44 thoughts on “How to Fry Deep-Fried Chicken | Deep-Frying”

  1. Who knew British dudes loved fried chicken? Wonder if they fancy grape drank w a side watermelon slices? Embrace your inner Paula Deen!

  2. that is because the black already know how to cook and don't need to watch this video. It come in their blood

  3. wow his chicken came out of the fryer looking absolutely perfect.. but the thing i want to know. is this.. is using buttermilk to marinate better or is just using plain chicken into flour with spices better? and by better i mean what tastes better? im sure KFC doesnt use buttermilk to marinate.

  4. 1:29 "The secret is having a good crust on the outside" lol that's not a secret that's like about the most obvious thing about fried chicken.

  5. IF YOU LOVE POPEYES THEN YOU WILL LIKE my chicken recipe which tastes exactly like popeyes(spicy), the secret is to add dried habenero powder to the SHIFTED flour, along with onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, black pepper, and lawrys seasoning salt. Next soak them in a egg wash , then rebatter them with fresh , UNSHIFTED flour, with nothing but black pepper in it. Then Use peanut oil to fry it, you can thank me later

  6. Looks pretty good my friend. I've been in the south all my 54 years and Fried Chicken is still royalty food! lol Love it!

  7. If you bake the chicken, it's no longer fried chicken. It's fried and baked chicken. You need to lower the temperature to 300F after the initial browning of the crust to let the chicken cook through.

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