45 thoughts on “How to Deep-Fry Cookie Dough | Deep-Frying”

  1. He didn't show us how to do it he just showed us how to fry it and he called it a puff pastry did he mix something with it or what

  2. yea he missed showing a step, i could be wrong but im pretty sure the "puff pastry" is donut batter. 🙂 or at least it looks like it. (used to work at dunkin donuts) xD

  3. Before watching this video I was depressed. I went to the shop and got some BnJ cookie dough ice cream and ate the lot. Now i'm still depressed and slightly fatter. ughhhhhhh

  4. Deep fried cookie dough is honestly amazing. I only get to have it once a year in October but it's the best thing ever.

  5. What if you deep fried a hong kong pineapple bun and filled it with custard. Except that instead of a butter cookie layered top you used cookie dough instead?

  6. God this comment section is so ignorant… You're not gonna get cholesterol or diabetes if you eat this once, you're not gonna go to the hospital, you're not gonna die…. Stop bitching 🙄

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