How to Grill Bacon | Easy Grilling Tips

How to Grill Bacon | Easy Grilling Tips

Today we’re going to be grilling bacon. Set up your grill using indirect heat and
have a drip pan with some water at it for easy cleanup.
Go ahead and put your grid on top and start cleaning it up because that’s where we’re
going to lay our bacon. What I’m using here is thick, cut peppered
bacon. The thicker the cut, the better.
Just go ahead and lay that right on the grid, over your drip pan.
Optionally, you can add some wood smoking chips.
If you put them on dry, they’ll burn really quick.
Put them on wet, they’ll steam and simmer but they’ll release a smoother smoke.
Just cover things up and start smoking. Depending on the heat and the size of your
grill, at about 10 or 15 minutes you want to give your bacon a flip.
This is optional but that’s the way I like to do it.
Cook your bacon till you like and serve it up.
Total cook time: approximately 25 minutes. Next week, we’re going to show you how to
cook an egg on the grill. Yeah, may be not.
Hey, that’s it. Thanks for watching.
This is Gary House with Cooking Everything Outdoors show.
We’ll have new tips, tricks or technique for you every Tuesday.

18 thoughts on “How to Grill Bacon | Easy Grilling Tips”

  1. No flare-ups. I like the tip! Keep working on those open-grate-grilled eggs though Gary. Maybe a try scrambled ones next 😀 Just got to be real quick!

  2. Thumbs up on this one. The drip pan is a 'duh…' that didn't occur to me during my last grilling session with a nice bit of pork roast. Not bacon, but messy still the same. I won't make that mistake again.

  3. I love the overhead shots (I use them myself), but I always worry about getting the camera too close to the heat. Do you have any issues with this or tips for me?

  4. I use a jib crane that I built to keep the camera about 3 – 4 feet above the grill This seems to be a safe distance and I can always zoom in if needed.

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