way as the last one, there we go. But for this one we’re gonna peel it first and since it’s a sugar pumpkin, the skin is a lot thinner
than normal pumpkins and you want it to be this color. This is still a little bit too tough. Now it is a lot easier to
go out and just buy a can of Libby’s Pumpkin Puree
and just be done with it, but honestly peeling
this is so satisfying. So as you saw me do before, I took out this towel and
I put it along the tip of my knife and I went down. It makes the cutting process
so much easier and prevents the tip of your knife from cutting into your palm like that, that’s free. Now let’s do the same thing,
scoop out these seeds. Once you scoop ’em out, then you’re onto your next
step, cutting them into pieces. You would do this for side dishes, for putting it in pasta or risotto. You would pretty much use it anywhere you could use butternut squash. When you’re cutting these into pieces, you wanna make sure that
they’re about the same size so that they cook evenly. Take your pumpkin. When roasting vegetables, you wanna make sure that
they’re not overcrowded. We’re drizzling them, but we wanna make sure they’re
nicely and evenly coated. It is flavor, but it is also to make sure that they don’t burn. So now that they’re all nicely
coated with our olive oil, grab some salt and pepper. If it’s gonna be for something sweet, you don’t have to use pepper, but we do always recommend
adding some salt. So now I’m gonna take both of these, roast ’em at about 375. These, since they’re larger,
will 20 to 30 minutes and these will go 15 to 20. Now I have these guys, they’re nice and cooled and ready to go. These are ready to be tossed in whatever vinegarette you have, but we’re done with that for now. Now let’s move onto our puree. I am scooping the flesh out of the skin. Now we just take that, put
it in our food processor. Shoo be doo bop. So for your pumpkin puree,
you don’t need anything else, you just need your cooked
pumpkin, that’s it. I mean if you’re making a pumpkin soup or you’re making a side dish pumpkin puree you can add some other things, but as your base replica
canned pumpkin puree, that’s all you need,
it’s just pure pumpkin. You’re gonna puree this until it’s a beautifully smooth
and lump-free mixture. You’re gonna want it to be
almost the same consistency as a creamy mashed potato. So once you have your
beautiful pumpkin puree, you can make a whole slew of things including this really
easy pumpkin cheesecake dip. So we’ve got a block of cream cheese we’re gonna put in our food processor. I’ve let this soften for about 30 minutes at room temperature. We just wanna make sure
it’s not rock hard. So we’re gonna put that in and we’re gonna whip it
up just a little bit. Okay. So we have pumpkin. We’ve got some homemade pumpkin spice here and check out this video if you wanna learn how to make it. Bloop, just pop it in. Some vanilla extract. And now we’re going to whir this up first. Now I know you’ve noticed
there’s nothing sweet in there. What are we gonna do? Well, we’ll get to that. Scrape down your sides. Make sure you get all the
cream cheese and pumpkin mixed in there. Whir it back just a bit. I’ve got two cups of powdered sugar here and we’re gonna put that in gradually so it doesn’t explode everywhere. When you’re done with this, you’re gonna have pumpkin cheesecake dip that’ll taste like pumpkin
pie in a bowl, oh my god. We are done! Now this looks a little thin now, but it’s still dippable
and once you chill it for an hour or so it’ll
firm right back up. We’ve got Biscoff cookies,
gingersnaps, graham crackers, and apples to go with this dip. I’m gonna choose an
apple, we’re gonna dip it. Oh, yeah. Mm. Guys, thanks you so much for watching. This has been so fun
exploring pumpkin with you. You can use pumpkin for
all sorts of things. So if you’ve got a favorite tip or trick, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll be doing episodes
all through the holidays, so be sure to subscribe
so you don’t miss a thing.

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  2. I love the Fall and pumpkins says Fall to me. For years I have made a Pumpkin Stew with recipe from Taste of Home Magazine. It has become a tradition. The stew is actually cooked inside the pumpkin shell. This year I think I will try the smaller pumpkins, purée them, then add to the stew. Would certainly be easier and less time consuming. Thanks for the idea.

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