How to Light the Slow ‘n Sear for Low and Slow, Roasting, and Searing

In this video I’m gonna show you how to
light the slow n sear as well as set it up for different kinds of cooking.
Coming up! Hi I’m Ryan from the Adrenaline
barbecue company. Today I’m going to show you how to light your slow in sear for
three different kinds of cooking: low and slow, baking or roasting, and finally
searing. You’ll be ready for any kind of cook on your kettle. Low and slow
cooking is four cuts of meat that benefit from cooking at low temperatures
for a really long time. We’re talking about brisket and pork butts that you
want to cook at 225 for 8 or more hours. I’m gonna show you exactly how to
set up your Slow n Sear to do it. Before you start your cook remove any extra ash
from the Slow N Sear as well as the bottom of your kettle. Then to set it up
for low and slow open up all the vents and then put your favorite starter cube
in one corner of the slow n sear. Once lit, add a dozen or so charcoal
briquettes on top of the cube and wait about 15 minutes until the briquettes
are well lit and the smoke dies down. Next we’re gonna put a full chimney of
unlit charcoal into the slow and sear with a few chunks of our favorite wood.
For faster smoke put a chunk of wood directly over the lit charcoal. Don’t
worry if the great doesn’t shut fully a little bit of extra charcoal just means
it’ll burn longer. Next you add a quart of boiling water into the water
reservoir the reason why I use boiling instead of cold is because the cold
water is going to take an incredible amount of heat energy and a lot of time
before you’re able to get cooking. Hot water will get you cooking faster.
The way that works best for me is I move the easy spin grate out of the way so
you get a clear shot into the water reservoir and carefully pour it on
the side opposite where you lit the coals You’ll notice that the reservoir is not
full. For best results add a quart of water and don’t fill it to the top. Place
your temperature probe about an inch from the surface of the grate and two
inches from the meat. I’m using the Maverick xr-50 to measure the
temperature of the food great rather than trusting the lid thermometer. When
you put the lid on you’ll see exactly why. When you put the lid on you want to
make sure that the vent is on the opposite side of the slow and sear and
the reason why you do that is because the heat will come up, it’ll go over the
meat, and out the vent and you get better convection and more even cooking. Now the
reason why you can’t trust this lid thermometer is if you look it’s directly
over the slow and sear but your food is over here. Once the kettle
reaches 150 degrees it’s time to start pulling those vents back a little bit
and I’ll show you how to do it. A good rule of thumb is to set the top vent to
about a third open and the bottom vent to about a quarter open. Once the kettle
kettle is around 225 degrees and it’s been burning long enough that the smoke turns
from white like this to more clear, you’re ready to put your meat on. Baking
and roasting on the slow n sear is characterized by cooking at 325 degrees
Fahrenheit. It’s gonna result in really crispy skin. So whether you’re doing a
chicken or the holiday turkey or maybe even Steve’s ziti recipe that he showed
on this channel earlier this is the method that you’re going to use to light
your slow and sear. Light a 1/2 chimney of charcoal however you’d like.
I can tell when the charcoals done by the smoke that comes off of it. At
first it comes off really white and you don’t want that on your food. Wait until
it gets a little bit more clear with a few heat waves on top. That ensures that
you get proper heat and the ignition smoke is gone so you don’t have any
off-putting taste. Now starting off with a 1/2 chimney of lit charcoal works
really well if you want to do a cook that’s 90 minutes or less. That works
well for chicken but something like a turkey will cook them
longer. What you do is you take another half chimney of unlit charcoal and you put it
in the slow and sear. Now if you already have some in there you can just go ahead
and use that and then you put the lit char coal right on top. It doesn’t matter
if you’re doing a short cook or a long cook you always start with a half a
chimney a fully lit charcoal when you want to cook at 325 degrees Fahrenheit.
Now the vent settings are going to be pretty similar to low and slow with a
quarter open on the bottom and a half open on top.
You may have to change those for your own circumstances but it’s still a
good place to start. One other thing if you’re baking or
roasting in the slow and sear you don’t want to add water to the reservoir. The
reason for that is that water will take up a lot of heat you have a hard time
reaching the temperatures of 325 degrees. Let’s say you wanted to cook at
temperatures higher than 325 degrees Fahrenheit. One easy modification is to start with more than a half chimney of lit
charcoal because more charcoal means more heat. Go ahead
light a little more and reach those higher temperatures. The Slow ‘n Sear makes it really easy
to get a steakhouse quality crust at home because of the high temperatures
you can get in the sear zone. If you want to sear on the slow and sear all you
need to do is start off with a full chimney of lit charcoal. In this case we
strongly recommend that use charcoal briquettes if use lump charcoal you’re
gonna end up with lumpy Heat and you want a perfectly even layer of coals so
that way you get an even sear on your meat. One of the benefits of the Slow n Sear
2.0 is you can remove the water reservoir for a bigger seer zone or
leave it in for smaller one and save some charcoal. In either case you want to
make sure you have fully lit charcoal and you fill it up with an even layer
because an even layer means even heat. Once you put a fully lit chimney of
charcoal in the slow n sear, it’s time to get your secret weapon. For me that’s
the blow-dryer we’re gonna use this to stoke the fire by blowing off all the
extra ash as well as adding a bunch of extra oxygen and this will get the fire
as hot as possible so we can get that Steakhouse quality crust.
It only takes 15 or 20 seconds and this fire is gonna be absolutely ripping hot
and if you’re using the cold grate technique and now’s the time to put the
grate on right before you add the meat. If you want to learn more about the cold
grate technique we have several videos on our channel. If you’re using the
reverse sear method we’re gonna need to change things up just a little bit since
you’re starting the meat off low and slow. About 15 minutes before you’re
ready to sear we’re gonna light enough charcoal to be able to fill the slow and
sear. You won’t need a full chimney because you already have a bunch going
in the slow n sear already. Just like that we showed you three
different methods for cooking on the slow and sear. If you have other
questions or other ideas for tutorials go ahead and put them in the comments
below and we’ll get right to them. Remember at the Adrenaline BBQ Company
we didn’t invent the kettle, we perfected it

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